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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jewelry Sizzles on Celebs

Sterling silver has been taking center stage among Hollywood’s most fashionable. Not only are they ramping things up when it comes to their Tinseltown style, they’re showing off the latest fashion jewelry trends. The best examples that we’ve seen so far are from Anne Hathaway, Jessica Simpson and Madonna.

Anne jazzed up her award-winning ensemble with stunning jewelry around her neck that shined as bright as her smile. Try the same look out with a cubic zirconia necklace and watch your fashion sense sizzle. After all, celebrity jewelry definitely looks good on any woman.
annehSterling Silver CZ Diamond Graduated Bezel Set Tennis Necklace for $194.99

Jessica brought some sparkle to her winter getup when she attended the Rockefeller Center tree lighting in a pair of gorgeous earrings. Providing just the right amount of glamour to her look, they were simply dazzling. Be just as Hollywood-ready in a pair of snowflake cubic zirconia earrings.
Sterling Silver Diamond CZ Snowflake Stud Earrings for $24.99

Madonna added a feminine twist to masculine sterling silver jewelry by pairing her chain necklace with her sassy number. As a result, she was the best-dressed diva of the day. You can surely earn that honor by adding a sterling silver chain to your sassy look.
Sterling Silver Unisex Curb Cuban 24" 30" 180 Gauge Chain Necklace for $169.99

After seeing how these three celebrity jewelry divas wore their stuff around town, it’s clear to see that sterling silver is in. So, why not adopt that Tinseltown look by trying out sterling silver jewelry?
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  1. nice post about jewelry :) i like Madonna's necklace

  2. Hello dear...I am so excited to back in the fold of your amazing site. I am weird in that I do not wear jewelry at all...not even a watch, but I love when others do it well. I think Jessica Simpson always picks the right jewelry to complement her look and not distract. Anne Hathaway looks sensational as well in that piece


  3. I love silver pieces - they always looks so elegant to me!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Ah, not quite my style. I'm more into, you know, crazy things. But it's definitely a gorgeous touch. Great sparkle for the red carpet, mmm!

  5. Looks like it's all about silver, diamonds and out-of-the-ordinary. Like it!

  6. I love Anne's necklace! I wish I owned all of these necklaces though, let's be real. Lol.

  7. such pretty jewelry designs!!

  8. I have a chain necklace similar to Madonna's.

  9. jessicas snowflake earrings looks so fab! it so so chic, i like it

  10. i lovee jessica simpson!! <3

  11. i like madonnas chain!

  12. i love anne's piece beautiful! that is very interesting about sterling silver i see it many times...

    very nice post!

    kisses <3


  13. Always thought they wear only expensive stuff so good to see this jewellery on them

  14. I think nowadays I'm just collecting jewerly for my purse collection, and wearing it less and less.

    I gave you a "Prom Queen" blog award.

  15. At the jewellery store that I sometimes work in, they have amazing pieces of sterling silver jewellery. The necklace are simply stunning, feminine and classic. I have became quite a fan!



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