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Friday, January 6, 2012

Makeup & Muses: The 2012 Beauty Poll

Muses, let's start 2012 off right! Enhance your makeup and skincare game with the best products for your face. Websites like Apothica and SkinCareRx are at the top when it comes to delivering the very best beauty products for all skin types.

So take a look at the products I'm liking and pick your favorite from each category.
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♥ The Smashbox Cosmetics Life Is Your Set eye pencil kit includes 5 blendable eyeliners with jojoba oil. The colors are: deep ocean blue, dark rich brown, shimmering metallic gold, jet black and deep jade green.

♥ The Too Faced Natural Eye kit features 9 super pigmented shades like nude beach, velvet revolver and cocoa puff to name a few. It's one of the best rated products on the site.

♥ The Cargo Eye Shimmer collection has 6 glamorous loose powder shadows like champagne rose and vibrant tangerine.

Pick Your Makeup

♥ Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker has a bevy of lovely scents like honeysuckle, amber and lavender.

♥ Fancy by Jessica Simpson has a floral fragrance infused with softer scents.

♥ Incanto Shine by Salvatore Ferragamo is fruity with a hint of pink peony, pineapple and cedar.

Pick Your Fragrance

♥ Rose petals and rose oil are used in the Eminence Sweet Red Rose cleanser to hydrate sensitive skin. The smooth cleanser nourishes your skin while removing dirt and oil.

♥ The Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser is a one-stop skin care treatment that deep cleans your pores. The pH-balanced formula is infused with jade and chamomile.

♥ Clear away irritated skin with the Murad Soothing Gel cleanser. Goji berry extract helps to exfoliate dry skin and relieve tightness.

Pick Your Skin Care

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