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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's In Fashion: Top 5 Headlines for April

Inspiring Style: Fashion Headlines - Last Week in April

♥ The fact that Kim Kardashian was on the cover of a magazine this month doesn't seem like big news, but it is garnering a lot of attention from her fellow Armenians. Kim K. is featured on the cover of Cosmo in Turkey, which is appalling to Armenians as Genocide Remembrance Day is in the month of April (in relation to the genocide perpetrated against Armenians by Turkey during WW1).

Kim claimed that she never authorized being on the Turkey cover of Cosmo, but she also said that she just didn't know that the cover was for April. Do you think she was aware of the month of the issue or even if she actually knew about the significance of appearing on the cover? I wonder what Armenians think about her sex tape?

derek-lam-flatforms♥♥ Flatforms are one of those fashion trends that should seriously just go away--at least in my eyes.

I'm not really a fan of them because I don't like clothing or accessories that can't make up their mind.

These schizophrenic shoes, or flat platforms, aren't as comfy as flats and definitely aren't as cute as platforms.

Maybe I'm just hating. What do you think?

♥♥♥ Rumor or real news, Donald Trump apparently wants to run for President in 2012. Now, I'm not too certain why he feels he is qualified for the position--maybe it's because he has supermodels like Niki Taylor endorsing him (she said she would trust him with her life); or maybe it's because Celebrity Apprentice contestant, ex-actor and major looney Gary Busey told him to--I'm not quite sure.

And some people might not be a fan of the way the country is being run or was run in recent times, but I don't really think playing the Trump card is the way to go.

Do you think his hair will run for the Vice President slot? I'm really not into this--and it's partly due to the fact that he fired Mark McGrath the other week!

♥♥♥♥ Soles Worth Suing Over -- Christian Louboutin sued Yves Saint Laurent for allegedly ripping off the signature red sole shoe trademark. Louboutin's Louboutins have had the trademark red sole since the early '90s. YSL recently added a red sole to some of their pumps, and Christian is calling this infringement. CL is also suing a Brazilian shoe company for having rosette soles. Apparently, the red sole was given a registered trademark in 2008, but that leads me to ask--should designers or others be allowed to put a trademark on a color? Whose side are you on?

♥♥♥♥♥ Who is designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress? Project Runway designers from all 8 seasons have made sketches, but who will actually be the lucky lad or lass to get the rights?

Designers from the house of McQueen to Sophie Cranston have all been rumored to have the job, but the public won't actually know who has the honor until she steps out of her Rolls Royce in front of Westminster Abbey on April 29.

So since we won't know until "K-Day" we might as well just speculate. Who do you think is designing Kate's dress?

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  1. Ugh, flatforms are so gross. So gross. I'm sort of secretly hoping that Kate will be wearing a McQueen gown but I imagine she'll go for something a bit safer....

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. So many topics to discuss! First, I know little about Armenians, but I can't imagine they like the tv show either...not sure why they would be surprised about the mag cover...I also have no idea what is on their tubes over there.

    Flatforms = bad.

    D Trump = odd choice. not sure what to think but if he ran the country like he runs his business', i would be less than thrilled...seeing as how he has been in bankruptcy numerous times (but always paying his way out of one should....). but, hey, we are already pretty close to bankruptcy now...sigh. dont get me started.

    I wasn't aware you could trademark a color on a shoe.

    Royal Wedding - no ideas! However, we are having a wedding viewing party at my house and I'm very excited since we are all dressing like we are going to a wedding in England!

  3. Im enjoyed reading this post so much =), U know I think Kim didn't even think about the remembrance day. Dont seem to be the typical Armenian family after all... Omg I hate flatforms too!And omg the Donald T for president I think its pretty funny lol... I wondered too which designer is Kate going to pick.. Cannot wait to see the wedding, let it be a surprise!

  4. Great post! I have nothing to say about Kardashian (yuk) or Trump but this is the first I've seen of "flatforms". I'll have to try on a couple to see how they look on me, but I keep thinking of the Frankenstien monster. On the other hand I do LOVE the new lower heeled platforms with the super high platform look. I had some shoes like that in the early 90's and I've been waiting for the trend to return. I can't wear super high heels for that long, but I do love the look which is why I'm excited about the lower heel.


  5. this was such a fun post! I'm with you on those flatforms..those are hideous.

