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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspiring Style: Shoe Envy

How cool are these shoes? It seems like Chiq finds all the coolest shoes these days. And I think I'm having shoe envy.

Wouldn't you love a pair of any of these?

Mary Jane Comic Book Heels and Flats
Stiletto Sarah Heels

Find these at Studio Jellyfish

Betsy Johnson Corset Bootie & Gladiator Snake Heels

I saw these too, but I'm not exactly sure how I feel about them. What do you think?

These may just be my favorite because they are by Christian Siriano and are only $39.99 at Payless!

Parisienne Exotic Platform Pump in eggplant crocodile or black python
Patent leather, 4 inch stiletto and 1/2 inch platform

Are you suffering from shoe envy, or any other fashion envy?

And thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. It's great to see the blog love. I will be announcing the winner soon.
And speaking of inspiring style, enter this contest by Alainn Bella--it's all about style icons. Mine is Paula Patton!

Also, I was given free passes to the screening of the movie The Town starring Ben Affleck. The movie is really awesome so I recommend you see it when it comes out this weekend. And thanks to Piink Cupcakez for the passes.



  1. oooh I love that 1st and 2nd splat shoes O.O reallllyyyyyy cool!

  2. here's my reactions

    to the comic shoes: YESSSSSS...I NEED THOSE
    to the betsey johnson snakeskin: **D@MN** (IN A GOOD WAY)
    to the gun and heart shoes: ummm not really my style
    to the C. Siriano shoes: scheduling a trip to payless immediately

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  3. Those Jellyfish shoes are amazing!!!!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. love the last pair... the previous ones to tell you the truth don't drive crazy... have a nice hot Miami day!!! ha!

  5. The comic book flats are amazing!

  6. would love a pair of the Parisienne Exotic ones!

  7. Oh, I love the comic book inspired shoes! Definitely eye catching, in a good way:)


  8. they are fun, i bet you will rock this babies!

  9. I always suffer from shoe envy; I am obsessed! And...given the fact that I adored comic books as a child, I most definitely want a pair of those Zap! Splat! Pow! Bam! ones!! :)

  10. the comic pumps are neat, they'd be fun to wear as a casual night out!

  11. Woww. I am absolutely in love with those Corset Boots/shoes, they're so cute!


  12. These are so fun! I am dying for a pair of oxford wedges.

  13. I absolutely love shoes! I really like the gladiator snake heels. Where did you find those? The shoes with the gun shaped heel are interesting. I think the heart shaped ones heel should be taller and then they would be cuter.

  14. Well, I ALWAYS have a thing for shoes =) These are awesome! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  15. wow these shoes are really out of the ordinary...and you cannot just stop drooling about them...oh my!!!!

    great finds...


  16. How awesome to get free movie passes! They had the premiere in Boston last night- my invite must've gotten lost in the mail. lol :)

  17. I love Paula P too! She is so pretty. I love her in her hubby's Lost Without You video. hugs

  18. the galdiator gold heels are to die for. i would wear them in a heartbeat!

  19. Some of those are really cute! I'm having tapered blazer envy lately and purchased one yesterday :)

  20. i love those flats and those pumps - gorgeous! :D

    i want to see the town too. :)

    <3, Mimi

  21. Ommmmmggg I have to get to Payless asap! Those red heart heels are adorable. Very girly and kind of over-the-top but fab, nonetheless. Lol. And I love the first pumps too. So chic and unique! :)

  22. Woaahhh super cool shoes ! Thank you for sharing !

  23. Love the python pumps! Dying to see the town so thanks for the recommendation!

  24. GAHHHH. The comic ones are wackadoodle but TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY AWESOME.

    Yeah, I am SO WITH YOU on the whole "Shoe Envy" thing. SO WITH YOU!


  25. The gun and heart heel shoes are a very interesting idea, but don't look very wearable to me...

    But I REALLY lovee those last ones by Christian Siriano and those comic flats!!!

  26. Betsy Johnson Corset Bootie Love'em!


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