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Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest Post ~ Flaunt Your Locks: 6 Flirty Hairdos to Obey

If you’ve been thinking about changing up your hairstyle or trying a new look this summer, pick out one of the season’s hottest and most flirty ‘dos! 

Whether your hair is long or you have a pixie cut, there are some great new styles to keep you looking cool in the hot summer heat – and you don’t need a stylist to pull them off.
Check out these 6 flirty hairdos that you should flaunt and obey this summer:

Messy Ponytail
While the super sleek and tight ponytail is very chic and modern, you can create a more fun and flirty look with this messier approach. Leave the ends in loose waves--no flatiron--to create a more carefree Coachella type of style. 

Keep the hair pulled low, and closer to the nape of your neck instead of up high for a softer look. 

If you have long bangs, consider parting them to the side or down the middle.

Romantic Braids
If you have medium length or longer hair, make two thick braids around the crown of your head and tie them back very loosely with a clip. Let the rest of your hair fall forward and use a texturizing spra to create waves or a very soft curl. 

If your hair is naturally very straight, consider using a curling iron to create some texture. Romantic braids can be twisted up in buns or pulled to the side. They are the perfect go-to style for a summer wedding.

Texturized Cropped Hair
This style is great for girls with short hair or a pixie cut. 

Use a thickening spray to create visible "chunks" of hair and run your fingers through your hair to create a messier look. 
Brush hair to one side without matting it down. 

The trick to keeping things stylish is to use some type of texturizing spray or gel.

Side-Swept Updo
It might be a great wedding style, but the side-swept updo isn't only reserved for brides-to-be. Pull hair up and away from your face in a tight French twist or a simpler updo that is just pinned up and back.

Make sure you part your hair to one side in an extreme part. This will create some volume on top and can add a glamorous, sophisticated touch to your look.

Ultra Curls
Go for some super tight ringlets or tight curls that sit around your face. 

Make sure you use a texturizing spray to enhance your curls. You can choose to do slightly looser curls for more of a wavy look as well. 

This is a fun look to play with for girls who usually wear their hair straight. 

Doing the ombre look to your curls will make them stand out even more.

Natural Hair Frohawk
For the girls with the super tight curls, consider a natural hair frohawk for the summer.

This look can be achieved with a few bobby pins and some water.

You can braid your hair up with two-strand twists or flat twists, or you can choose not to braid.

Secure the strands in place with the pins while spritzing the water to the sides of your hair.

Keep the ends loose, fluff and go.

Which flirty hairdo will you try this summer?


  1. hey, cheryl! i am absolutely into braids lately. side braid, milkmaid braids... you name it, i've been doing it all lately. :)

    i also love the natural fro look. my son has really curly hair, and i love it when it grows out into a ball. :)


  2. Love your hairstyle picks, Cheryl. I wish I can do all of them:P My fave are the braid and the frohawk!

  3. I loved all of them...especially the messy ponytails,the frohawk (too bad I don't have curly hair :() and those messy curls..amazing ideas :D

  4. I LOVE THE ULTRA CURLS ONE....nice post

  5. I love the messy hair look in the first photo. Perfect for summer.

  6. These are wonderful, I might try ultra curls this summer. Something different.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. I love the second sidebraide do. soo romantic

  8. I have super long hair so I'm looooving those ultra curls! That's gonna be my summer look!!

  9. That side sweep updo is fabulous! :)

  10. i just got this surf cream from garnier that is doing wonders on my hair... have a great weekend!

  11. Love love this post, so many inspiring styles that I would love to try in future. I was in need for some great hair inspiration so thanks for this :)

  12. what a fabulous post!!! send it to a magazine and earn some $ for your wisdom!

  13. hey cheryl! these are really pretty suggestions. mine is super short and growing out. haha i love the frohawk! it's fierce. hope you're having an amazing holiday weekend girl.

  14. i see so many models' hair are braided on the runway, what a lovely vintage trend!! i really love it <3 xx

    Letters To Juliet

  15. amazing hair styles! the romantic braids are my favorite :)


  16. I really liked this post. Braids in general are a personal fav :)

  17. I'm definitely working on wearing more braids this summer!

  18. I'm in the process of learning--well attempting--to braid my hair. I'll get it down...eventually. But I'd love to do more to mine then curl it.


  19. I wish I could BRAID my hair in any kind of braid, I think they are so romantic especially the one braid across your head that looks like a headband. I wish I had the talent to braid lol;


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