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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Makeup & Muses: Witchy Business

Since Halloween is tomorrow I've decided to share some great makeup tips for this particular holiday. Some of you might be going to a Halloween party tonight and celebrating in all the festivities. So here are some Youtube videos that will teach you how to recreate a great makeup look for Halloween.

I got this idea from this site, but all videos can be found on Youtube of course.

Also, about a week ago my hubby and I went to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate my friends' birthday. She's 26! I recently found out that Mellow is not as widely known as I believed it to be. Do you have one in your state? If you don't, then you are missing out.

I'm sorry if my camera phone photos are not doing this place justice.

I don't know if I'll be dressing up for All Hallows Eve, but if I do I will probably go as Neytiri from Avatar.

What will you be this Halloween?

Happy Halloween!
Be safe and check your candy!



  1. lovely post!!!


  2. I love Mellow Mushroom. It was started in Atlanta. I have one right around the corner from me in Macon. Seriously love that place. I love the makeup tips

  3. Love the videos!!!

    <3 <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  4. Since my friend (who is spending Halloween with me) and I aren't in any fraternities or sororities because it's just not our thing, he's going to be a frat boy and I'm going to be a sorority girl. Just for one night. :)

    That leopard mask makeup tutorial is awesome! Great costume idea...I could totally see you dressed up as Neytiri.


  5. happy halloween. we dont celebrate it in here India......would have loveddddddd to dress up as someone else for a day though!

  6. Awesome tutorials!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. sucks that we dont have holloween in india..x|

  8. i have absolutely no idea!!!! i will be going out tonight and have no costume... hope you have good one looking at the crazies in the beach!

  9. These are great videos!:D Thanks for posting.:D

    I'm not sure if we have Mellow Mushroom over here in L.A., I must check.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. i am actually using one of those tutorials for my makeup tonight. can u guess which one?

  11. OMG, I'm dying for some Mellow now. We haven't been there in so long!

  12. Neytiri from Avatar would be a beatuiful thing to go as. If you do, post some pictures please.

  13. oh i would love to see ur Neytiri outfit :)

    and i love the make up tutorials the leopard one is so cool yet creepy!

  14. thats really cool tutorials and you guys look so happy and pretty and yumm youmm pizza!

  15. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. The looks are wonderful. I am dressing up as one of the characters from "True Blood".

    And this is for "Chocolate Lovers"... That's not true! We DO have Halloween in India! I have a party tonight and Mumbai is FULL of Halloween night dos!!! Have fun, girl.

  16. the pizza looks yummy!!!! love love the make-up my dear...I am jealous I am not so good with these kind of challenging stuff...


  17. I <3 halloween i will a burlesque lady

  18. These are awesome, darling!
    Thanks for the fab tutorials!


  19. If you dress up don't forget to post pictures! There were a lot of Neytiri costume parts at our local Halloween store - it should be a breeze. :)

  20. I'm going to be a black cat - not very creative; but cute! Happy, Happy Halloween!! :)

  21. i subscribe to all three of these makeup geniuses.
    they do amazing work.<3


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