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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Get Armored: A Jewelry Discount for You

I absolutely adore jewelry pieces that make a statement, which is evident from this statement jewelry post last month. I'm a lover of handcuff bracelets, stone-gem necklaces and fancy double rings. That's why it should be no surprise that I am totally in awe of Armor Jewelry.

Armor Jewelry 1I mean, what's not to love? The pieces wrap around your body and drape along your clothes. The earrings seem to dangle forever, and the rings are made of stylish chains. The only downfall is having to spend hundreds on these beautiful jewels.

Armor Jewelry 2The good news? I've found some awesome armored alternatives on Etsy that are sure to stay within your budget!


SnefterSnefter features a beautiful design of antique chains that will look stunning on your shoulder, arm, hand and even head.

You can get this draped shoulder harness for $35 or this chain and cross cage bracelet-ring combo for $15. As part of my Birthday Giveaway Blogfest, all my lovely muses will get 15% off any item from the Snefter shop for the entire month of February!

All you have to do is mention that you follow Oh to Be a Muse. So what are you waiting for--get armored!

What do you think of armor jewelry?

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  1. These are amazing! Thanks for the awesome discount, Cheryl. I hope you are having a great weekend. xo

  2. oh my word these pieces are absolutely stunning.
    id love to purchase some! <3

  3. Wow - great find on Etsy! I love the shoulder jewelry. :)
    Thanks for the discount too!

  4. WOW these are AWESOME. I love the shoulder jewelry!! Esty rocks!

  5. Gorgeous pieces and perfect harness jewellery

  6. This is definitely a DIY I need to try soon.


  7. really cool. like the necklace chain :)

  8. Love the necklace wraps..gotta try those! :)

  9. lovely jewellery! i feel pretty inspired ^^

  10. dude, this stuff is hot. some of it is a bit much for my style, but it's crazy sexy. i looooove the ring.
    it's my party and i'll be lazy if i want to...

  11. Cheryl this is such a cool website! Those harness pieces are really badass!

  12. j'adore, je trouve cela très jolie

  13. beautiful pictures hon looks really nice

  14. Ooh, these pieces are just exquisite - I want them all!! :)


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