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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Naked Truth

There's been so much buzz about Kim K. and her editorial for W Magazine. Now, I don't have anything against Kim, but it does seem like a bunch of people are hating on her for showing so much skin.

If any of these people watched that video she made years ago then they'd realize just how covered up she really is in the editorial. According to the magazine, Kim "can't sing, act or dance..." but she's basically her own publicist. And hey, I can't knock her for feeling comfortable enough in her body to pose naked, with the help of shiny paint.

I have this magazine and the photos in print are more risque than the ones online, but models pose naked in mags all the time. Let's not forget those photos of Miranda Kerr in Vogue Italia--in 3d.

Other images from W:

Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling

What do you think of these images, including the ones of Kim Kardashian?

Also, there's also been some buzz on these new J. Crew lace tights. From far away, the lace tights resemble hair so it gives your legs an overall hairy look. But the tights are obviously made of lace--and are presumably all sold out now.

What do you think of these hairy tights?



  1. i love the photo of the model in the red dress , hmm im still unsure about nudity in general the sliver paint isnt very flatterring IMO though :(

  2. i love michelle williams and ryan gosling's photo! and personally, i have nothing against kim kardashian's photos - it's not really the first time people are seeing her nude, right?

    <3, Mimi

  3. I really have nothing Kim's photo spread either -- I'm kind of indifferent to it really. But that last photo is so striking!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Kim's known for her curvy body and it's what keeps bringing in the money for her. She's just working her money maker. She knows what she's doing.

    Also, I want to see that new movie with Williams and Gosling. It has an NC-17 rating right now but I'm sure it'll be brought down to an R-rating so theaters will carry it.

  5. I think they are all wonderfully done and Kim Kardashian looks beautiful in these shots!

  6. I have to admit, I love KimK!


  7. I'm not sure why there is so much buzz, I see nude model pics by the tons these days. As long as it's tasteful, the woman's body is a great thing of beauty. xoxo

  8. I think Kim is gorgeous, as is this post!


  9. I love the photos of Michelle and Ryan...they look good...

    and Kim, I have always admired her charm and her confidence...if there is someone i love with the best curvy body that would be her...

    She really is a Kardashian and just she styles her body!!!!


  10. so gorgeous.
    kim has perfect hair.
    i want it.<3

  11. Nothing really, she's Kim Kardashian and that's what she's good at, right?:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. Wow, this is one of the most controversial posts I've ever seen you write. But I like it, it's good to approach topics from all different angles. I don't like the tights, you said, they make you look hairy. :( I prefer tights that more obviously show the lace, and lace tights with patterns are the prettiest to me.

    I don't really like nudity in magazines, but it's not like they're going to stop any time soon. I mean, revealing skin in magazines is fine to a certain extent, but Kim's picture along with others is too much. There comes a time when it ends up looking like the magazine is all about nudity, not actually style and fashion.


  13. hahah the hair tights! I saw those earlier today and laughed out loud! i thought it was serious look until it was the knitting of the lace.
    the kim photos aren't distasteful in my book, i mean she is painted (i got the magazine in the mail today and looked through it) i didn't know she would do something like that again since her playboy thing. even the "straight on" photos aren't too much, since she's heavily painted, but you know, everyones got different taste and comfort with nudity and all.
    great post!

  14. Luvin' that red dress image! Personally I am not a fan of Kim, but it has nothing to do with the amount of skin she shows.

  15. shes cool, i watch kardashians too hahah
    and yeah i guess i look different without the hat!

  16. If it isn't Kardashian then it's Kanye. There's always something.

    The tights DO look like hair! My vote is no. LOL


  17. I love this magazine. I haven't been without a subscription in five years and I prefer it to a lot of other fashion mags, mostly because there's more in-depth articles regarding the fashion industry which I find extremely fascinating and useful.

    The photos of Kim didn't make me blink an eye. I guess I'm just so used to naked and risque photoshoots these days. I think the only thing I thought when I saw the photos was "I wish I had her body." Hahaha!

    I hope you're having a good week, hon. xoxo

  18. I love W. It's a cool mag. I have no problems with the photos.

  19. Havent seen that issue of W yet. Sounds interesting though!

  20. Kim looks great! When DOESN'T she look great?? I can't get down with the haters...the girl is gorgeous and clearly she's doing something right. We should be happy that someone is being recognized having a curvy, healthy body rather than being a stick!

  21. I don't have a problem with Kim K's W editorial; I simply don't like it myself. I think that she has looked far beautiful in the past - and I always love seeing her style!

    As for hairy tights...a big NO! Ohmigosh they make you look like you haven't shaved your legs!! :P

  22. I don't know why people are hating on her for showing skin. she got popular in the first place with her amateur porn video anyways! like wth we've all seen it before! lol

  23. I can appreciate the editorial quality of those tights, but I don't think I would rock them. Kim looks amazing. It's tastefully done. I don't get what the big deal is!

  24. I agree, there are models all the time who have even more "risque" photos - but at the end of the day, it's all about the art of it. It's nowhere near "skanky".

    And those tights are something I'd like to see in person haha; although I wouldn't buy a pair if they come out looking like unshaven legs.

  25. good for her! people hate anyways...

  26. Hasn't she shown it all before? Don't why there's a furore over these pictures. At lease she has a normal, healthy figure.

  27. hmmm kim actually looks stunning and to be honest everyone has seen her naked before rt? so wats the big deal???????

  28. i honestly don't see what's the big deal with the images... and I can't understand either why she has ascended to celebrity status for sahowing on TV and made up life... love the other images!!! and the thights you definitely won't find them on my drawer... BTW is it me or Miami is getting hot again? where did the cool breeze go???

  29. I think Kim is a beautiful woman, and hey, if she wants to pose naked, then that's her choice. Who am I to judge that? On a different note to the same song, I think it's great that she's so comfortable with her body. That's one of the things I really respect about her; she's a curvy woman with a healthy weight--she's not stick thin like most of Hollywood is--and yet, she still loves herself and her body, and is confident. Anyone who is confident about their body image gets lots of respect from me.

    Though, not gonna lie, I think the body paint one was over the top. She's so metallic. >_>

    I love that last picture. It's so dark, yet glamorous at the same time, and it's a really interesting combination.

  30. I saw the actual magazine pics and they're amazing! I absolutely adore Kimmie and her proportions are incredible. Good for her, why not show it off? I would :)

    Check out my blog:


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