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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bite into Beauty 5/14/10

A fashion line based on the Twilight saga "Eclipse" will be coming May 15 to Nordstrom. Many of the styles are in the fashion of the characters Bella and Alice.

Now I'm not a big Twilight fan (more of a True Blood girl), and I haven't seen enough of the featured fashion to make a clear judgment, but this could make for cute summer tees.

(From MTV)

Also, Nordstrom is currently selling Twilight beauty products. Here are some of the best reviewed products so far:

(from Nordstrom)

This product has a conditioning oil on the top and a red stain on the bottom. You can choose to use the sides separately or shake it up for a dual twist.

(from Nordstrom)

This balm is said to have emollients and antioxidants for healing and sun protection. Colors come in (from l-r) Rapture, Eye Candy, Lullaby and Blush (featured color). Thinking they should rename Eye Candy and call it Kellan Lutz instead.

I'd go for Rapture because I'm not big with lipsticks so I'd want a shade that would blend with my lips the most. But try Blush if you're daring.

Do you like any of these shades? Looking forward to the Twilight line at Nordstrom?



  1. I never thought that Twilight would be such a huge deal like this..I love the movies. I'm a fan but wow...I like the shirt too.

  2. Im big Twifan!!!
    I would have Venom, cuz it really looks great- something new and cool ;) And I woulde love to have also Eye Candy or Lullaby lipstick! But shippind to my country woulde cost too much, so Im not even trying to get this :D

    About shirt... Every time when I think of having Twi-T-shirt I imagine white T shirt, not grey... ugh... So T-shirt is ugly :D But otherwise I like grey :D

    Sorry for my English :D

  3. I love twilight, i may have to go and pick these up :) x

  4. thank you for following me, dear! I'm following you too now, your blog is amazing! :)

  5. awsome dear .. too lovely ic .. shirt is nice and the girl wearing it too

  6. How cool, twilight lipstick!!
    I received the dress and it's great!! So happy I bought it =)

  7. Haha, I'm not much of a Twilight fan but I like the shades of the lipstick!

  8. that lipstick is lucious, i wonder how well it stays on the lips.

  9. Hehe what will they think of next!

    Thanks for your lovely comment darling, it means so much that you like the blog and I hope you become a regular visitor =]

    Have an immense weekend!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  10. I love all of the lipstick colours. the shades look beautiful

  11. I think those lipsticks are totally gorgeous!

    I don't think I could pull all of them off though, I am so pale that every some of those colors would make me look kind of goth

  12. The lip stain/conditioner is looking very promising. I'd like to keep my Twilight love subtle though, so I think it's about as far as I could go. T-shirts are just...too much.


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