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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vacay before the Fall

My mini vacation was spent in Gainesville, which is where I went to college. I was there for about a week and had some time to just relax, hang out with my Gville friends and do a bit of shopping--just a bit.

I bought this great wool fedora at a little boutique store called Henri Girl on sale for $5!

Remember I mentioned how much I wanted these shoes in my Shoe Envy post?

Now I have some rockin' pumps; Christian Siriano patent leather platform pumps in black python--from Payless!

When not shopping, I was eating, lol. I went to this great place called Bento. It's pretty much a staple in Gville. I got sushi and bulgogi.

As some of you might know I am a journalist. This is a story I wrote about Bento, which is featured in the restaurant in this beautiful frame.

I went downtown in this F21 dress and I got complimented a few times. It's lace on the outside.

I'll have to make an official OOTD with it because these photos were taken with my camera phone, which is not nearly as good as my Canon.

Tailgating before the game. Some people set up from 7am and the game didn't start until 7pm. That's dedication!

Everyone seems to be focused on the camera except for me.

Tailgating with Anna; she's made a few guest appearances on this site.

Everyone trying to teach everyone else "how to dougie" at the tailgate party

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium--Home of the Gators.

Ari and I at the Gator game sitting in the endzone

The Gators against Kentucky; final score: 48-14 Gators!

Thanks to all the super awesome comments on my last post. I'll be checking your blogs today. Did you all see Glee? It was a great season opener!

Now I'm back and it's officially fall. I can't wait! Are you excited?

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  1. Loving the pictures :)

  2. I LOVE that F21 dress - it's gorgeous!!!!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. thank you for your comments <3
    If you want i can give you the ebay link to the leopard pouch :)

    x Christine

  4. We should have met up yesterday! lol, I'm a student at UF and I was downtown last night!
    Go Gators!

    -Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

  5. fab pics x

    Enter my Halloween giveaway:

  6. following each other is a great idea. I'm following ya from now on. will you follow me?

  7. So fun, darling!
    You look fabulous!


  8. Lovely pics. Your dress is pretty!

    I'm not following Glee at the moment, have seen a few episode, they are fun :) I will have to see them all one day.

  9. YOU ARE SO CUTE. I've always always always wished that I had dimples! ALWAYS.

    Looks like bundles of fun times!


  10. You look great!! looks like you had so much fun! I LOVE tailgating!
    I love the hat and your new shoes!! I am currently so obessed with hats!

  11. looked like you had an amazing time.
    and you look gorgeous.<3

  12. The Siriano's are worth lusting after

  13. Love your game day look hun! Thanks for submitting!

  14. the shoes. I'm totally envious. i want them. damn!

  15. OMG I haven't been on your site in forever. You look so cute! I love your one-sleeved dress too. Glad you had fun girl :)

  16. looks like you had alot of fun! love those pumps and yes he has changed payless so much with his line. that lace dress is it! i may have to step foot in F21 someday.

    lastly GLEE is my show! you can catch my crazy commentary on twitter...hahaha. but yeah i loved the recruitment finally!


  17. Looks like so much fun!! I LUV that dress!!!!

  18. looks like a nice mini getaway vacation! Love the 1 shoulder forever 21 lace dress, it's so pretty

  19. Awwh the pictures made me go awww. Sorry hadn't been around in the past few posts.. major exams in school. bleh :|
    I missed your bloggg!

  20. I seriously cannot believe those pumps are from Payless, Cheryl - those are some serious rock star shoes! I'm so glad you had a fabulous vacay!! :)

  21. you look amazing ^^ i love the dress and cute photos!

  22. all this photos are gorgeous of you
    love the one with the hat

  23. i'm glad you had a great time hanging out with friends, eating, and shopping! :D i love that fedora hat! and the sandals you wore with the jersey and shorts are so cute!

    <3, Mimi

  24. nice blog & love the dress


  25. dang girl you got the spirit. love the dress and the pose

  26. I really like your hair very cute!

  27. Very attractive shoes you got for yourself.
    And youe Mini-holiday looks like it was Much fun.
    It's always nice to see former college friends. Have a nice week!;-)

  28. First of all, fabulous shoes! And the lace dress is so amazing on you, very vampy:)


  29. Sounds like a great time, Cheryl!:D

    $5 fedora, what a steal!:D Dress looks lovely on you.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  30. What a fun vacay! And great pieces you found shopping!

  31. Kudos on the article :) And the pictures of you were great!

  32. hey u look really gorgeous in that lace dress. by the way thanks for liking my post :). really love ur blog too. new follower here :)

  33. oh love...looking gorgeous as ever!!!!

    love the outfits and your shoes are totally was fun to know that you are having fun!!!!


  34. Those Payless shoes are amazing!! So surprised to learn they were from that store.

  35. Yay! What a great find! That fedora looks great and it's WOOL ^_^
    I'm so glad you were able to get those shoes you wanted too!

    And that tailgate party looked fun. My friend was trying to teach me how dougie. It did not work for me >.<

  36. Fun post! Love the pumps!!

    xx rk


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