  6. I am not a fan of flatforms either!


    P.S. Fabulous news, darling! You are the winner of my Heel Condoms Giveaway! Just email me at for details!

  7. the flatfoms reminds me of rocking horse shoes how i wish i could have them :3 XD

  8. - i'm excited to see what kate will wear! i'm sure she'll look lovely. <3

  9. i liked kim on the cover. as usual she is looking fab and flawless

  10. In answer to your comment on my blog - I'm a HUGE Burton fan! The book featured in my post was actually the exhibition catalogue from the Burton retrospective at the MoMA that I went to last November!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. Oh boy, where do I start lol...*rolls up sleeves*

    Miss Kardashian: I must say she looks incredible on the cover and it's pretty startling to think that she was placed on an April cover of a Turkish publication during Genocide Remembrance month, but she probably didn't know. She doesn't really have anything to promote, right? So she probably didn't know what month she would cover the mag.

    On to the YSL-Louboutin suit: I am writing a huge piece right now about fashion copyright and this is specifically the reason. Louboutin will not win the suit because the red bottoms of their heels are not legally trademarked, and most likely cannot be. I am not even sure Louboutin was the first brand to use red bottoms on heels--even though they are known for it, so it's an open-and-shut case for me.

    Waity Katie: I hop she will wear Alice Temperley. It suits her so effortless elegance. But I would love to see what Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen has cooked up for her.


  12. Don't like the flat platforms either!

    I am curious about Mr. Trump. He might not be 'all' good but at least he doesn't pretend to me someone he is not. That I think might be refreshing from a Politician's angle, as most politicians are full of shit.

    CL - That's a tricky things but they are kinda known for their red soles ... so I can see why they wld make a big deal about it ... whether it is worth it or not is a whole different discussion.

    Lastly, I am not following the Royal Wedding mania much. I am just fine knowing what she wore on Friday. Don't really have the time to wonder what she will wear, when I have to first figure out what I will wear today to work from home! :P Haha

    ♡ from ©

  13. Cool post!!!! :))


  14. I am not sure if there's any live wedding coverage here in finland..but I'm sure hope so. ^_^ such a lovely couple--- yes, I hate to admit but I want to see her wedding dress..

  15. My random thoughts about each of these headlines:

    1. I'm guessing that Kim had no idea what appearing on the Turkish cover of Cosmo would symbolize to Armenians.

    2. Flatforms are not "flat"tering. ;)

    3. If Donald Trump runs for president I'm officially giving up on this country.

    4. CL should not be allowed to trademark a color. That's like Monet trademarking waterlilies.

    5. I have no idea who's designing Kate's dress, but I still think William is adorable! :)

    Great post, Cheryl!

  16. i love the fashion rundown. I agree... platforms can take a break. Well, maybe they can leave a few good pairs I liked behind.
    As for Kate's dress... Ugh, how can I put this nicely. Ok... lets just say I hope I don't fall asleep while watching the wedding. Although I love that shes far from the 'normal royals' by trying to be "modern"... I just HOPE she goes 'Princess' with the dress like Diana. I want gaudy, over the top, horse and carriage. lol
    xoxo great post!

  17. flatforms = yuk. no thanks!
    I think its blatent copying with red soles!
    How could Kate look bad in anything. I just hope its a white dress :)

  18. i really have no idea who designed it, but i can't wait to see it. :) i read somewhere though, that she helped design it?

    and yay!!! thank you thank you! i am so excited! :D

    <3, Mimi

  19. I am such a fan of flats, but flatforms look pretty strange that I got to agree haha. ;D

    I believe CL's main distinguishing feature is their red soles, so hopefully they will win their lawsuit or we would be seeing red soled heels everywhere and diluting their brand appeal.

    That being said, I love YSL too!

    The Cat Hag

  20. Great thought provoking pieces, thanks for sharing!

    I am agreeing with your thoughts on flatforms - not liking them what so ever.

    Did not know about the KK drama about the cover - how interesting.Maybe another ploy for publicity as don't they say no publicity is bad publicity!?!?

    Sadie x

  21. Must say that Kim K is looking better and better

  22. Oh Kim, what was she thinking?
    I totally agree with you re: flatforms - they're just strange!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. cool shoes and Kim Dress is glamour :)

  24. bleah to donald trump. what an idiot. he has no chance of being president. he annoys me so much.
    as to the wedding dress i think mcqueen is too avantagarde for a royal wedding. i'm thinking a more typical hollywood dress designer like ellie saab.

