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Hi, my name is Cheryl but you can call me Cher (like Sonny &). Fun fact: I was born in Jamaica.

I'm a writer, editor, content creator, eCommerce merchandiser and journalism graduate from the University of Florida. I've worked for publications like Arden's GardenThe Good Stuff by, Haute Living magazine, The Gainesville Sun and ProQuest Information & Learning.

I'm a recent vegetarian and I'm doing my best to create a more sustainable lifestyle, but I haven't yet figured out how to curb my obsession with hats. It's been years since I've gone a day without    a chai latte. On the weekends you can find me playing with puppies at the shelter, hiking waterfalls in North Georgia, or immersing myself in a good book, podcast or Netflix dramady.


     The Gainesville Sun                                        Haute Living Magazine
                                                        The Good Stuff                                                      SheKnows

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