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Monday, February 8, 2010

little white dress

so...i need a white cocktail dress for my wedding! i want to wear my wedding dress for the majority of the night, but i don't want to have it on the entire time. i don't want to spill anything on it or have a hard time getting low and whatnot. so i need to find a second dress--and i think this is becoming more popular--and i'd like it to be a white cocktail dress. basically, i'm finally adding some fashion to Oh to Be a Muse and i'm looking for something in this style...lend me your ear, put down your thoughts...

Dress 1
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Dress 2
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Dress 3
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Dress 4
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Dress 5
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  1. TOP LEFT!!! I like that one...

    I don't like the top right one. The rest are all equal.

  2. oh i knew you wouldn't like Dress 2. So far my faves are Dress 1 and Dress 5. The back of Dress 5 is amazing.

    but these are all very pricey so i'd have to find their less-expensive counterparts.

    you think i should look for a cocktail dress in a different color, or should i wear white?


  3. I like White, it keeps the wedding feel. Plus how often would you get a white dress otherwise? So seems like a good idea to do it now!

    Dress 5 is pretty good to. I think dress 1 is good cause its cute and also looks comfy for yemself.

  4. Seriously, don't you guys live together? What's with all the internet convos? Lol. I vote Dress 3, for sure. It looks really easy to dance in and I like the naughty black sash.

  5. yes, we live together but we're not together at the moment so we must catch up. plus, internet convos are so fun!

    definitely need something easy to dance in...and had no idea that sash was so naughty.

    ...looks like it's dresses 1, 3 or 5.

  6. We actually don't have spoken conversations, decided online was more our style.

  7. Dress #1. It's the only one that looks like you can move in it. Well, Dress #5 doesn't look that stiff, but I guess I'm projecting when I say it doesn't look like it could hold anything in place ;)

  8. to ari and ladaun: i can't remember the last time i spoke to ari in person. and i know i saw him yesterday. i think he was sitting next to me and we were both on our laptops so i went on gmail chat and there he was! i said hello.

    to purple: i totally see what you're saying. don't want any dance floor accidents. :)

  9. Ok so i'm the oddball out here :

    Dress 1 - cute, no doubt and young, but its cute.. really wedding day cute?

    Dress 2 - LOVE your wedding dress isnt supposed to look like anything you would just slap on to go to a party, this dress is like the mini-wedding dress.. It seems like a highfasion kind of dress... different, isnt that what a wedding dress is supposed to be like, its sitll a wedding.

    Dress 3 - Um i like but the black sash, your wedding is nowhere near that and its on a beach, black beach? no.

    Dress 4 - to matronly for you, your in your 20's not your 30's sexy for a 30 year old

    Dress 5 - Um.. sexy yes.. a little more like we are going down southbeach than wedding party.. ? And yes that is one thing, i dont want to see your boob on your wedding day cheryl! Thats my comments.. lol.

  10. good comments, jen. dress 2 is the most high fashion, which is probably why it's so hard to understand.

    all these comments help. if only i could kinda mash them all together for the perfect little white dress.

  11. Alright, alright, alright.
    Dress 2 is definitely my favorite. It's adorable in a "I'm a sexy bride" kinda way. And it'll make you look kinda celebrit-y.
    Dress 1 looks like something you could buy at Wet Seal or Forever 21...not original at all!
    Dress 3: Don't like it. Too many weird ruffles and I don't like the black for some reason.
    Dress 4: This would be my second choice because it's a classic look and you really can't go wrong with classic. Plus it's satin and shiny, which I love!
    Dress 5: I agree with Jen...too going-outish.

    Those are my thoughts. I like 2 the best and second best is 4. Take or leave it but you shouldn't leave it if you know what's good for you!!!

  12. sorry so late...but i co-sign on dress 2...even tho u already deciced =/

  13. i'll post pics of the dress i actually buy, and it should (hopefully) be reminiscent of dress #2.

  14. awww your getting married? =) thats great! i have to saw the last dress is pretty chic with a touch of sophisticated sexy ;D

  15. yeah i totally love the last dress, but i guess it's not really wedding-reception appropriate. i may just get it anyway and wear it to the bachelorette party or something. :)

  16. The second dress is the best.


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