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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Me and Zac Posen

We all love those designer collaboration collections for retail stores like Target and Kohl's because they offer simple folk like us a chance at wearing high-end duds for low-end prices (without having to wear the clothes with the tags still on).

At the end of April, Target released its Zac Posen for Target collection as part of the Go International collaboration. Excited, I was...but busy too. April was just one of those months--you know, the kind where you plan a 100-person wedding and re-plan a honeymoon to four european destinations because a volcano named Eyjafjallajökull (seriously) suddenly know, the usual. By the time the collection became available in the states, I was minding the gap in London.

So I decided to go to, find something special from the collection and save it in my online shopping cart until I returned. What I found was this two-piece ruffled dress (in both red and black).

Now it's a beautiful dress that's also versatile as the ruffled part can come off leaving you with a nice looking garment underneath. So off to my virtual shopping cart it went. Usually I would pick black over red, but I realized that I own a ton of black already and red would be more bold. Plus, by picking red, I've officially made it more difficult to find a place to wear the dress: red is not subtle.

When I put this dress in my shopping cart it was going for $80--wow! I know Target is like the high-end version of Wal-Mart (to me, at least), but that was just a bit too high for me. Months passed and there it sat...this red ruffled goodness all alone in my online shopping cart. I had forgotten all about it.

Alas, in the final week of July I went to to look for tinted moisturizers. I found some contenders and went to add them to my shopping cart when I realized I had something in there already. Low and behold, there was my red dress, size 3 (amazing that a small size was still in stock. Usually those are gone as soon as the collection comes out). But the best part about rediscovering this dress was the new sale price--no longer was it $80! Now the dress sold for $35. Total score!
sn: a week later it went down to $30, but we won't talk about that...
I didn't wait for another 3 months to pass this time, oh no. I went to the checkout and purchased this Zac Posen dress. Go me! It arrived at my door less than a week later so you know what that means: an OOTD is on the way.

My one fault with the dress: the zipper is a pain in the ass. Why can't anyone make a good zipper? I'm talking to you, Mr. Posen.

Does anyone have this dress--or have a similar story/experience?

Anna's reply to your questions from the Makeup & Muses post:

When removing the Beauty Tubes mascara, no eyelashes have ever come out for me. It's actually a pretty neat process because the mascara comes off in clumps after applying warm water and pulling gently with your fingers. You don't even need makeup remover.

I'm not loyal to any particular face wash. A few days ago, however, I was complaining because I was having a breakout and [my sister] gave me some Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. It seems to have cleared up my face pretty well. A while back I also bought "Boscia" from Sephora....It's supposed to be really great and preservative-free, etc. I haven't started using it yet though.



  1. Wow love the dress and its color...great choice dear!!!!

    take care always

  2. ohh its so cool o.o
    beautiful dress!! :))

  3. That is a beautiful dress and you got it for an amazing price!:D

    The zipper problem.. well, we'll just have to wait for "them" to fix it.

    Happy Tuesday!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  4. Lovely red dresses :)

  5. Great dress! Anything that can be bought and serve more than one purpose is awesome - and for such a steal! :)

  6. That two piece ruffled dress is pretty and girly. i love it. Hope you don't mind my suggesting that perhaps you should consider bulking up just a tad. Size 3 is awfully small. Good shopping and a pretty dress!

  7. Oh wow! I love it and the idea that you can wear it both ways :)

  8. yeah I find that on a lot of dresses the zipper is a pain!! But can't wait to see your nice dress!

  9. Love the red dress!

  10. love that dress!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  11. Ooh, I love LRD (little red dresses) almost as much as I love LBDs! These are really cute, especially that 2nd one. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl! :) And thank you for the comment on my blog. I love my Blackberry, which has a keypad. I'm really bad at using touchscreens for some reason...maybe I have bad aim. xD


  12. Score!! That's great, I love it when that happens ( which is often for me because I'm the most indecisive shopper and leave stuff in my online cart all the time hahah).

    xoxo Maria

  13. I felt the same way when I saw this dress! I felt like $80 was way too high for something from Target no matter WHO designed it! I am so happy for you that you were able to get it on sale!! SCORE!

    PS. I can't wait for the feature!! :):):)

  14. I'm glad you got it! Beautiful dress.

  15. I love the first dress,dear! The colour was pretty.

  16. love the dress!

    im your new follower..


  17. Wow, what a beautiful dress, i'm in love with it!
    Can't wait to see it on you, i guess you'll rock that dress! :)

  18. Oh I hate when zippers don't work that well. But I usually just buy them in person so I could check it out & try it on before I purchase it.

  19. Love that first dress, but ya, it is quite pricey.SarahD:)

  20. Saw this online and on sale- I kinda wanted to get. I think it's so cute!!

  21. Gorgeous red dress! What a steal! That's so cool you finally got it on sale. And a great sale at that!

    A year ago, there was a really pretty brown & yellow sun dress I wanted from Target that was only $30 but I didn't have money at the time and forgot about it. A few months later, I went to see if they still had the dress and discovered it was only $7! Gawd I love that place. :)


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