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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Fashion: What I've Learned About Blogging

Nothing makes blogging more special than
being a part of a community. It's nice knowing bloggers by  their first names; and it's even better being able to meet them in person at blogger meet ups, conferences and special events.

Basically, it's my blog and I'll blog how I want to. We should always be sure that we don't lose sight on what's important to us when it comes to blogging. Write about what we want to write about without feeling pressure to feature brands or posts that others will like. If you want ads on your blog then that's fine. And if you're against that, then that's OK too. Write your blog the way you see it. That's the main reason we started this blogging venture in the first place.

Half of fashion blogging is what you do on your on blog, and the other half is what you do on other blogs. I've known for a while that blogging is a two-way street and that interaction is a great way to keep engaged with the other blogs you follow and with the blogs that follow you. But I think more people in the community should be aware of this as it's a great tool to have in your blog kit.

Making your blog stand out can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from having a layout that is unique to your blog, or even personalizing your logo or blog buttons on your sidebar. It's great to also try to find unique brands to partner with, creative posts to write, and blogging in your own voice. Most of my blog buddies have very unique blogging styles that separate their blogs from the rest, and that's half the reason why I visit them day in and day out.
A couple of times this year I took a "blogging break" and I know others who have done the same thing. The break is needed when you feel stuck in a rut and lacking inspiration. Usually, the best way to not feel this way or to get over this is by being happy in what you blog about and keeping it fun.

What have you learned about blogging?


  1. Hola deseo que tengas unas felices fiestas
    y ¡¡feliz año 2012!!.
    un abrazo.

  2. This is so true and you make so many great points I like how you talk about blogging breaks because you're so right how important it is to be happy and inspired when you're talking about a topic. I learned so many things from starting my blog earlier this year and you have no idea how helpful posts like this are to new bloggers. I'm glad you mentioned the different ways to keep in contact too, I just got on Pinterest today. haha. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. This is a great piece. I loved reading it and its all so true... its a community for sure and full of support if one is willing to open up, be true, and blog from the heart - my best friends lately are bloggers who I havent even met in person!

    xo Teresa

  4. Thanks for these tips!!! How do you get involved in a blog meet up?

    Following, Id love for you to follow back! xo

  5. Great tips and I think they are so true. The one about a break is definitely needed at some point. And being yourself and unique is also important!! Great tips! xx

  6. nice post :)
    hmm what have i learned... i dunno. but i love all of your lessons!
    hope ur having a great holiday season!!

  7. I agree, totally! especially with being social and having fun with your blog and new friends you've made through it!

    Happy New Years 2012 sweets! all the best to you! xoxo

  8. I definitely agree - it's all about the interaction :) It is nice getting to know the person behind the blog!

  9. My favorite part of blogging is definitely the social interactions - I feel like I've met so many fantastic people!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. So true, I love our blogging community!

    Hope you had a great holiday!

    Come check out my blog for a review of Sharp Hill Designs ;)

  11. I so agree with you Cheryl. I really love this post. :)


  12. Lovely post, darling!
    This should be required reading for all bloggers :)


  13. great post dear! very interesting to read :)

    merry x-mas and a happy new year!!


  14. This is such a great post hun,u have really said it all. I have learnt asking for help when I'm lost and don't know eg I'm no good at designs at all. I'm glad to have formed friendships with some of the bloggers that we email almost evryday

    I have also learnt that we should try and interact with as many bloggers as possible on different websites. Lastly I have realised the more detail&thought I have been putting to my posts has increased traffic&followers for me

    Wish to meet u one day hun,u r such an inspiration&a sweetheart maybe I come America soon hehe u never know

  15. this is so funny you posted this--check out my post today! and that's not just a plea for you to look; it's really relevant to this post.

  16. Absolutely! Blogging has definitely enriched my life, and I've met some amazing friends. Happy New Year dear.

  17. This was a good post! I always take breaks, but it is good to recharge! Blogs should be fun, not feel like homework.

  18. Cheryl, I think this is a fantastic post. I didn't know you took a break from blogging actually! I agree that you have to make it unique and blog about what it is that interests you and it is definitely a 2 way street.

  19. Great post! In the end-you have to love blogging-because it really is a pretty full time job! Community and connections are so important!


    Erin @

  20. This is such a great post and so well written. I really enjoyed reading this.

  21. i agree with absolutely everything you mentioned on this post! and you've written them all out perfectly. :)

    some things i've learned: blog when you feel like blogging, don't when you don't. and when you enjoy writing a post, your readers will really feel that and in turn they'll enjoy reading it too. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  22. totally agree with your tips! people should interact more often, and it's really awesome to know bloggers by their first names!

  23. What a great collection of blogging tips, Cheryl - love! :)

  24. lovely tips! I agree with it :D the blog should reflect how you think and you in general!

  25. So very true. I am new to the blogging community but several times I had to take a break due to Finals and felt so bad for neglecting my blog and not commenting. Hubby told me to not let it get to me since blogging is suppose to be fun. I still need to work on it but has since gotten better ;)

  26. ALL trueee.
    Great post darling, appealing tekst.
    Unfortunately I still haven't figured out how to put facebook (like) and twitter widgets on my page :(...

  27. I enjoy it when you post articles like these. I learn something everytime :)

  28. Ooohhhh so sweet. This post had me nodding at everything. I love posts such as this! :)

  29. than kyou yeah i rarely post things about my life so what the heck everynow and then


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