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Friday, November 4, 2011

FBFF: Light Reading & Vacay Pics

So sorry for my absurd lateness. I've been in the middle of moving and had hardly any internet connection. Apologies.

I still only have internet sparingly, but hopefully life will go back to normal some time next week when the internet gods bestow me with a high speed connection.

In the meantime, please read this Fashion Beauty Friend Friday post all about the last 5 books I've read. Then take a look at some travel photos at the bottom.
Judging by my Goodreads account, you can see that I read a lot of books in the months of August & September. Here's the rundown:

Divergent - very cool dystopia type of book about a society where you have to choose whether you're Erudite, Candor, Dauntless, Amity or Abnegation. If you don't fall into one of those categories then you're Divergent--and that means trouble.

Stealing Faces - I'm a lover of a great mystery, especially one where the protagonist spends the first half of the book stalking the murderer until he realizes that he's being watched.

Mockingjay - The last book in the Hunger Games series. It has a great ending and must be read with the other 2 books in the series, of course. This book is about what happens when you decide to defy your society. Read the series before the movies come out.

The Help - I only read this because I knew that I was going to see the movie. The book tells the stories of two maids and one young writer in Jackson, Mississippi. The book is wonderful and so is the movie.

Style A to Zoe - Rachel Zoe's book on style and fashion. I felt like the majority of the stuff in this book was pretty much fashion common sense. But I really enjoyed the section on home decor--that made me want to become Jeremiah.

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Here are some photos from the vacation!

Random coyote in Death Valley ~ Me & the hubs as Jack & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Me at La Reve in Las Vegas (it's like Cirque du Soleil but with water) ~ the Hoover Dam

About to do a Zipline on Fremont Street in Vegas ~ Occupy San Francisco

The lobby at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas ~ Me & the pups in Death Valley ~ Yosemite

The hubs and I doing the actual zipline on Fremont street, aka, old school Vegas ~ can check this off my 26 by 26 list

The hubs with Inigo, King of Yosemite ~ Me ~ the hubs with the pups

Yummy crepe at Paris Hotel ~ Look at those pups!

Vegas hotels like the Bellagio!

What do you think?


  1. Love your vacation pics, girl! Thanks so much for sharing, they are lovely. :) The crepe especially looks delightful haha. I have yet to start the Hunger Games but it is totally at the top of my To-Read List.

    Happy Friday, Cheryl!


    The Red Angel Blog

  2. Ahhh I was beginning to miss your posts. :)
    Glad to see you had so much fun. love the outfit at La Reve :) And seems like you both had a great time. Awesome pictures. :)

    And I definitely will try out those books!


  3. Love your photos, looks like so much fun! xx

  4. I hope things are going relatively smoothly with the move - and I love your Halloween costumes, so cool!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Hi doll, where did you move to? Are you getting closer to Cali? ;) Love the pics and I too love A to Z such a good book!! xx

  6. of course loving this fashionable read, especially the A-Z Fashion Book! ;)

  7. Hey Cheryl! You and your hubby looked awesome in your Halloween costumes girl. LOVE Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas. Awesome pics from Vegas! You guys had much fun. I enjoyed my time when I visited. Have a great weekend! :D

  8. Very cute vacation photos. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Not familiar with the books in your list except for 'help' so will check them out.

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Following yours now, and definitely adding that mystery book to my must-read list. :)

  10. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll definitely check out these books, I'm particularly intrigued by Divergent and the Mockingjay series! Have a great weekend!

  11. ive already remove the like this post so your entry is now counted. thanks for joining dear.

  12. I've also recently read Mockingjay and The Help, and I agree with you - they're great! Your other picks sound intriguing - I see a trip to the library in my near future :)

  13. I think its great! congrats on checking off something from your 26 by 26 list!
    The Help was great :) was ziplining everything you thought it would be?


  14. looks like an incredible time!

    looking forward to your entry



  15. Stealing Faces sounds like a good read, I'm putting it on my list.

    Love the Jack and Sally costumes!

  16. Love your list, more to add to my own personal list! I really need to read "The Help". And you are so cute in those pictures, Inigo is adorable! Pom/named after the Princess Bride? That would make my day hahaha.

  17. I'm on the second book of the Hunger Games series right now and I can see foreshadowing for the last one. I can't wait to read it as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. Cool list of books. I love Vegas!! Such fun. I haven't visited old Vegas though. Maybe next trip. Love your costumes. Nightmare Before Christmas is such a fun movie. Danny Elfman does a great job as Jack. Your hubs and dogs are adorable!!

  19. Love the pics, Cheryl! Stealing Faces sound very interesting - I may be picking this one up soon :o)

  20. i think these pictures are beautiful ♥

  21. I have that Rachel Zoe book ;) You're the first one to list a fashion book! hehe Looks like an amazing vacay!

  22. Great vacation pics!! Love this weeks theme on FBFF because I love to read and am on the hunt for some new books to read!Hunger games trilogy is on my list for sure!

  23. I loved Divergence, definitely a great follow-up for the hole in my life left after finishing Hunger Games :-).

    Trip was great beb, more to come!

    -Ari (the Hubs)

  24. yeah long time no see, its ok dont worry !
    on other news i didnt wear a bra when i was preggos hahah, my boobs ddint get that big at all just one size up and they all back to normal now,
    thats why i dont need a bra iguess

  25. Oh, the fabulous life you lead...sigh.

    I'll need to add some of those books to my reading list. Especially The Help, as I saw the movie and LOVED IT. :)

    I love you and your hubby's Halloween getups. Awesome!!

  26. great holiday pictures hope to go to Las vegas one of these days :-)
    You are moving? so no more photos in your garden?
    come and say Hi,
    The Dolls Factory

  27. My bf was just in Vegas this weekend. Lucky. I've never been T_T I see you did the zip line! Did you love it?! You guys are adorable together. Love the last shot with the dogs, because it looks like the one is hugging your leg haha.

  28. You and your husband had the coolest costumes and your dog is equally adorable (great family shots!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  29. I envy you, I´ve got books and magazines waiting for me to dwell on them. i got to find time. :)

  30. Love your fantastic!! Really enjoyed the photos, have a great Monday xx

  31. You and your hubby look adorable as two of my favorite film characters. I love the sequined jacket as well. Great shots of your time in Vegas!

    Good luck with the move!


  32. great photos! i am rereading the hungar games series because i swear i read them so fast i had to have missed half of the books!

  33. I actually just finished Rachel Zoe's book too and I liked it okay, I felt the same way you did. I enjoyed the home decor part more than the rest! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting - I really appreciate it!

  34. I loved seeing everyone's favorite reads this week! I can't wait to read the second and third books in the Hunger Games series!

  35. Love all these photos- they totally made me smile! Hope the move went well and that you will have time to relax soon!

  36. Great vacay pictures! Oh how I miss Vegas! And your pups are darling!



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