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Saturday, June 5, 2010

As Seen on TV 6/5/10

We've all seen something on a singer, actress or TV personality that we'd love to have. The problem: where did they get it? Or how can that possibly be affordable?

Well, I've found some cute and more affordable versions of the pretty jewelry, headband or dress that some celebrities are wearing. These aren't all the same accessory, but I'm giving you similar versions of the look for less.

Kim Kardashian's necklace
Find this at Forever 21 for $13
Or something similar at Charlotte Russe for $7

Jayma Mays & her cute style
Find this on Etsy for $62

Or for a bit cheaper--find this at Charlotte Russe for $9

Madonna's Headgear
Find this at ShopJuci for $70

Or a slight variation for less--find this at Forever 21 for $7

SJP in Halston Heritage for SATC 2
(image courtesy of GettheLook)

Find similar looks of this dress at eDressMe for $72

Or at Forever 21 for $30
Have you seen anything recently that you know you would wear if only it were a tad bit less expensive? Found similar, cheaper versions?



  1. adore carries dress and maddonnas headband!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  2. nice post with affordable things :)

  3. Great post! I love the dress, its gorgeous! :) xx

  4. Loved this post!!! I love being able to afford the trends. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction =)

  5. amazing post!!
    i love the blue dress!!

  6. Wow, this is a really great post! I actually like the blue F21 dress more than the one from eDressMe. It's incredible how similar you can get some of these items but at such differing prices! Awesome finds, CC. :D


  7. great post! i love finding something cheaper than normal.. :D

  8. Love that eDressMe dress - great find! I love how vibrant that blue is. And love Kim's necklace :)

  9. Hi honey!!

    I loved necklace Charlotte Russe!!

    very nice post**

  10. This is wonderful!! Love this <3 Thanks for following :) DEFF. following back :) xoxo

  11. hi, cheryl. thanks for visiting my blog and following it too. so sweet of you. :D i am a new follower of your awesome blog too and i will visit often. :D

    now i wanna shop for more accessories. especially the necklace that looks like kim's. i love SJP's dress also. very fun to wear. especially to a party. :) thank you for showing us where to get good lookalikes for them. enjoy your day and take care. :D

  12. Love this post <3
    There's so many things i'd love to wear! Almost everything!

  13. cool items you find and great prices! fun to see!

    ps.check out the giveaway on the blog.

  14. I got a necklace similar to the first F21 one that you posted, for about $7 at Urban Planet (I think it might be a Canada-only store though)

  15. Nice finds- great looks fo less! I love the Emma Pillsbury necklaces.

  16. Love this post.
    Especially the head wear that looked so similar to Madonna's

  17. Gorgeous finds!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  18. wow amzing options, i love them all and that last dress is so good , i actually want to try that!

  19. Oh that HH beauty that SJP rocks so well. I'm completely obsessed with it!

  20. I love all of your finds!!! they are great! I love the SJP dress for less I love the jewelry! especially the Kim K necklace!

  21. love the flapper dress!

  22. I love posts like this! There are so many times when I see something on a model or other celebrities and want it so bad! Thanks for doing this. Really loving that necklace of Kim K.


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