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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspiring Style: Boutiques or Departments?

Where do you shop? Most of the blogs I follow, and most of the bloggers who follow me write and post about fashion and accessories. So it makes sense to ask--where do you shop?

When I was younger, I really only shopped at big department stores because that's where my mom and sisters shopped. I don't think I stepped into a boutique until some time in middle school.

I think both trendy boutiques and large department stores have things to offer whether you're looking for a great deal on high-end brands or some clothing that you might not find anywhere else. And let's not forget about great thrift stores!

This is the first part in a series called:
Inspiring Style -- Boutiques or Departments

Today I will feature is a UK-based online-only store. This means there is no actual, physical store so you have to shop online. Some people aren't into this because they need to know how each garment will fit (because sizes can vary store to store).

They state that they have the world's biggest wardrobe, and they carry items from McQueen, Betsey Johnson, LAMB, William Rast, Halston Heritage and much more--even their sale items are chic.

I've shopped at Asos a few times and I enjoyed the experience. Shipping to the US was pretty reasonable and didn't take long at all.

What do you think of

Do you shop for clothes online?

What are some of your favorite stores?

P.S. $5 off a purchase of $10 or more at Ulta. Coupon code: 53290, valid until Oct. 31.

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  1. My favorite stores are probably H&M and F21 (with a side of Banana Republic, Anthroplogie, and Mango) but I also love to shop at places like Goodwill and my local vintage shop to find more one-of-a-kind items.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Love love love Top shop & H&M

  3. Love H&M, anthro and Asos!!


  4. Oh yeah I agree H&M is very inspiring, but also ASOS, and Zara even thoug its a little bit expensive =)

  5. Oooh I'm excited for this new series, Cheryl.
    I loe F21 so much.
    I've yet to shop at Asos but it certainly seems to have taken the blogging world by storm as I read so many great things about it on girls blogs.

  6. No problem beb. What are hubby's for if not blog debugging.

  7. I love Asos! I particularly like them because they have lots of stuff you really can't find in the bigger stores. Of course H&M and Forever21 are go to's when you need something in a pinch, but I do like to explore online options. If I am preparing to splurge I go to
    and thrifting is a good way to find a timeless piece like a denim jacket, for less :)

  8. I do most of my shopping at Forever 21; however, I love to buy shoes from Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Zappos!! :)

  9. oh i love ASOS!

    Enter my Halloween giveaway:

  10. I love love F21....As of right now I tend to shop at Marshall's, F21, Ross,Wet Seal, and thrift stores/goodwills/flea markets. Believe it or not I find my best pieces from the thrift store lol. I agree with you tho both department and boutique stores have alot to offer.

  11. I rarely buy clothes online simply because i like to try stuff on first and see if it actually looks GOOD. A lot of clothes look brilliant on a hanger, but when you put it on, it's a different story...

    Mostly I shop at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. When I had a job, I was always shopping at Macy's and Anthropologie and Nordstrom. But until I get some money again, I'm sticking with F21. ;)

  12. While I love looking at stuff online I do like to see how it fits me, the fabric, the drape etc. That said, the quality of the photos is improving all the time to give a better shopping experience. ASOS and Topshop ship to NZ so they are good choices for me!

  13. i wish there was a forever 21 in UK :( and i like boutiques but i never buy from them XD

  14. Yes, I'm definitely a fan of asos! I actually made my first purchase just this week lol They're offering free US shipping and returns!!:D

  15. Oh this list is endlesss :P
    Ilove shopping at everything from victorias secret,primark, rebel rebel H&M and the list goes on and on :)

    I agree so much with this post about department stores, trendy shops and so. A little bit of evrything.

  16. I love all of these. I love going to department stores.

  17. boutiques are fun to shop at if they're decent price, I don't like paying $40 for a regular tank top because it's in a "boutique", which unfortunately a lot of boutiques are like that... its just not worth it!

  18. I shop at places like H&M, Forever 21, UniQlo too but I also love stumbling onto small boutiques in the city :)

  19. i usually buy on sale at urban outfitters and i do thrift stores all the time
    every now and then h&m!

  20. H&M and Forever 21 are definitely my go-to stores. I can always find something that I love there. :)


  21. Any shopping is good shopping :)

  22. I'm obsessed with Asos right now AND you get cash back if you use Ebates!

  23. I shop at H&M and F21 the most. I actually just visited those stores at the mall an hour ago >.<

  24. love H&M and UO and AA. i love to splurge at department stores only during the sale season. thats when i score my designer duds!

  25. My shopping habits vary depending on what city (or country) I'm in at the moment. Also, a really great window display will definitely lure me inside a shop...
    I'm featuring a great interview with the talented guy behind the lens of Citizen Couture today if you want to come on by and check it out :)

  26. I'd like to shop at any of these stores. I'd just like to add Shopbop too. :)

  27. Hmmm.... For me it doesn't really matter where you're buying. Department Stores or Boutiques are both equally fun. But I just love the feeling of getting a fashion piece in a little vintage shop where nobody else knows, instead of sharing an attire with everybody in town because it's sold in a prominent store :p I usually go for the basics in department stores, and try to find unique pieces in small shops.

  28. Fun query!
    I mostly shop online... I love Asos and Shopbop!


  29. I mostly shop online. Ebay and Etsy. I wear a lot of 90's grunge/skater/old hot topic clothes, so I HAVE to shop on ebay for new clothes.

    I don't usually go to the mall or anything. I'd probably get too distracted and buy some stuff that I'm really not looking for.

  30. I like ordering online because it's easy and it's good for when you're bored at work, lol. But i have trouble with sizes... :(

  31. I do not know if we have ASOS here...but I love to shop at F21, zara and Jaspal...

    Topshop as well...

    I need to check if there are ASOS outlets in Bangkok...


    I am doing a Forever21 giveaway, you might want to check it out and join...

  32. I've recently heard of ASOS. I have yet to check out the site! :)


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