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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On My Mind: June 2012

This June 2012 On My Mind post is based on the questions from the InStyle Australia issue with Jennifer Lopez.
♥What do you start the day with?
♥What's your recent splurge?
♥What will you be wearing this summer?
♥What invention would make your life easier?
What's on your mind this month?

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  1. I love reading whats on your mind posts so definite love.

    And I completely laughed at the invention thing. Ah that would be so easy know?

  2. I love those black shoes.

    White is such my staple in the summer. The flowery look is so genuine.

  3. Nice to read about ur updates and different innovation.

    Well currently me loving White in summer, ;)
    Recently buying some flat shoes, as i am attending some trainings and i badly need some flat comfortable stuff to relax my heel and feet.

    Food is not regular just eating whatever is available due to busy schedule (But avoid heavy junkkies)

    loving flowers to give some space in my life <3

    Trying to workout on some funky makeup looks :)

  4. Fun post, darling!
    Must try that Special K!


  5. Cheryl, I also start my day with Special K, but either the Vanilla Almond or the ones with strawberries. Great minds think alike, eh?:) And yes on the surrogate...I can dream...

  6. You are too cute! I love everything about you!

  7. Yes to watching Game of Thrones, lol! Have you read the books? Even better than the show ;) And what's on my mind this month? Planning more weekend get-aways! :)


  8. first let me say... amazing dress...
    now the questions...
    ♥What do you start the day with? - when I have time I like to start with yoghurt and Kellogs
    ♥What's your recent splurge? - today I went for a swirl.. an icecream... :P
    ♥What will you be wearing this summer? - dresses and skirts.. lots as I like!
    ♥What invention would make your life easier? - teletransportation... so I could go all the places I want and avoid the airplanes :P

    What's on your mind this month? - My holidays... can't think in anything else... 2 more days...


  9. I need an all white maxi, no embellishments just plain white so that I can wear it with golden drips of jewellery! :-) xo Enjoy your day Cheryl!

  10. Loving it! I want those shoes.


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  11. I look forward to these! I think I need a pair of the JC heels, just trying to pick the right one. There are so many inventions that would make my life easier, I think teleporting one selfs so that you could miss traffic - that would be cool

  12. this is such a fun post!!! :D i am not a coffee person either, so i also start the day with cereal (and that is if i have time to eat breakfast). ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  13. Special K cereal is so good, especially the one with the chocolate chunks.

    Love these questions you asked. I had fun answering them!
    ♥What do you start the day with? I start my day with exercise because if I don't then it won't happen, ha ha. Plus I feel good afterwards.
    ♥What's your recent splurge? I splurged on food last week at my brother's surprise party. It was my cheat day and the food was plentiful and good!
    ♥What will you be wearing this summer? A lot of shorts!
    ♥What invention would make your life easier? Something that will keep my hair looking like I just left the hair salon after I work out.

  14. I am really into white as well, love flowy white maxi dresses!

  15. Such a fun set of questions, Cheryl...
    ♥What do you start the day with? - An elaborate breakfast... I am doing a year long Breakfast project.
    ♥What's your recent splurge? - A set of ASOS Dresses!
    ♥What will you be wearing this summer? - Long, flowy, floral dresses...
    ♥What invention would make your life easier?
    What's on your mind this month? - Accessories! Just started work on my new collection of handmade accessories...

  16. Oh Cheryl... your blog and what you have created as a result of you, your personality, your thoughts, opinions and style... WOW!
    I have wanted to say that for a while when I visist but... haven't been commenting anywhere in the blogosphere for ages. I'm disconnected.

    What a fun and lovely post! Love the shoes!
    Oh no, another GoT fan!! I got in to it late but dammit I'm addicted! It's the theme song that grabs me.

    1. I start the day with tongue scraping! It's an ayurvedic practise. I then drink 1 litre (4 glasses) of warm water followed by 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. I alternate one glass with either celtic sea salt dissolved in it or chlorophyll. I then stretch for at least 20mins. Then I have breakfast, 2-4 slices of chia toast with avocado or oat porridge with coconut flakes, oat milk and flaxseed oil.

    [wow... that looks so high maintenance!! hahahaha! I assure you it's not but... I want to live a clear minded and strong life and with adrenal fatigue you can't afford to slip. Plus I'm in my forties and although I embrace getting older I don't want to age faster! and I loathe the idea of cosmetic 'help'.]

    2. recent splurge..., always shoes...BUT... I actually bought a skin brightening serum that was way WAY above my normal price range and choice for skincare (I"m a coconut oil, vitamin e capsules kinda gal)... but the salon therapist convinced me that I needed it because "prevention is better than cure"!

    3. we're currently in winter... so I am yearning for summer! I will be wearing a smile! and I'm already wearing neons, pastels, whites, florals in winter...

    4. hmmm... yes I'll take a transporter too. also an 'in-eye camera' because I can't always lug my cam around and when I do sometimes I miss the moment.
    also a 'thought to blog' transponder so that it's just done!

  17. Gorgeous!! Loved your answers. I love Game of Thrones too :))) I start my day with a good breakfast, I need food right away or I just want to go back to sleep. My recent splurge...hmm..some vintage dresses. What I will be wearing this summer, flowy dresses, creams and whites really. Invention to make my life easier, time travel or the ability to move really super fast, so I can get everything done in no time & then be able to sit and read :)) xx

  18. I really like the invention that will make my life's soo true!! Platforms are to DIE for!! <3 <3 <3


  19. it is awesome getting to know you more via these type of posts. you are a sweetie, and love seeing your personality show. hope you have a nice thursday, c!


  20. My recent splurge is a new pair of Jean Michel Cazabat wedges that took me months to track down in my size - love them! :)

  21. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch too! I usually start the day with cereal either Lucky Charms or Honey Bunches of Oats + Actually did you know there is a new cereal by Cinnamon Toast Crunch called Frosted Toast Crunch? It taste kind of the same, just with a frost coating.

    Sadly I haven't splurged cause I'm broke. This summer I'd like to see myself in more pastels.
    I like your Surrogates idea, but maybe a machine that simply speeds up my long list of tasks, chores, and work to do. There isn't enough time in a day!


  22. HI! I just came across your blog from Jennifer at I know, right? when you were featured in her post. I was drawn to your blog by your awesome combination of red and pink. I definitely want to try this trend. Love this post. I want to get a white dress like that and those shoes are pretty incredible.

  23. I love that white dress.=)

  24. i like ur idea of a clone :) very cute post!

  25. ♥What do you start the day with? I mixed up my breakfasts -- oatmeal/cream of wheat, english muffin, cereal, occasional sweets like pound cake or muffin. My son always has his milk though ;)
    ♥What's your recent splurge? Hm….I don't splurge much on clothes. My recent splurge is iPhone 4S in Jan, which isn't that recent.
    ♥What will you be wearing this summer? Hopefully more jerseys dresses/maxis and sandals.
    ♥What invention would make your life easier? A surrogate sounds great, except that the ppl in that Bruce Willis movie actually didn't enjoy it as much as we'd think, right? I don't need an invention. Just a cleaning crew!

  26. I only drink coffee when I need it, which is usually as an afternoon pick me up

  27. I want a surrogate, too! hahaha I love this post. So so cute!

  28. What a cute idea! I love this, it's so refreshing! xx

  29. haha surrogate is indeed the best invention!:) I love the fact u'll be wearing more white things, this color looks beautiful on u!
    Happy Friday!! kisses

  30. i love "white" fashion too! white jeans, a beautiful white flowy summer dress or skirt is right up my alley.


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