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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Giveaway Winner...5/17/10

Wow--going through giveaway entries is a long task! It took a while, but I am happy to announce that I finally have a winner!

Congratulations to the lucky winner! You will have a ton of prizes from ELF, Forever 21, Sephora and even Primark!

The winner is....

#81: Keiko!

I will email you shortly to go over all the details in shipping this great prize your way!

And thank you to EVERYONE who entered! I hope that you ladies will continue to follow, read and comment on my blog--and not just for the giveaway ;)

I will most likely do another giveaway once I reach another milestone in followers--500 maybe? Let's do it!

And check out The Brunette's Sunglasses Giveaway here for a chance at some stylin' shades.

Forever Courtney is also having a giveaway, so check that out here and enter to win some great stuff!



  1. Congrats to the winner. I'm sure you'll reach 500 in no time. Your outfits are super cute and you're a really nice person.

    Maybe I'll win next time lol

  2. Oh Man..I thought I was gonna win for sure..haha but oh time :)

  3. that is a lovely giveaway
    congratulations for the winner


  4. congrats to the winner. i will definitely watch out for your 500 followers giveaway. :D

  5. thats awesome,next time will be me hahahah

  6. congrats to the winner!

    High street + Couture =

  7. congrats to the winner :D
    I wish I had wonnnn! I love everything!

  8. what a lucky duck!!!

    Also, thanks for your sweet comment! You are awesome!

    Cyber Hug,
    Hope :) xoxo

  9. I wish I was in on this...hmmm, maybe I was. I enter a lot of giveawys. lol. Anyway, I love make-up!

  10. On congrats to the winner, what a whole load of gifts! I know how it feels like to win a giveaway, so thrilling:)



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