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Sunday, May 9, 2010

NOTD: Chip-Free Nation 5/9/10

When it comes to nail polish, you can easily find me in toes painted black. But I don't always keep my fingers in color because I'm afraid of the dreaded chipped nails!

It's surprising how easy it is for my nails to chip. I'm talking not even a full 24 hours before I feel the need to either redo the nails entirely, or chew it all off--and I don't even bite my nails.

So if there's one thing I'll appreciate it's a good nail polish that is long-lasting and easy to dry. This is why I'm currently rocking Sephora by OPI. The color is called Three Way Mirror.

It actually looks a bit peach-like in the bottle but comes off with a slight pink hue once on your nails. But I suppose that also depends on how many coats you try.

For this look, I went with Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails (3 coats) first because my nails have become very brittle lately. Then I went with 2 coats of Three Way Mirror and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Super Shine top coat.

I think now that I've found a polish that won't chip off with every keystroke that I make, it will be a lot easier to wear more colors on my nails. And who doesn't love nicely clothed nails?

Sephora by OPI: $5
Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails: $3
Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat: $3

What polish/color are you girls rockin?

And Happy Mother's Day!



  1. i love the pink.. such a pretty color

  2. Wow, i love the colour! My favourite polish is the barry m coral coloured one, its so bright :) x

  3. I think it's a gorgeous color. Sadly, my nails NEED a mani in a bad way. Maybe that will be my Mother's Day gift to myself!

  4. haha! i like that colour :D
    even i have one :P

    ohhh.. you won an award :D
    check out my blog ;)

  5. I will have to try this out! It looks gorg and sounds great! xoxo

  6. ahhh so want this colour!for motehrs day i wore a light shell pink colour. x

  7. Ohhh, my nails chip tooo! I can like totally sympathize. It's so irritating :P
    Lovely colour :)

  8. love that colour! btw, thank you so, so much for the blog award from your previous post. i've only been blogging for a few posts so it was such a lovely suprise. keep blogging, all your posts are always entertaining (:

  9. Love the color you chose! I mainly just like clear nail polish. :)


  10. That pink looks really great with your skin tone! I had baby pink on my nails and I may need to try your shade!

  11. beautiful nail post you nail are nice i have to use thuis

  12. pretty color, I'm rocking dollar bill green...its more like a minty green color! Thanks for your lovely comments!

  13. That's a very lovely colour! Thanks fro dropping by my blog, really appreciate it! I've followed you and your blog is so interesting!

    Riot Apple

  14. Lovely colour! I love pink! So girly and pretty.


  15. Such a pretty pink! I like this OPI line for Sephora.


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