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Saturday, October 15, 2011

26 By 26

I saw my friend Tina's 24 Before 24 list, and it made me think that making a list of things you'd like to accomplish is definitely a good way to get stuff done!

The items on my list aren't all fashion related. They are just things that I need to accomplish so I can stop wishing to accomplish them. I might not get all 26 of these items completed by my birthday, but life is a journey, not a destination, am I right?

♥Start working out on a regular basis ~ aka 3 times a week (I've been around models for way too long, lol)

♥Dance my heart out at an '80s Night (where they play "P.Y.T." non-stop

♥Experience the joy of a Zip Line

♥Finally visit Vegas

♥Grow out my natural hair

♥Ride an ATV or similar off-road vehicle

♥Try my hand at more DIY projects

♥Get another feature in a magazine (print or online)

♥Update my passport with my married name
(not sure they'll let me out of the country if I don't)

♥Finally get a headstone made for my father's grave

♥Record myself singing on YouTube

♥Get my makeup done professionally at least once

♥Re-gain my level of fluency in Spanish
(I studied it for 5 years!)

♥Organize my closet
(my office-closet)

♥Draw/Paint more

♥Finally get a job that I LOVE

♥Re-vamp my blog to give it more of a magazine look

♥Eat healthier ~ less carbs, more veggies
(I'm a total carb-o-holic)

♥Be more outdoorsy in general (hiking, mountain biking, etc)

♥Volunteer outside of fashion

♥Go wine tasting and find a wine that I love
(so I can be snooty and stuff)

♥Watch less reality TV
(these drawings are ba-na-nas!)

♥Reach my social media goals

♥Do a professional photo shoot

♥Water or jet ski

♥Play a competitive game of volleyball
(I was on the team in high school)

Of course, there are SO many more other things that I would love to do; they just aren't things that I think could get accomplished in the next 4 months.

The deadline is my 26th birthday, which is February 23. Wish me luck!
Do you have a list of your own?
By the way, I was featured in the Magnum Ice Cream Doses of Decadence video series at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.

You know when you see yourself on video and it's like--OMG, is that what I sound like? Yeah, well, apparently that's what I sound like, lol.

If you can, excuse the fact that I look foolish because I had just walked in from the rain. And thanks to Magnum & Sammy from Sammy Davis Vintage for interviewing me!


  1. Hey we should go zip lining together! I found a place that does it near Santa Cruz.

    -Carolyn Feliciano

  2. Aww your list if fun! I guess i need to do a 26 by 26 list! I have no idea! I'm trying really hard to work out more often. I'm doing the 30 day shred challange by Jillian Michaels more like 60 because i do something every other day.

  3. Awesome list, darling!
    You will love Vegas!


  4. That was such a cool list. :P
    Loved everything that was on that list. :P
    Hahaha. :)

  5. Love your list!!! :) And WOW you are ONLY 25 right now! :D

    Loved your video :D

    ♡ from ©

  6. Wow! that is a fun list of things to do! Enjoy your weekend! <3<3

  7. this is great and would as well love to fresh up my french and spanish, and do more DIY as well! xoxo

  8. That's a really, really cool list - I suddenly feel quite motivated to brush up on my Spanish a bit...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. Ooh I love this idea! I may have to do a 22 by 22 myself =)

  10. Love this list! You're inspiring me to make my own, I'm a little older than you so in my case 28 by 28 : )

  11. Hey Cheryl! I found your page from Amy's blog. I love your list. I finally visited Vegas this past April and love it. It's so much fun, you'll have an awesome time there. Some friends of mine did an 80's night a few years ago...we each had to do a song...totally FUN!!! Every year I write down things I want to do and try to accomplish them. It really helps. So far, so good! You have an amazing list. Take a little at a time. :D

  12. i like these goals. good luck with them! i like the zip line idea :)

  13. You and Meg have the same bday! I was thinking about doing a 40 by 40 list...That way I have like 7 years. Ha!

  14. Gah! Those illustrations are insane! But look amaze on film - too cute! :)

  15. I've my 30 before 30, but by the moment I've only reach one! (watch a fashion show from the front row :) )

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  17. Excellent & full list, I think in the end we all want a job that we love- it's so worth our happiness! You have much time dear! Nice post.

  18. Excellent goals and I adore the list. One can easily enrich oneself with these goals.xx

  19. Great list! Good luck with ticking off everything on it. x

  20. Aww you look cute in the clip! I don't have a list myself but I probably should make one. I'm surprised that a lot of things on the list I've done. Omg you HAVE to go zip lining. It's so fun. I have a video of me doing it on youtube in Jamaica. There are a few things on your list that I'd like to do too, especially work out regularly. I think fashion does that to us lol.

  21. thats such a great list! i might have to start making one...:)

  22. I think you have a pretty great list! I have thought about doing this before.... but haven't quite taken the leap yet....

  23. You've got a great list!! I've continuously thought about doing a list similar to this, or a bucket list...hmm...

  24. Hope you do get to do a pro photo shoot. I think you'll have a blast doing it.

  25. That's such a fun list! I sort of made a list, and am sticking to it. It's great to be working towards certain fun goals. Hope you have a great time going through these.

  26. i'm writing down a lot of those things on your list for me as well.


    especially the carb-aholic. my god summer is on it's way!!

    time to get fitttttt!!! haha

    all the best

  27. this is a great list! i have a life list, but with no age goal. i'd never get it done! there are just too many things!

  28. I am a total carb addict too but we are trying low carb and low sugar and it isn't too bad! here is to healthier living to both of us (I will get up for the gym tomorrow!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  29. I am beyond excited for Real Housewives of Atlanta to return. My spare time has been waiting to be filled by their bickering, style and stories.

    You looked great in the vid. Congrats on the interview.


  30. Hey sweety!

    Loved the video...congrats on being featured, you are just too cute! Love those wedges! What a great list of goals. This is great inspiration, I might just put a 29 by 29 list on my blog! :) One goal of mine is to travel more...heres hoping, I have till March!


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