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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Makeup and Muses: The Eyes Have It

So I think we all know that my Makeup and Muses posts are about beauty in the form of makeup, skincare, nails and the like. This post is definitely about 'the like'.

And recently I was on Refinery 29 and I read a post about a man here in California (Gregg Homer) who has created a laser that can change eye color from brown to blue. The procedure is irreversible and still in the beta phase, but apparently, the process takes as much time as it takes to watch a Covergirl commercial.

According to the inventor, "people like the depth of a light eye," which I guess is supposed to mean that having a lighter eye color will make you more likable? I don't know. I read a lot of the comments on the post and it seemed like half of the readers were offended by the invention while the others didn't see the harm in it.

I can totally see both POVs: What's the problem with permanently changing your darker eyes to lighter eyes when you can already do it temporarily with contacts? And how is this so bad when people go under the knife every day to change their entire face & body à la Heidi Montag.

more-eyesOn the other side, should we really endorse one more thing that says one look is better than another? So if your eyes are darker does that mean that you are some way inferior to people with lighter eyes?

I'm not sure how I feel because, like I said before, I can see both viewpoints. When I was in middle school I really wanted to have lighter eyes because I thought they looked cooler. But one day I followed my friend to the bathroom to watch her put in her contacts and the entire process totally freaked me out. So I guess that means I'm stuck with my brown eyes. If Van Morrison can write a hit song about a brown eyed girl then I think I'll take my chances.

On a related note, check out this post on the embarrassing things women do for beauty.

What do you think: is beauty in the Eye of the beholder?
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  1. Omg what overwhelming photos luv!
    And woohoo, congratulations on the interview :)

    P.s- where are youuuuuu? :(

  2. Personally, I love my dark brown eyes and would never change them...they're kind of witchy and almost look black in certain lights and I love them!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. yay i won!!! you just made my day!!!

  4. i would be way to scared to even think about trying something like this if i didn't already have blue eyes. what happens if you decide you liked what you were born with?

  5. Well everyone has his/her own POVs,

    For me, Whatever, God gifted us is the BEST and suitable thing/part of our personality/body. Once i also fall in love with light eyes, and purchased light colors contact lenses... believe me, other than a tuff practice to wear it, NO body like it (other than the shopkeeper who sold me this pair)mostly insist me not to wear any other color as my natural eye color (brown ) is much better than Hazel (the color i bough :O (those they were not fimilier my natural eye color they liked it :)

    Again i want to wear braces or wire to push inside my front jaw (teeth)i feel that my teeth are more prominent and quite outer side, than the senior doctor refuse me to work on it as he said, when i grow more my face will become more filler and it covers my teeth as well (:O strange, cuze at that time i was sooooooooo thin) after two years i gain alot and now my teeth become my beauty, :)

    Conclusion: Whatever we have and who so ever we are, we are better than anyone
    Strongly AGREED: beauty is in the eye of beholder, you need to be confident about your personality and think positive.... :)

  6. I always wanted to have green eyes but mine are kinda hazel... Very interesting post, darling!


  7. I respect epople who do what it takes to look better, if it´s necessary for them to earn confidence, I support them. But for me, other than to straighten my teeth more, I´m fine with all that I´ve got. Great post. :)

  8. wow a surgery on changing your eye colors?! that's a bit much I think, I'm very touchy when it comes to dealing with eye things, I don't like things around there (took me 10 years to get contacts!)

    thanks so much for the shout out in your interview, congrats!! you look fab in every one of your picture :D

  9. I think I will take my chances too! :) And read your interview!!!! Thanks for the shoutout. You are tooo kind!

    ♡ from ©

  10. i lovee my blue eyes :)

  11. Huh, interesting. I think this is a typical case of the grass always being greener. I have blue eyes, and I don't think they're all that wonderful haha.

  12. Interesting post!!! Hmmm... I think it's a bit against nature... Blue eyes can be very beautiful. However... I'd rather rock what God gave me.
    Cool blog babe.

  13. This is actually something I am thinking about. Growing up, my brother had the same coloring as me and hazel blue green eyes. I have always wanted light eyes and now that is possible without looking like I am trying to wear some Edward Cullen contacts. Still toying with the idea, so, I eill keep you posted :-).



  14. yeah i love the eye colors on dark people, how come god dindnt blesse me with that, im pretty dark but my eyes are black oh well=)

  15. I love my big, dark brown eyes. I wouldn't change them for the world. My eyes are actually one of my favorite things about myself.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. That's a little creepy. I'm not against it but I would never do it myself.
    Like you said, then I wouldn't be able to have Brown Eyed Girl be about me ;)

  17. I have brown eyes one slightly darker than the other & my sister has naturally blue/green eyes, & sometimes they change colour, I used to want her eyes, but I love my intense eyes! :-) I think most people will always want something that they don't have, so I suppose it is no different than undergoing other types of surgery for vanity or experimental reasons or simply doing whatever makes you happy!

  18. I remember in high school knowing a few Indian girls obsessed with Aishwarya Rai and they all got green or blue contacts. I thought they were insane. Lol.

