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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves

The Fashion Beauty Friend Friday post this week was inspired by a post by Beautifully Invisible, where she wrote about the 10 things she doesn't like about blogs. As part of FBFF by Modly Chic, we are supposed to write a list of our top 5 blog pet peeves.

Note: I usually go to blogs and love a lot of things about them. Please don't think that I'm silently judging you because if I follow your blog and comment on it then it's because I am a fan!

*Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to offend anyone or be rude. This is just the topic for this week's FBFF and I'd just like to share my opinion.

♥ Busy Blogs
I am totally not a fan of blogs that look like they have no direction. I prefer sites that are clean and easy to navigate. I like to know exactly where to find the post, the blogger's contact information and all their social networks. Blogs that are too colorful will fall into this category as well.

♥♥ Abandoned Blogs
By abandoned blogs, I mean blogs that have not been updated in forever. I sometimes click on someone's name in a comment on my site or on someone else's site (usually because I either liked their comment or was intrigued by their handle) and then I go to their blog and the date on their most recent post is some time back in 2010.

Blogging is A LOT of work so I understand that many of us start one and then take a break or just quit. But I think if you're out there commenting then it would be nice to see you posting/updating as well. Who knows--it might even make you return to blogging.

♥♥♥ Hidden Comment Links
I'm not sure if this is a template thing or if it's specific to a site, but I don't really like when I go to comment on someone's post and the comment link is missing or hidden. I have no idea why that happens, and I'm always so disappointed when it does because I really had something to say about that particular post.

♥♥♥♥ Captchas
Now I know that some people like to use captchas because it's an easy way to block spam, for the most part. But I think it takes up so much time! If I love your blog then I'll leave my comment whether you have a captcha or not, but I'd much rather bypass that entire process. If I read a couple of your posts and I want to comment on both of them but I know you have a captcha then I will usually just comment on one post and say a little something about that other post.

♥♥♥♥♥ Pop Ups
In regard to pop ups, I'm referring to things that come on the screen and just pop up over the post I'm trying to read. I think I used to do this myself back in the day, but I now find these things to be more of an annoyance than a cute reminder to do something interactive with your blog. I don't mind if it's off to the side and follows me as I scroll down the page. I just don't want it in the middle of the screen keeping me from reading the post, which is the reason I'm at your blog anyway.
What are some of your blog pet peeves?


  1. I definitely agree with you on abandoned blogs. It is very frustrating when one you follow just suddenly stops. Especially if you really enjoyed it!


  2. Totally agree with all your points, what annoys me as well is when music starts playing randomly and you don't where it's coming from...x

  3. @Promise...Yes! Don't let that happen at work...

    I hate blogs with too many gadgets that take forever to load.

  4. I agree with the busy blogs bit the most darling..interesting post :)

  5. I'm drawn to blogs with an individual voice.
    Blogs that take a thousand years to load is annoying. have a sweet weekend, my lovely;-)

  6. This is such a fabulous idea!!! I also dislike when blogger abandon their blogs or have Captcha codes. Another pet peeves of mine are when the "popular" bloggers do not interact with their readers or fans. Also those without originality. period!!

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)


  7. I probably should have put a disclaimer as well, but hopefully no one gets offended and sees it as feedback :) But I also follow if I love the blog (as a whole!) so hope those people don't think I'm judging them as well. I think we all hate the captchas hehe

  8. Ohhh I agree with everything on your list!! Especially abandon blogs, I really get bummed when some of my favorite bloggers, decided to leave blogging. Oh and don't even get me started on Captchas lmao!


  9. I think my biggest pet peev is music on a blog!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. Really interesting post!
    So true about abandoned blogs...
    And I am rarely annoyed by blogs, but long, disjointed posts with unrelated topics and random pics kinda bug me.


  11. My biggest pet peeve is music on the blog. It annoys me...unless it is a music blog. Also just pictures on the blog. No text, nothing about the blogger, etc. It's like what is the blog made for?

  12. I agree with absolutely everything you listed.
    If you have a blog, I feel that you should have at least some kind of direction for it.
    What is up with those hidden comment links??? I hate when that happens. My comments are awesome, and they need a place to go.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Agreed! Boo to captcha and abandoned blogs (come back!)

    Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. I hate captchas as well!

    I hate music on blogs. It irritates me. On website as well.

    I hate when popular Youtubers say: oh you can check that out in my blog. But then you go, and as you say, it's abandonned! I can clearly understande how Youtube is more profitable or easy in a way, but then don't redirect your traffic to something old that you haven't updated in months!

    Another thing is people who don't post/or take too much time to post their giveaway winners. How am I supposed to know if the draw has been made, and if I can remove the link on my sidebar. I don't dare to ask them in an email, I think it would sound rude...

    Also, I hate to read bloggers say things like: I am so bored of PR samples. If you don't like it, fine. But don't make a show of it of how you are way to important to considered products to review. Some of us newer bloggers would love to have more things to review. Just pass it on to someone else...

