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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Featured Fashionista: Diya

Diya from Texas

Outfit posts are her thing, and it's clear to see why.
Diya rocks a skirt like no other.

All images from her stylish blog.

Blog: In Her Stilettos

What do you think of Diya's look?

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Oh and I went to the Red Bull Flugtag in Miami. If you're not familiar, the flugtag is where teams build homemade flying contraptions and try to fly them off a 30-foot deck. It rarely ever takes flight.

I didn't take any photos but here is one from flickr to show you what the Flugtag is all about.

It was super hot, super crowded, parking was crazy, and they were all out of beverages. But I did enjoy the "flights" I managed to see, including a team dressed as Kiss who barely got any air.

And visit the House of PlumRed facebook page for a great giveaway!

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  1. i love her!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous looks!
    Loving all the jewels!


  3. thanks for the comment cheryl! your blog rocks too... definitly! yeah I did see the behind the music with C.L.... I don't care what anyone says, I love her. Awesome Red Bull flutag... I have never seen that in Miami. hmmm


  4. thanks for the awesome blog love cheryl... will be mentioning this blog feature of yours in my next post. I've been a bit down lately due to lots of things and this totally made my day! Again, a genuine thanks. -Diya

  5. I think she's fabulously stylish! LOVE the flouncy little skirt. So sweet!

  6. Fantastic pictures, love her style!SarahD:)

    P.S. I had a look at your wedding photos... two words...absolutely stunning!:)

  7. her style is amazing!

  8. omg. she is so stinking cute!!!!!! love her style!!! great inspiration.

  9. wow she looks great in this outfit

  10. Wow, the flugtag sounds so fun!! Diya has really cute style- esp. love the last look. I'll need to check out her blog! I need to take more summer look shots but would love to be featured in your Featured Fashion spotlights in the future :)

  11. i have been on her blog couple times....she is a stylish girl

  12. Her style is ultra fab. She's fantastic.

  13. I love Diya! I think her blog and style is fantastic =)

  14. I love the skirts she wore! And no haven't seen twilight, sigh, soon I'm hoping! The issue is that here movies are half price on tuesdays, so I don't really want to pay full price on any other day, but I'm always busy on tuesdays!

  15. I like her, she's very stylish! thanks for sharing :)

  16. Cheryl! I love this featured fashionista idea!! (I love Diya too she is amazing!)

    Definitely count me in!! I would love that!!

  17. her outfits are very nice she looks cute lovely post

  18. She got such a great style! I love every single one of her outfit,from head to toe, I wouldn't change anything.

  19. her outfits are so badass, so sweet but very edgy at the same time

  20. we have the redbull thingy in ro too:)):))
    Love Diya's style!


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