    I dunno, I personally don't think I would ever let a laser change my eye color. It sounds like all kinds of scary. Like, who knows if it causes blindness in the long run or something. Only time will tell...

  19. I can't deny the fact that I do want a lighter eye color...I even used contact lenses to achieve it though in a questions regarding changing my eye color with lasers and all. I am quite skeptical about surgeries and all. So I will stay wearing contact lenses for now..^_^

  20. This definitely makes you pause and think. Like you I have brown eyes as well and have always found them boring. In those photos you can totally see the colored eyes make such a difference. But now people and myself know me with brown eyes and changing the color wearing contacts would be too weird.

  21. that photo has always amazed me... great post!

  22. I don't think I would do that,I wanted green or blue eyes as a child, but I think now I'd keep my brown eyes as they are. My daughter has my eyes and my youngest has the blue eyes, so I got them in another way and I am fine with that, I think there should be more of 'loving yourself the way you are' and less cosmetic changes over and over, because sometimes the ones that get it done for non-medicl reasons just end up going for more and never satisfied!! Life is too short for that!! xx

  23. I feel that eye colour and eyes are such a unique and personal thing to each and every person. I mean no eye is identical!
    I for one do not think that lighter eyes are better, no darker eyes are! I feel the eye colour that is natural is most beautiful be it blue, green, hazel or brown!


  24. i DONT think ANYONE should do this! EVER

  25. That sounds like such a dangerous procedure. People should be happy with the color of their eyes - eyes are beautiful regardless of hue! :)

  26. I personally wouldn't change my eye color or anything else about myself (including the not-so-nice bits) for anything but then thats just my opinion :)
    Congrats on the interview, love!

  27. great interview! congrats! i'm against this changing eye color thing. why would anybody wanna do that? how about enjoy who you are without wanting to change that?

  28. Congo to the winner and also to you on the interview. I read it :)

    I totally am against the eye colour change because its so darn artificial and its like you arent happy with your natural colour. Besides its creeeepy :) That was what I thought :) ahahhaha



  29. Eyes are the most attractive part of the body to me. You can tell so much about someone and their character by them. I love how soulful Michael Ealy's are. And Ryan Gosling's are intensely piercing. Eye color change worries me a bit. I am into natural beauty and it reminds me of The Craft and Gattica.


  30. I love that first photo, but in general, this procedure seems odd to me. I have light eyes, but I love all eye colors. My fiances has the most gorgeous brown eyes, and I think he is super handsome! I suppose if people want to change their eye color, that's fine, but I think people should embrace their natural beauty.

  31. oo I would kill for green or blue eyes :-) It sounds very interesting, but I fear the long term side effects... maybe in a few years when we know no one eventually goes blind or something from the procedure :-)

  32. I wonder how that procedure affects your sight? I would have to look into it more, but doubt I would get it. Thanks for bringing this topic up Cheryl, I didn't know they were working on it. GOod to know!

  33. First of all, I wear contacts but not to change my eye color only to see clearly. That being said, I believe lasers have no business being near my eyes. Too scary!!
    As far as eye color> the man in the photo above is very striking with blue eyes. Yet again, I think Antonio Banderas with his smoldering black eyes is incredibly sexy and it is his eyes that communicate the passion. The Afghanistan girl has beautiful eyes and they communicate so much.
    Blue eyes aren't for everyone and dark eyes aren't for everyone either. I have hazel eyes and I like that the color seems to shift but I always wanted green eyes. Never blue, only green.
    In the long run, I think we should do what makes us feel most confident.
    Laser surgery to the eye is something to weigh very carefully and decide individually if your vision is worth the risk.

  34. I have always personally believed in accepting yourself the way you are born, eye color and body shape and all..While I think this is an interesting take on new beauty procedures, I would never put the importance of my eyes and ultimately my sight at risk so I can change my eye color. Great thought-provoking post!

    Eternally yours,

  35. The first photo was a prize-winning in Time years ago. Phew- on the subject of changing eye colour -doing it temporarily is best I think though I've never tried coloured contacts as yet.

  36. Sounds so interesting. I don't know how I feel about actually having a procedure but I do wonder what I would look like with lighter eyes.

  37. beautiful blog!
    thanks for stopping by & your comment :)

  38. I love the eyes of the girl on the first photo..really beautiful and gorgeous!!!!

    I miss you so much love...


  39. I wouldn't even do lasik, let alone this. I'll have to live with my eyes as they are because no one is coming anywhere near them with a laser, that's for sure. And it's prob a better idea to just do lighter contacts instead of this. I have blue eyes and (at least for me) it's hard being in the sun without sunglasses on because my eyes are so light sensitive since they're blue. I think it would be a drastic change for someone to go from having brown eyes to going blue in that respect. (I'm assuming since it's a laser changing your eye and not a contact, that will have the same effect as original blue eyed people).

    Sorry for the long comment! ha

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  40. This is really interesting. I had never really thought much about eye colour before. This post is a real eye opener (get it?) I love your blog and am following you x


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