    Another thing, but this is for YT videos. I hate videos that last 20 minutes. You know the ones that takes half of it to come to the subject announced in the title!

    Ok I think I said too much now! Thanks for the post, really enjoyable to vent my feelings haha!

  15. yes.yes.yes.
    i was just chatting the other day about Captcha's being irritating on blogs!
    how about when someone leaves you comment, you go check theirs out and it is "abandoned" or there's no photo, or link to them? what is that!

    and thanks for the comment :)

  16. i agree for the most part, although i am one of those no direction blogs as whatever come into my head usually spews out onto it. but the thing that bothers me the most is people blogs that constantly ask you to follow.

  17. too much color, wayward and too much blabbing are turn off for me too!

  18. Oh the captcha's for sure! ARRGGHH!!! x

  19. Thanks for the shout-out, I appreciate that.

    I agree with all of your points. I haven't really come across many bloggers that have abandoned their blogs but are still commenting, but I do know of some who have just gone POOF and disappeared. That makes me sad.

  20. I agree with you! I don't like captcha, too, it takes time to write all letters right and if not, again and again!

  21. Music playing on the blog is annoying if I don't know how to stop it! :( Great post!
    I am too trying to improve my blog to be user friendly...^__^

  22. very interesting to read!!
    i agree totally on abandoned blogs...
    well...blogging is almost a full time job,it's not that easy ..but i find it so fascinating!

    kisses <3

  23. Same here .

    1- Hate the blogs with word verification, I've even signed them with a particular label on my RSS feed meaning that I won't comment as often on them as it takes me 10 minutes for a comment. Actually Blogger has a wonderful spam finder, and I never ever get spam on my comments, they directly go to the spam section of comments.

    2- The Comments part is also true. Some instead of writing Comments have words like Kisses, Loves, etc . I want to interact, not to kiss you hahahahaa :-)

    Great post

  24. OOh well said!! I agree with everything! Busy blogs can be hard work, and I have a bug bear with those captchas too (didn't know that was what they were called until now!). They take up SO much time and it's even worse when you get the odd one which is actually tricky to decipher and you type it in wrong! :)

    Great post!

    Sadie xx

  25. NEat post and extremely interesting!

  26. I think what bothers me most are busy blogs with tons and tons of annoying and unnecessary widgets. It looks like the kitchen sink online...a mess. It makes me click off of the site.

    Also, I am not a prepster by far, but I try to be polished. I love pairing tailored pieces with spikes and studs and surprising rocker elements t elevate the look.


  27. I so hear you on the Hidden Comment Links - they are incredibly frustrating! :/

  28. Oh abandoned blogs!! That totally makes me sad too, especially if the post they have up is awesome but from 2009...saaaad.

    You are so sweet Cheryl. Your disclaimers on your peeves show you care and we all know you do too.

    I really loved all the FBFF's this week. It's made me think about my blog and things I want to change about it.

  29. i also hate captchas! they get on my nerve!

  30. I hate the music on blogs and the videos that lasting more 10 m.
    I especially hate the people that write : love , love , follow me!
    Thanks for sharing the interesting post.

  31. I think we're on the same wavelength. I felt the need to add a disclaimer, too, because I would rather encourage than offend. I also leave one comment for several posts instead of having to type "sldfi" once again! Good post. Debbie

  32. Love this post! And I so agree with you...they all bother me too!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, sweetie :)

  33. I totally know what you mean about busy blogs--most of the time, no matter how much I like the blog content if the layout is messy and hard to work with then I will most likely not be following/adding it. It's just a big turn-off to me. :(

    I'm not big on Word Verification boxes either, but I can deal with them. Hidden comment links, on the other hand, frustrate me SOOOO much--for all the reasons that you stated!


  34. yes I agree I try to update mine as much as possible sometimes I'll slack because of school work or projects that Im doing but I try my best.

  35. True oh! How about those captchas that don't have the scroll down handle so you can't press send. That's annoying cause i've already written the comment and can't post it


  36. I totally agree! I haaaate captchas! :/ bore me to death! I still comment, but everytime I think of the lost time doing that... it's boring indeed!

  37. I agree with all your peeves! If music starts I just leave.

    I think one of mine are long rambling posts which include bad grammar, not that I'm an English major, but I feel if you're going to take the time to write a long post on an interesting subject, at least take some extra time to finesse it so people want to read more than a sentence. Honestly it just makes me sad!

  38. " Blogs that are too colorful will fall into this category as well."

    hahahahahahaha!! My blog must drive you nuts honey!

    I had read Beautifully Invisible's post and changed my blog accrdingly... got rid of 'captcha' and a few other things.

    My peeves are slow loading time, too much to navigate and...not enough colour!! BUT I do appreciate style in all forms and a blog for me is about the blogger so I'm willing to put up a lack of colour! (even though, for a chromatherapist, that says volumes about the personality)

    Blogger won't let me log in :(

  39. i agree with most of your points but i really enjoy bright, well designed and visually interesting blogs.


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