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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boys Like Fashion Too?

My boyfriend--no...fiance--no...husband greatly supports me by reading all my little posts on Oh to Be a Muse (thanks hun), which is very sweet of him because he is not always keen on the latest trends or nail polish talk. And he probably refers to Christian Siriano simply as that guy from the runway show.

But he did recently inform me that he would love to see some men's fashion on here. I guess he's looking to spruce up his closet, or at least find some inspiration. Buy a man a blazer and all hell breaks loose! :)

So I scoured the Internet looking for both spring 2010 & fall 2010 collections that he would like, and that hopefully you all will enjoy too. At least I was able to look at some cute boys in the process. Here are some of the contenders:

Spring 2010
jean-paul gaultier
alexis mabille
this one is my favorite: it looks like it's for the kind of guy who just wakes up hot. he puts whatever on because he looks good in everything, especially hermes.


what do you all think of these ready-to-wear spring 2010 lines?

Fall 2010

any men's RTW that you're currently digging?

I know this isn't about women's fashion so we can't imagine wearing these for ourselves--i don't know...maybe that hermes scarf or the moschino jeans.
...just a change of pace

Which designers do you think pull off great menswear?

all Spring 2010 photos courtesy of WWD
all Fall 2010 photos courtesy of NYMag



  1. Thanks for posting for me love.

    I'm liking pictures 2 & 3. I think I might have to step up the fitness routine to be able to pull them off though.

    I don't know if those models know how to wear a blazer like I do :-).

  2. you're right about the blazer...they're just models. not like they get paid to look good in clothes or whatever.

  3. all this blazers and coats are freaken awesome
    i would wear some of those pieces!

  4. gorgeoussssssss

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

    Sorry for the late reply!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,

    English Rose x

  5. Okay okay, this is going to sound weird but i love high fashion on woman... sometimes the weirder the better. That being said, the high fashion on men? i like when it looks effortless like u said, the Hermes. . or tailored.. "wild card" styles on men sometimes not so great.. ex.. i don't like the Alexis look too effeminate for my taste.. but the first look is lovely as is the one already mentioned.

  6. I love the blazers, and these men are so gorgeous! ;) xx

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    I'm so happy to see a men's fashion post! I'm a menswear buyer so it's close to my heart <3

    P.S. I'm having a grateful giveaway on my blog - come enter!

  8. those outfits are so handsome!
    i thoroughly enjoyed looking at those pictures, a sharped dress man is such a pleasant thing.

  9. i love this style on men and the models are HOT. lol

  10. fab post! i like my man in Valentino x

    High street + Couture =

  11. your husband had a great idea!
    If every guy would dress like that...

  12. hey hun, thanks for commenting and following my blog! Just followed yours as well!

  13. Thanks for your comment, dear! :) I know, I was ecstatic when I found that purple top, and at such a cheap price! I'm really excited about prom, hehe; I'll be sure to post pictures up of my dress and everything! :D

    I actually really like this post! Seeing a post on men's fashion is a nice change! I really like the jacket in the Alexis Mabille picture...classy and hott!


  14. Such stylish outfits for men! Oh, if only my boyfriend would dress like this...sigh.

  15. I like the givanchy one, very artistic!

  16. thanks for following me! I have bought the big watch on a market here in the village.

  17. aww that was so cute of you!

    hey I loved the 3rd picture too! It's effing hot~!

  18. yes you are! haha.
    I like Amsterdam! But it's 1 hour driving to that big city from here.. it sucks a little bit.

    I follow you too.

  19. i loved this post! mens fashion is so intersting, i think that it is becoming more and more influencial, and guys are starting to dress it:), yeah bloglovins really good, beacuse, it notfies you whne a new blog you are following on there has posted:) on, there is a video explainingit : have a great weekend cheryl

  20. I have never really followed men fashion.I just feel like they have it so much easier than us, they put anything on and they just look great! Well almost anything...:-)
    I am completely in love with the third outfit, I will try to recreate it on my boyfriend!

    Great blog!

  21. i ♥ the alexis mabille outfit!

  22. ah your welcome! i love your posts x

    High street + Couture =


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