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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Makeup and Muses: The September Issues

September issues are out!

If you know anything about magazines then you know that the September issues are pretty much a big deal. If you're still out of the loop, then go ahead and read my review of The September Issue featuring Anna Wintour.

But seeing that this is a Makeup and Muses post, let's put each of these five September issues to the cosmetics test. This is not about judging the woman on the cover, but simply about deciding which makeup look you like the most, and which cover makes you want to pick up the magazine!

Sidenote: It would be nice to see some women of color on the September issues in the future.

For sh*ts and giggles, which muse has the best makeup...and cover in your opinion?

♥ Katy Perry on Elle ♥

This is a more stern look for Katy--something with a bit more of an edge than her usual bubblegum pop look.

But it does keep the pink, and Katy is known for switching it up all the time anyway.

 ♥ Victoria Beckham on Glamour ♥

This is a total contrast to the cover above. Glamour went with a more girly, playful look for Victoria, which is definitely different for her.

 It almost makes you feel happy just looking at it...or maybe I just want to spice up my life.

♥ Gwen Stefani on Harper's Bazaar ♥

It's no secret that I am a big fan of both Gwen and her band (new record coming out, by the way). 

I think the magazines had a lot of pink on the brain, but that's cool with me, except I'm so used to seeing Gwen in a red lip.

♥ Miley Cyrus on Marie Claire ♥

I don't think I've ever seen Miley like this, as I believe this is a different makeup and styling path for her.

Does this cover make you want to read more or is it something you wouldn't flip through?

♥ Lady Gaga on Vogue ♥

I don't ever expect anything when it comes to Lady Gaga--meaning, I don't expect her to be girly or edgy or coy or loud. I just expect her to be Gaga.

She is a little unrecognizable on the cover, but it's definitely more of a haute couture look. 

My favorite covers are between Gwen on Harper's and Victoria on Glamour, but I think Gwen wins it because of that big pink hat thing.

I want magazine cover makeup to make the covergirl look a bit different and stand out, and that works the best to me with Katy on Elle and Miley on Marie Claire. Since I'm forcing myself to pick, I'm going with Miley on best makeup.

Gwen ~ best cover ♥ Miley ~ best makeup
Feel free to disagree.



  1. I think I'm with you on the pickings, these are great covers & I'd like to see some more women of various colours too, that would be nice!! I love the hat Gwen has on, that is marvellous!! Great covers! xx

  2. My fav are Katy Perry and Gwen ;)
    I'm so happy for the Gwen return...she's a true fashion icon :)

  3. I love that you reviewed them all! And I have to say that I just love that Vogue cover, it's so striking and I think Lady Gaga looks uber elegant.

    Courtney ~

  4. I liked Miley's cover. She eyes draw me in ... But Gwen is a close second.

    ∞ © ∞

  5. I like how these covers all showcase the celebs in slightly different looks. I agree with your selections and Miley looks great!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Hi dear, haha, we had the exact same idea today, only difference is you featured makeup and I did the fashion from the September issues, great minds think alike, right? Victoria Beckham looked so lovely on the cover, I didn't like Gaga's styling much. Miley surprised me and its good to Gwen back on top

  7. Awwww, I like Katy and Miley, Victoria is always brilliant and Gaga is a favourite :)

    Loved the edition!


    New post is up :)

  8. Love September issues! Personally, I'm at a toss up between Gwen and Lady Gaga. Love the over the top looks and colors! =)

  9. I loved Gwen, Victoria and Katy in that order! The other ones were just ok to me. They didn't have a WOW factor! LOVED the DVD of Anna Wintour September Issue. It's a MUST watch for any fashionista. Great post Cheryl!

  10. i love katy and Victoria

    i don't watcj the movie of Flowers in the attic.. but i really love the saga :)
    thanks for your lovely comment
    kiss from mexico

  11. love gwen's look absolutely stunning, but why so much make up for a cover dont get it. not gaga's fan so dont really have much to say about her look :p.

  12. I love Gwen all e way and Victoria comes second!

  13. NO wonder all the magazine I subscribed are thick and heavy!!!! Thanks for telling me:) I love sept many amazing page to ck out:)


  14. Wow that photo of gaga with the big pink hat is stunning. I know people give Gaga a lot of smack, but seriously, it's about freaking time a pop star paid tribute to high fashion.

    Remember when Britney came on the scene? Her clothes looked like they came from Sears. I'm not sure she would have known what to do with a Vivienne Westwood. Sigh.

  15. The winner is Mylie. Great cover shot- good versatile look. She's believable as a fashion icon.

  16. I get Elle and Marie Claire and I'm waiting to check out the vogue with Lady Gaga. I love the dress on Gaga btw.

  17. YES! I used to live for September issues of Teen Vogue and a few of my other favs. They're always so thick too :)

    Miley's and Gwen's are my top two favorites for makeup. I like her Marie Claire cover probably the best. I'd probably put Katy at #3

    Thanks for posting this :)

  18. More than Victoria's cover, I loved her interview in Glamour!

    But seriously, that's Gaga?

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  19. I totally agree with Miley having the best makeup. Not her biggest fan, but she looks soooo good on this cover. For best cover, I love Vogue's!

  20. Great post, love all these looks! Think I'm going to have to go with Gwen - love the make up and the pink dress, schwing!

  21. Great idea for a post! My vote's with Gwennie :)


  22. loving all the pink!! GWEN would have to be my favorite!!

  23. I definitely like the Katy Perry cover the most. I think it is cool how her clothes blend in with the cover.

  24. I actually love everything about Victoria's cover and spread - simply fabulous! :)

  25. I love them, but I gotta admit I am so overwhelmed by their sheer volume lol. I will probably be done with them in December!

  26. My fav is Gwen on Harper's Bazaar and second is Victoria Beckham of course. I need to pick up those two asap and get some inspiration!

  27. Yes, it WOULD have been nice to see some women of color! Lord, these are all kinda blah in my opinion. Same ol' Same ol'

  28. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your style insight on my post today!

  29. Totally agree - Gwen looks amazing! Her skin is flawless, too.

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  30. Great assembly of the september covers! The make up styles are amazing! To be honest by favourite is Kate Perry´s cover. She looks stunning with this sexy, edgy make up! The pink backround is just perfect for her.

    Best Regards
    Andi Smith

  31. I love Victoria's cover best. It's the only one that actually makes me want to get the magazine and see more from the shoot.

  32. I particularly liked the Katy Perry issue..the girl's beautiful...

    p.s. Sooo sorry I haven't visited in a while, dearie!! I recently moved, and it's just been hectic!! Miss you! XXXOOO

  33. Ohh have to buy the Glamour and Vogue!

  34. Amen on the "woman of color" for next year. Or how about a gal who's not size 2? My fav girls are Beckham and Stefani. I love Beckham's cover because it's about the eyes. My fav cover is Gaga since I hardly recognized her and that dress is so Vogue.

  35. I prefer Victoria's cover! It's the best one for me, she's looks gorgeous!


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