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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rehashed Fashion 5/23/10

The little town of Gainesville in Florida is known for its university and its football team (and by football team, I mean Tim Tebow). But aspiring artists also reside in that city, including 23-year-old Brittany Yurkovitch (by way of Tampa). This philosophy major turned dress designer launched Rehashed Fashion more than two years ago when she realized there was a demand for what she was supplying.

Read my interview with Brittany!

Oh to Be a Muse: How long have you had a passion for fashion?
Brittany Yurkovitch: I've always had a passion for art, drawing, painting and anything creative. I always liked pretty clothes, but I never thought about making anything myself until I had the idea to sew together t-shirts and bras [and] bikini tops.

Muse: Did you find it difficult to break into the Gainesville fashion scene?
BY: Not really. I've stayed away from Gainesville's official Fashion Week because there are fees associated with those events. However, I met a girl in a Race and Racism anthropology course who modeled in UF's Caribbean Student Association's Fashion and Talent Showcase. She was able to help me get my dresses featured in the 2009 show and again in the 2010 show.

Muse: Does being in Gainesville make it easier or harder: finding the clothes, models, getting the word out, etc.?
BY: Gainesville is a great place for Rehashed because of the student body population. I also have my dresses in two shops: the Land B4 Time Smoke Shop and Persona...[and] an abundance of beautiful girls volunteering to model for pictures so Gainesville has been good to me.

Lately, I have been getting requests for larger sized busts. This request is somewhat difficult because good quality and pretty bikini tops for large busts are challenging to find.

Muse: How do you brand/market your clothing?
BY: Because I use t-shirts, I have many marketing opportunities. I approached the Land B4 Time Smoke Shop to carry my dresses because I thought the customers coming into a smoke shop might appreciate sustainable fashion that uses hemp. Also, Persona caters to a market that looks for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces so my dresses fit in with what the consumers are looking for.

Muse: Why bras and t-shirts?
BY: Many women enjoy the cleavage benefits of bras and bikini tops. So, why mess with a good thing? Also, I do all my work by hand so I need materials that will not require me to do a lot of finishing work with a sewing machine.

Muse: How has your world changed since the beginning of Rehashed?
BY: Recently, I ran into a friend that I haven't seen [in] about 4 or 5 years. He introduced me to his friends as "remember that girl I was telling you about who makes all those dresses." Lately, I have been getting more and more people knowing me for my dresses, which is cool because they are excited about something that resulted from my own creative efforts, which is kind of neat.

Muse: Any new styles--adding pants, jewelry, etc?
BY: Now that the weather is finally warm, I have been exclusively making dresses. However, this winter was particularly cold and I was not selling any dresses so I started Rehashing some jackets. I found very good quality fitted jackets--cut blazer style--and I sewed, with hemp, t-shirt designs onto the jackets.

Muse: If you could style one celebrity who would it be?
BY: Good Question. Probably Lady Gaga because I know she would be down for something crazy and would be willing to try something new.

I am motivated by the continual compliments and requests by complete strangers. Many, many moments are memorable in that they give me a sign that I'm doing the right thing and that people like what I'm creating. I am still excited when someone stops me and asks what I'm wearing.

inspirations: Neons, halter tops, Barbie, Lady Gaga and Kate Carleton--a friend of mine who creates tons of badass t-shirt designs.

what do you think about Rehashed Fashion?

If you're interested in any of Brittany's environmentally friendly pieces, then check out her facebook page for Rehashed Fashion, and look out for her Etsy account this summer!



  1. I like the concept i really do, i like trying to take old pieces or even separate ones and creating something unique. Some of the dresses look cohesive and i like those, the ones however that are very obviously separate pieces sown together, are not to my taste to much. But then again, like she said, she is looking for people with a particular sense of style for her clothes -- many props for actually going out there and creating something unique !

  2. I'm all for bras being worn as shirts, i say we step it up and have lingerie as daily wear as well. JK

    Her clothes are really good, I remember her selling them in Turlington and thought they were cool.

    I really like the interview. Do more posts like this beb!

  3. Those dreesses are amazing! love the second one!

  4. interesting designs! i like them!!
    you find awesome clothing!!!

  5. I first read the idea of "bras and shirts combined" I thought 'ew , why would you do that ?'
    But the clothes actually are cute and intresting ! Where can I buy some ??
    Please Follow:L
    Alice H

  6. Great post and lovely blog :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for following me on facebook :)
    I'll follow you as well. Have a nice day dear!

  7. oh i adore the first dress!

    Check out my SATC giveaway!

  8. omg those dresses are AHHH MAZING

    i really like your blog!!! I am a new follower of yours!!!

    Follow me back?

    Have a Lovely Day!!!


  9. I love that blue halter! Great post, I must say. :)


  10. i love these outfits they are damm sexy , cool

    nice post

  11. Very unique designs. Definitely spices up any girls closet.

  12. I love her dresses! Reminds me of a post I put on my blog about repurposed t-shirt books. But I'd have to make my own - because "good quality and pretty bikini tops" are hard for me to find ;)

  13. My favorite is the ACDC one!

  14. What a great interview! She's so inspiring too, love her designs:)


  15. love those outfits.. the designer is really awesome:)

    and so are you and so i have given you the sweet blog award :) you really deserve this. i so love your blog ^ ^

    check it here:

  16. These dresses are so cute, i like the second one! :) xx

  17. i love upcycled fashion!!! great interview!



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