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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fashion Rocks MIM

Thursday night I attended Fashion Rocks MIM, which is a fashion show hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week in collaboration with the MIM--the Musical Instrument Museum. The show celebrated the music and culture of each of the four designers' home countries. As a special treat, it also showcased the stylists and how they styled the designers' clothing.

This was my first fashion show in Phoenix and also my first time at the MIM, which houses the largest collection of musical instruments in the world. Here are photos from the event!

tucker-dress-fashionshowThe dress I'm wearing is from the Go Collection at Target: Tucker by Gaby Basora. The cool thing about the dress is you can choose to switch it around and wear the back as the front or vice versa.

MIM-fashionrocksThe MIM is a pretty cool place and definitely an excellent choice of venue for a fashion show. It would have been nice to have been able to explore more of it.

fashionrocks-mimIt was nice being able to dress up and see everyone else so dressed up. And look at those cute cupcakes!

fashion-rocks-mimThe Stylists:
Jill Laine, Brian Swan, Shannon Campbell and Jai Anderson

The Designers:
Maria Janossy of Hungary, who runs the label Mariska; Galina Mihalva of Bulgaria, who runs the label Galina Couture; Joanna de'Shay who owns Black Russian Label; and the guitar company Fender, which has a casual apparel line


fashion-rocks-mim4This fashion show was a bit more fun than the Miami International Fashion Week that I attended around the same time last year, and plus, my photos aren't as blurry!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

What do you think of the show?



  1. This looks like so much fun! What a great opportunity...and you got some great shots from the show.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. wow! u r lookin smokin hot! love the headband, the dress, and u pretty much look fantastic! the show does look super fun!

  3. u look so cute girlie!! love the dress and necklace.... and the headband and the shoes. lol very nice. looks like u had a good time! i love the wedding dress with the tulle.
    enjoy the rest of ur weekend

  4. My I PLEASE borrow the necklace Cheryl? lol

    looking like the lady that you are :) beautiful!!

  5. just loving your blog layout and seems like you had fab time at Fashion Week you look lovely! xoxo

    Giveaway over my place:

  6. What a fabulous event!
    Love your look!


  7. you look so adorable my dear...just look at you...and I love the necklace with your headpiece...everything in your outfit is adorable...

    the show sounds fantastic too...hehehehe awww you looked like you had loads of fun...


  8. Music and fashion are always a great combo. I'm very impressed by some of those pieces! Looks like you have some serious talent in Phoenix.

  9. The fashion show looks like fun! I really like the third to last dress. Oh, and I love what you wore too ;)

  10. the dress and hairband are soooo lovely!

    And ooh the fashion show looks so fun x

  11. Lovely shots it looks like so much fun! And you look beautiful girl! =)

  12. These are gorgeous designs! I am loving all of them but my favorite has to be the white dress second to last. :)

  13. i love your headband!!! i also adore your dress! :) the designs on the fashion show are also so beautiful! xD

  14. Amaazing collection! Love the colors and feathers, and you looked like a million bucks girl, the back of that dress is so pretty!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  15. The whole outfit is awesome - love it, especially the necklace.

    Wish I could have gone to that event, looks fab!!

    I'm following your blog and would be soo happy if you had a chance to look at mine and follow back if you like! :)


  16. Looks like a great show. I love the short dresses in the show.

  17. That sounds like a really cool event!!! I love that there was such an eclectic mix of looks shown, I bet that made for a really entertaining show. Your Tucker for Target dress is sooooo cute, I love the riffled detail.
    xo, Ashley

  18. Wow! This looks like an amazing event! I also want to check out the museum sometime! Cute outfit, by the way!

  19. oh my gosh, that dress is amazing - i love how you can wear it either way. :) and i also love your hairstyle! :D

    <3, Mimi

  20. Music and fashion makes good companions. The show looks fun and feminine and I like the all the garments on display.

  21. Ohmigosh you look absolutely incredible - I LOVE the headpiece! So glad that you had a good time, Cheryl!! :)

  22. fashion shows are always fun :) minus the few bad eggs that act more important than they are! But I do enjoy going to them and looks liek teh otufits were very neat- I love the puffy dresses and the feather accessories on the outfits! you look so cute with the headpiece too

  23. I love that dress on you! And the necklace looks perfect with it!

  24. Looks it was such a great event!I like your outfit so much,especially the headband!

  25. Oh what fun. I love that big white gown. So pretty!

  26. Wow gorgeous. Looks like you had a blast!!!


  27. oh i really like the head band! looks awesome
    and that dress is so pretty like the detail on the back too!

  28. Looks like you had a blast! Love your dress and your headband was such an adorable touch. I would love to sit and chat with Brian Swan. He is so talented.


  29. Your dress is stunning and I love your hair pieces. :)SarahD

  30. You are so pretty in this outfit!! I love your dress and that necklace. :)

    This fashion show looks fabulous. I love the wedding dress in the second to last photo. xo

  31. What a fab event! I like that a lot of the looks here are a little more out-there and eccentric. Love that dress you're wearing by the way!

  32. great outfit, hair and smile :) perfect

  33. Gorgeous dress and what a lovely necklace! So glad I just found your blog.


  34. First of all, you look ADORABLE. I mean it. you have such a lovely smile, a better accessory than anything you could pick in a designer store. And your style is just awesome.

    The show looks great. Designs are drama and fun, and that's top-most fashion priority right now. I had a great weekend and the week refuses to slow down.

  35. heyyy, that looked like FUN! thanks for leaving a comment :) he's a chi/minpin mix :) sooo cuuuuteeee!

  36. You look gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday xx

  37. Thank you for covering our event!!! So very glad you enjoyed yourself!!! Your photos turned out great! Hope to see you at our next event :)

    Thank you again... We appreciate your support and coverage!

    Brenna Moses-- Operations Director for Phoenix Fashion Week :)


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