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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inspiring Style: Making Jewelry

All this recent jewelry talk on my site has put me in the creative mood. I bought some pendants recently so I decided to make some jewelry. Also, my inlaws had a bead-jewelry making party the other day where I made more stuff. Here is what I made and a mini tutorial!

Musical Note Pendant Necklace

First, you will need some pendants. I got these beautiful musical note pendants from Lacy at her wonderful Etsy shop. You should check it out!

Then I went to Michaels and bought:
Clasp spring rings (the smallest ones I could find)
4mm jump rings
Chain cable (6.5 ft)
Pocket chain nose pliers (for small hands)

Next, set your desired length for the chain. I used one of my necklaces to measure the perfect length. Remember that once you add the pendant, the length of the necklace will be a tad longer.

Once I found that length I cut a small piece of one of the chain links. I used my hubby's wire cutters to do this part.

Then I added the clasp spring ring to one end of the chain. Use the pocket nose pliers to twist the spring open and loop it on the chain. Don't pull the spring apart--just twist.

Add ImageOn the other side of the chain I added the 4mm jump ring by twisting it through one of the chain links.
Lastly, I put a 4mm jump ring on the chain itself and also placed the musical note pendant on that same jump ring. The first time I did this I put the jump ring through one of the loops (like you're supposed to do with the ends of the chain).

But, it's actually better if you just put the jump ring around the chain instead of through the chain. This way, the pendant will always fall in the center and you won't have to worry about it being lopsided.
Voila! The end result. What do you think? Did you find this tutorial easy?

I got a bit jewelry happy so I made a bracelet with an instrument pendant. Then I got one of my old bracelets and added two musical note pendants to it to jazz it up.

Oh, and I must thank my hubby for helping me make the first piece!

At the jewelry making get together with my grandmother-in-law and my mother-in-law:

These were made out of beads, pearls, string and safety pins.
Here is my necklace!
Excuse my dumb face. :)
And my bracelet!
What do you think? Made anything cool recently?



  1. Love those gorgeous braids and your jewellery making style.
    You are so creative - that necklace looks so divine on you.
    Excellent work - well done!;-)
    Have a nice weekend, sweetie.

  2. great post ♥
    i like the guitar for the necklace!

  3. How interesting to use safety pins that way for jewelry!
    Very Inspiring :]

  4. Love what you did!
    Especially the last necklace with safety pins!

  5. Such great diy projects. I LOVE that last necklace, it is just amazing!! :)SarahD

  6. wow, looking great! the notes..

  7. Wow!!You are so talented!!Make one for me!!!:)

  8. haven't done anything lately and you have me thinking that i need to get working... hope you're having a great weekend!

  9. i lvoe your smile and cute pendant ^^ im too clumsy for delicate jewelery making XD

  10. wow i love the necklace & the bracelet! they are perfect! i haven't done anything cool with my two little hands recently, but i should try something soon, i miss diy-ing!


  11. Cute! Is the necklace heavy? What else have you created? (besides cute outfits :))

  12. I love the safty pin necklace! Thanks for mentioning my shop again!

  13. Nice jewelry & beautiful pictures!

  14. Wow just so lovely ! Love the necklaces and bracelet ;)

  15. You are GORGEOUS. And that necklace suits you incredibly xo

  16. Yes these DIYs are great! love the music necklace and bracelets. and that safety pin necklace is fabulous, i've never tried one of those!

    oh be sure to link these DIYs up Monday Sept 13 :-)


  17. These are great tips...and love I can surely make my own :D

    thanks for this one...



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