  25. Great overview of the news in fashion. I heard she was designing her own dress so we shall see!
    That is kind of odd Kim didn't know she was going to be on a cover. She looks amazing!

  26. imagine if the trump rumor turns out to be true?! i wouldn't wanna live to see that day!
    i sure wouldn't like to be in katherine's shoes! all the pressure around her can't be healthy!

  27. I can't wait to see Kate's gown. I just know it's going to be spectacular! :)

    I'm loving all this news. I'm too annoyed and pissed at Trump to even comment on that story. Lol.

  28. flatforms: i think sometimes designers make ugly ish just to see if we will buy them :)) trump needs to shut the f up :))) i am reading a great book (Middlesex) that talks about the Turks and Armenians (it's about a hermaphrodite!!) i think i would cry if kate wore Mcqueen (R.I.P) thanks for following! i am following you too :)))

  29. flatforms are very innovative but looks kind of uncomfy to me... :( so i didn't try it on myself just yet.
    love your posts all the time!

  30. Love cosmo!

    Monique xx

  31. I think Kim is aware of everything and she's just playing it dumb when she gets criticized and taking credit when she gets praised, like her singing career "oh, I'm just doing it for fun" ya because your song SUCKS! lol

  32. How gorgeous is Kim? I mean she is just gorgeous!!
    I am soooo looking forward to that royal wedding!!!!


  33. I'm with you in regards to flatforms - I just can't get into them. They seem extremely...awkward.

    As for Donald Trump...if he runs for President, I'm voting for him. I find him humorous; and j'adore his daughter Ivanka! :)

  34. Fantastic summary of the top headlines.

    Donald Trump -- I think it is a total joke. I think it is a publicity stunt for his show. I heard that he isn't announcing if he is really running for President or not until the finale of "The Apprentice." LAME. He's such an effing moron.

    Christian Louboutin vs. YSL -- Louboutin all the way. How can I vote against them? Everyone knows that red soles = CL. Duh.

    Flatforms -- Ugh. So gross. Make me vomit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  35. No one should blame Kim for being on the cover of Cosmo. She has zero control of when it is published. Anyone who watched K&K take NY knows how little power she has in this kind of situation.

    I agree Donald Trump needs to get over himself. President is a far cry from Celebrity Apprentice. Plus I doubt he can relate to the 'little guy'

    CL needs to get over themselves as well. Everyone knows you have the red sole. EVERYONE. You can't own a color. Sorry, it's just ridiculous.

    I have yet to try flatforms so I can't weigh in yet.

    And seriously I don't think there's much I care LESS about than this ridiculously over hyped Royal circus side show. I am SO not a cynic but really, WHO CARES?! (I mean really, wear something from Vera Wang and donate the rest of the money to Japan. Now THAT'S newsworthy) LOL ;)

  36. I cant wait to see Kate's dress :)

    Please take a minute to look at my boutique;

  37. Okay Kim is beginning to look more and more like her mother with each passing day. It is like they took a photo of her mom and put long hair on it. #2 I can't get on board with platform... and sometimes wedges don't work for me either. I have extremely skinny bird legs and a clunky heel is not a good look for me. #3 Donald Trump is embarassing himself and needs to stop #4 I am so ready to see Kate's dress. But then I want the whole thing to be over. I am scared to face the 3_ months of royal wedding coverage ahead.

  38. I would like to see Kate's dress, I hope she does not wear that hat, it looks strange on her.

  39. I'm so excited for the Royal Wedding that I don't care I have to be up at 4AM to watch it! She's going to look gorgeous no matter what dress she decides to wear.

  40. Everybody seems to be so interested in the Royal Wedding, but actually don't care at all :$ But I'm sure she'll look amazing!

  41. As for Kim, i'm pretty sure she authorized the cover geez. She just probably didn't think of the date. Poor her. She looks great though!

    I really couldn't care less about Will and Kate's wedding- i think all this anticipation of trying to see the dress before it is worn is a bit over the top and really fickle. Like, don't they have better things to do?

    Louboutin has the right to sue cause he trademarked it- it's not just the red, it's the red on the sole. They should have done any other color. Hope he wins


  42. Flatforms are awesomeee! They're comfy AND give you an extra few inches in height ^^


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