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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Makeup & Muses: Gifted Sephora & FOTD

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Sephora and asked if I'd like to review some must-have products. I said yes, of course. I was sent 3 items: Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Bag and Harajuku Lovers Makeup Girls Bag--both for storing makeup and accessories. Also, I was given the Sephora Summer Goddess Palette.

The two bags are clutches that are perfect for holding all your touch-up brushes, compacts, lipsticks and lip glosses. The pink one is transparent while the other bag is a solid yellow. Both feature the adorable Harujuku girls that Gwen Stefani made so famous. I will be going out of town soon so I will definitely use one of these bags to store my makeup essentials. I think I will give the other one away in a giveaway later this year. That sound good?

The palette is great for creating a scintillating turquoise eye with a bronzed glow. Step-by-step instructions are included with this set of:

-Swimming Pool Blue eyeshadow
-Copper Sun eyeshadow
-Blue eyeliner pencil
-Black mascara lash plumper
-Bronzing powder
-Powder brush
-Eyeshadow brush

The palette is really easy to put on, plus I get to experiment with colorful eye shadows, which is awesome. See this post to know why.
I give this 4 Hearts
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh yeah, my new haircut. What do you think of the Sephora palette?

Also, my friend Vito is selling a variety of cool sunglasses on his website. Here are two that I picked out for myself. The best part--only $7 and free shipping!

These sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection with sturdy frames that come in a variety of colors and styles. They also have designer comparisons.

So if you want some classic aviators for only $7 or some other style, visit 7 Dollar Sunglasses for a great deal on great shades.



  1. Love them sunglasses! :] aww you look so cute with them dimples :~)

  2. Very pretty! Those look like great items(:

  3. Love the eye make up and your hair cut!

  4. very pretty and your hair looks so gorgeous :)

    xoxo Christine

  5. I love your hair - it looks really great on you, and the shades are super cute!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Love the eye makeup, darling!
    Cute sunnies too!


  7. love the white frame... somehow in Miami they still look very summery!

  8. love the white sunglasses, they are fun!
    aww and the Sephora stuff too:x

  9. Love the sephora palette..i want one. you look fab!!!!

  10. What a fun task! And yes a giveaway sounds wonderful. Love your fresh face look. And those sunglasses are fantastic!! Can't believe they are only $7!

  11. that makeup palette looks great on you & your new hair!
    ah!! so pretty!

  12. i lvoe the ey make up and i love the bags :3

  13. i love that makeup on you.
    it makes your eyes look so beautiful.
    anddd great shades.<3

  14. Love the haircut! And the make up looks good too :)

  15. i love your new haircut! and those sunglasses are amazing!

    <3, Mimi

  16. I:
    a) LOVE your new haircut! Not too drastic, but it suits you to a T.


    b) love that you can pull off bold colours like blue. That look really works on you. :)

  17. Awesome post, Cheryl! I absolutely adore the bag on the left side, so cute. :3 It's really cool that Sephora actually CONTACTED you to review their products!

    Love the blue shadow, it's sooo pretty! I need to get some in that shade.

    Cute glasses, though I wear normal eyeglasses so I can't normally wear sunglasses. :( My sister loves sunglasses though, I'm going to have to show these to her!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am unashamed to say that I am GLEEK for sure! :D


  18. LOVE your new haircut!! The Sephora swag looks awesome too ;)

  19. Oh, I love that Sephora packaging! And the turqoise color looks fantastic on you, adore it:)


  20. Gah! You are incredibly lucky - I LOVE Sephora! I have to say that makeup palette looks utterly amazing on you; and your new haircut is phenomenal! The shape flatters your face perfectly. LOVE!! :)

  21. love the 2 pair of glasses they both look really cool on you!
    awesom smile!

  22. fab products sweetie x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  23. If my eyes will look as amazing as yours, I WANT that palette!

  24. haha cute avators. It took me forever to find a pair that I like but glad I finally did. btw nice Harajuku bags and great makeup on your eyes!

  25. that blue looks great on you! &i looooove those makeup bags! so cute.

  26. The new haircut suits you so much. Love it. Just so you know, if I ever do not reply to your comment it's 'coz I've had trouble getting in to Disqus. Not because I don't want to reply. Thought I should let you know :)

  27. what an awesome post :) i love how you did your makeup! wish i could pull off that blue haha

  28. Hey hon! Love your new cut- super, super cute! And you look fabulous in the blue shadow!! xo, mel

  29. I love the glasses hun...and about the palette love the color and how it is arranged properly...especially if you are carrying a small purse this is really really perfect!!!!

    Great Review!



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