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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hair Trends of 2011

Hair 4Happy New Year Muses! Sorry I've been away for so long, but it has been very busy here. I recently moved all the way from Florida to Arizona! I know, right. We are still getting settled -- i.e., I have no furniture and just regained internet connection -- so I will try to post as often as I can until things go back to normal.

The best part about being in Arizona, aside from having mountains in the background, is being able to drive to Las Vegas and California in a matter of a few hours. If any of you muses live in Arizona we should have a meet up!

Now that the new year is here, it's about time I focus on some of the trends of 2011. The hair trends seen on runways have really caught my eye. Here are just a few of these new dos:

(including this pixie cut that Emma wears; you can see it in my inspiring style post about her)

Little RedRavishing red hair is a color trend for 2011! This is great for those redheads who never felt wanted in the fashion world. 2011 will be your year to shine bright red!

Hair 3Little Red 2

Hair 2

The double knot hair trend is one that I find super appealing. It makes it really easy to not do your hair and yet still pull off a trend.

This is an effortless look that has the two knots falling at the nape of the neck.

All you need is a little spritz and scrunch to attain this great look in 2011.

Little Red 3

Hair 1

The bird nest look has been on the runways since last year, but it is starting to really make an impact off the runway as well.

It has a bit of a playful elegance that gives ode to the powderpuff look of the past.

All you need is some mousse, a high ponytail and lots of bobby pins.

Other Trends
braided top knot
waved bob
fringe bangs
pixie cut
platinum blonde

What hair trends are you loving in 2011?

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p.s. I'll be checking out your blogs as soon as possible--promise!



  1. I love the red hair, and that double knot is fabulous!! ♥ I can not wait to hit up the stylist and get my red on :-D

  2. hmmm... i dont know about that,
    ...but i dont really like these styles :x


  3. I guess I'll go with the double knot since I'm a total lazybones:P..anything which doesn't involve much effort I'm up for that:P

  4. I really love the reddish tints that are coming out as a trend - the color is so subtle but really appealing.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. i LOVE Emma's new hair cut, she looks gorgeous :)

  6. I've always liked red hair. Its very pretty and wasnt as common.

  7. Hey hooo ;) This double knot hair trend looks awesome. But you have to use lots of hairspray to achive such messy look :)

  8. LOVE double knot hair <3

  9. How are you liking Arizona? I'm thinking of moving there post-college!

  10. Before, I wasn't a big fan of Emma Watson's pixie cut, but now it's really growing on me and it's also a great step in her career after having the "bushy mane" of Hermione Granger for so long!

    Red hair is fabulous!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's season, hun! Best of luck unpacking...moving is a long and grueling process but it sounds like you're almost done. :D


  11. I love red hair but sadly it never stays and fades pretty quickly in my hair. Oh, well...
    Great overview and post! :)

  12. daayum love the hairdo! I went short this season, too :)
    and loved the post duh.

  13. oh and happy new year to you too,love :)
    I miss you on my blogggggg!

  14. Happy new year schat,
    I like the first one look I loooooooove short hair, I have 4b type of hair, but now they are so long that I want to have a haircut or maybe sister locks lol...
    Check ou my new blog also:



  15. I should have checked this out...before coloring my I am bit regretting it hahahahah but I might think of styling it just like the photos...

    happy new year again love

    did you receive the package already??


  16. Ooh, I am loving the long red locks. Gorg!

    Happy, Happy New Year, my love!! :)

  17. I love all of them accept the shorter styles....

  18. Oh these are stylish hair dos sure! :) I am going to be doing some experimenting too :P

  19. i absolutely love the giveaway prizes, thank you so much again <3
    xoxo Christine

  20. yes my love i got the package.
    i cannot tell you how much i love EVERYTHING!
    thanks so much.<3

  21. I love the double knot look, I would probablly actually jack up my hair though if I tried this! hugs! xo

  22. oh now i have short hair but i would like to do the double knot looks awesome, also have you heard of the bumpit or something like that hahha
    its to have the beehive thing .im gonna try to buy that hahahhah

  23. Hi cheryl, this is my new make up blog furthermore of fashion be follow you either.

    can we follow each other too?

  24. the birds nest bun is absolutely my favorite . combine with red hair and u have perfection.

  25. Im seriously thinking of going redish this year!! I have been red in the past and think I may try again this year.

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  26. I could never do that short hair cut like Emma Watson but I like the idea of maybe sporting some red and of course big buns are so much fun!


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