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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inspiring Style: Boots for Fall

I'm not one to always follow trends, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them. One trend for fall 2010--that's right, fall 2010--is over-the-knee, thigh-high boots.

Wow, is it really almost fall? It's like 90 degrees out, but maybe that's just because I live in Florida and every season is summer.

This trend showed its face earlier, but apparently, the boots are getting even higher this fall. Here are some contenders, from high-end to much more affordable!
Bergdorf Goodman Suede Platforms: $2,295

Bergdorf Goodman Flannels: $1,595

Cavalli's Embroidered Scuba: 988 Euros

Barneys' Studded Wrap: $745

The Under $100 Gang!
Dorothy Perkins: $55

Restricted Women's Arizona Flat at Endless: $48

Dollhouse at Endless: $87

Jane Norman: 20 pounds

Oli Flat Fold Over: 45 pounds

London Rebel at Asos: $37

Rampage Kamron at Piperlime: $40

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What are your thoughts on this fall trend? Are thigh-high boots for you?
I like the Cavallis and the Dollhouse pair from Endless the best.



  1. looking great..have seen a lovely pair here already, but i'm just too small for those..hehe! ;)

  2. I'm a big over the knee boot fan. I have to flat pairs sitting in my closet just waiting to be used again! =)

  3. I love the look, but I think I'm too shy to pull it off!

  4. I definitely love the thigh high boots!

  5. I love thigh high boots! Sometimes over the knee for me the knee, since I have long legs...
    So I like to look for them more often. I love the under $100 options! Love them all. I just ordered 2 pairs of fall boots and can't wait to get them!

  6. I'm really not ready for fall, but my fall wish list already includes new brown boots!

  7. i really like boots as the UK is always freezing so it's a good way of covering your legs whilst looking stylish :)

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  8. Oh, I love boots! Wish I had some ;)

  9. I loved this trend last fall and was searching for some flat thigh highs. but i have big calves and a small budget so it was no luck. I will definitely try again this fall or maybe DIY some!


  10. i want the Robert Cavalli's boots but i dont have the legs to pulll it of T_T

  11. I will definitely be getting a pair of these this fall but I am thinking the budget friendly versions are much more attainable!!

  12. I think making shoes knee-high this fall makes them much warmer and comfortable in the chilly weather. I'm really liking those Barneys. :)


  13. I love boots but I rarely wear them during colder seasons! I Love simple slim black ones :)


  14. i think they look great on people who can totally pull them off. :)

    <3, Mimi

  15. Omg. Gorgeous stuff, cheryl. damn, i'm running to the stores. NOW.

  16. you post a lot, almost every day!
    i was wondering if you make money with it?
    it looks very professional.
    yeah, i know.
    i'm often asking strange things ;p

    with love ♥

  17. It is great to look with the models wearing it...but I have huge thighs so I bet I will have a hard time looking for a perfect boots for me hahahaha!!!

    but great the designs as well...

    take care love

  18. I love Barney's boot! It was cool shoes. Hey, I'm not the one who following trend too :)

  19. I've been wanting a pair of over the knee boots for years now, but my bf hates them and say they're hooker boots LOL. I still want a pair!

  20. I like them but they don't suit me:(

  21. I didn't jump on the OTK train last year and totally regretted it. It's my mission to buy a pair this year!

  22. trying to look for a good pair of riding boots!! :D nice picks!

    Animated Confessions

  23. not a fan of the over the knee boot...but you never know

  24. great picks, cheryl! i'm definitely all for over the knee boots! i'm glad they're back in style this fall:)

  25. With as hot and humid as it is this time of year in NC, I doubt many girls will wear boots like that.

  26. I bought a pair last year and love them! But girl I don't know how you would ever wear them in FL it's freakin hot!! But I loved it!! xoxo

  27. oh I LOVE over the knee boots!

  28. oh this are hot... Im kinda looking forward for autumn now lol =)

  29. theyre just so sexy. i love these type of boots

  30. I can't wait for it to be cool enough to wear boots!


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