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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Canvas Print Giveaway

The Muse loves a well-decorated home. And one of the things to make a home look great is wall art. I'm a fan of canvases and gorgeous photographs, so the idea of putting the two together truly blew my mind.

I'm also a fan of my dogs, especially my first dog Inigo Montoya. You might recognize him from this Chic and Fuzzy post from last year. The hubs and I have talked about cloning and freezing him (but never stuffing him). Those things might be a bit out of reach, so being able to memorialize him on a canvas seemed like the next best thing.

Don't call us creepy--just call this cute. I was able to put a photo of his adorable little Pomeranian self on an 8'-by-10' canvas with the help of Easy Canvas Prints.

How cute is that?

You can easily upload an image, choose a border and customize the size. I was able to get this by winning a giveaway from the lovely Cafe Fashionista, and now you can win this too!

Prize: An 8x10 Canvas Print
(not of my dog, even though I know you want this!)

How to Enter
Must be a public follower of Oh to Be a Muse through Google Friend Connect
Become a fan of Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook

Leave your email in the comment stating what you've done to enter.

Giveaway ends October 8!
Only eligible to U.S. residents, excluding Hawaii & Alaska


  1. :O I WANT I WANT!
    entered both way: through GFC and fb!
    youngandseamless @

  2. Such a cute picture of your dog! :)

    I am following you on GFC and Like Easy Canvas on Facebook.

    Thanks for entering me!

    - Heidi

  3. I am following you publicly on your blog & 'like' Easy Canvas on Facebook!!

    Super EXCITED!!


  4. Ooh, what a great Giveaway! I'm a follower! :)

  5. Lovely giveaway and canvas prints are too cute!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Thanks for your comment, sooooooo cute, what a lovely dog!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  7. Neat giveaway... well following you through GFC Harija and also on facebook =)

  8. Oh what a great giveaway! You always have awesome giveaways on your blog. And you know I am a follower :)

  9. cute indeed! love the doggies! xoxo

  10. Aw, that is cute!! I follow you via GFC and I liked them on FB

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  11. Awh how absolutely adorable! Hope you're having a great weekend :) xoxo

  12. Awesome give away hun :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  13. Hey lovely :)
    I've liked the facebook page and have followed you on Google connect!
    Holding thumbs.
    P.S CUTE doggie

  14. You added a cardi and those rad boots. Love!

  15. I follow your blog on GFC and Liked Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook. - Deana Kneen

  16. I am a GFC follower of Oh to Be a Muse and a fan of Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook!

  17. Cute cute cute! I follow you on both my twitter and google acct. And I like Easy Prints on Facebook.

    And I want to know how you get over 1500 followers. Cuz I want some too. Hee hee.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  18. I wish to say thank you to you for presenting this amazing ideas. I've just learned how to use the world wide online world and I am just catching up to these young whippersnappers.


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