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Friday, September 7, 2012

Lucky Fabb & Copious: What Went Down In NYC

It's been such a whirlwind. I spent the past couple of days immersed in blogger meetups, conferences and fashion, fashion, fashion.

Tuesday night was the Pre-Fabb Copious Style blogger meetup event at Elk Studios in NYC. We were photographed by Erin Kornfeld from Elk, but these images were taken by the hubs. The event was put on by Emma, the Communications Manager at Copious (loved running into her at Fabb--she could always find an outlet to charge her laptop and phone)!I met a lot of bloggers that night, but so sorry if I don't remember your name or blog; this is why we have to hand out those blog cards! I did get to meet Jasmine of Adam Alex Mommy, and spent a glorious amount of time with Tanvi of The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Famous. (With Emma, Tanvi and Jasmine)
Asos headband Towne & Reese willow necklace Nastygal dress Shoedazzle ankle strap sandals
Wednesday was all about LuckyFabb presented by Lucky Magazine. I was snapped a couple times by the photographer. On the left I'm with Dale of Savvy Spice and her sister Jody in the morning. It was fun running over to the nearby McDonalds in our heels for a quick breakfast. On the right I'm with Ria of Ria Michelle at the cocktail party in the evening. Looks like the hair held up.Taking the obligatory photo in front of the Lucky Fabb backdrop. I really liked how well organized things were at this event, but I do wish the building had better lighting, wireless connection, and more outlets and less stairs.Sway Chic necklace Nastygal hi-lo dress Missoni tote bag Jeffrey Campbell Roxie platforms

What a fabb photo of me and Taliah of Fashion Was Here! This was during one of the breakout sessions with Conde Nast and Reward Style.~~~
One of the morning panels featuring Leandra of Man Repeller, Leah from Fashionista and Annie from Refinery29. Rachel Zoe showing off some looks from her new collection, which will show at fashion week in NYC Sept. 12. What do you think of her pieces?The tassel necklace Rachel is wearing is a piece from her new line.Lauren Conrad talks her two new books, going eco-friendly with her fashion, the sock bun, and absolutely nothing at all about Speidi.A couple hours later, Simon Doonan would interview Anna Sui, and Anna would mention how much she dislikes the trendy sock bun look. A lot of girls (including Taliah) wore their hair this way at Lucky Fabb, but I think it's cute so I didn't mind it.I spent half of the Anna Sui/Simon Doonan panel downstairs charging my phone at the sole charging dock, and the second half was spent actually watching them speak in the main room. Fortunately, Tanvi was kind enough to save me a seat. I heard girls were moving bags to get front row. 
And here's a look at the swag I brought home. I hadn't even looked in the Lucky Fabb swag bag when I got to the airport, and of course, they had to search my bag because there were so many bottles that were over the 3 oz mark. You'll see some of these goodies in an upcoming giveaway!I got the bag checked so I could keep everything. It was funny because as the TSA agent pulled out Aloxxi shampoo and Toni & Guy sea salt spray, I was like "Oh wow, that's some nice stuff." In which she replied, "No ma'am, you can't touch anything while I'm searching."


  1. That's quite the haul - it sucks you got searched though. And it seems like the conference was really good!

    Courtney ~

  2. wow you got so many great stuff!! it seems like a very interesting conference love the photos!!
    *your outfit was amazing this dress is perfect!!!

    kisses <3

  3. This is such a good roundup and so happy we found McDonalds together, hehe. I love your pics and the part about the TSA at the end is so funny, it did take me like 30 minutes to go through everything in that bag. They were so generous and thanks for including the pic of all of us

    great seeing you Cheryl

  4. lol @ No ma'am you can't touch while I serach! Hahah ...

    I had SUCH A GOOD time. So glad we could hang out. Now come to Texas :)

    ∞ © ∞

  5. Glad you had a great time! It was great meeting you :)

    I unfortunately didn't get a swag bag because they wouldn't let me get it early... boo!

  6. What fun, darling!
    You all look amazing!


  7. One word: JEALOUS. I wish I could have come and crashed the night! :) I hope you had a great time.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I'm so jealous! Looks like an awesome time! And your outfit with the cut out top and high low skirt is absolutely stunning!!

    Im currently hosting a Fashion Night Out "best dressed" contest on my blog if you are interested in entering:!/2012/09/contest-fashions-night-out-2012.html

    Good Luck!

  9. LOL about the TSA person saying you can't touch it! You look AMAZING!! Glad you had an awesome time...must have been crazy running around. So cool you got to see celebs too!

  10. that is so cool! I'm so envious you went!! =D

  11. LOLZ....that's right. Don't touch your own stuff, Cheryl! :P
    You all looked fab at the event:) Love that dress you wore.

  12. What a haul! I love your dress, and the dresses of the other lovlies present! Sounds like it was a great time!

  13. I loved your retelling of this event, it sounds like a really amazing and enriching experience. And how great meeting fellow bloggers! the speakers all look interesting... and fantastic goodies! Enjoy them hun!

  14. Cute photos Cheryl! Love this pic of was nice to meet you in person!

  15. ohmygosh, look at all that swag, so amazing!!! everyone looks so fabulous, aaahhh, what a cool event to attend, i so want to go next time. :D

    p.s. lol to the tsa agent story! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  16. Ooh, this looks like such an awesome event. You look incredible, Cheryl!! :)

  17. Ooo these are ladies that definitely look familiar. So glad you had the chance to go :)

  18. looks like a great time! love the gift bag!

  19. Haha, such a funny story about being searched. Flying is always an adventure with that sorta thing! As for the outfit, you look freakin' amazing! SUCH a hot look!!

  20. nice you met a lot of other bloggers, I would love to do that later:) and maybe meet you too:) you look amazing in that dress you went to the lucky mag party:)

    have a great weekend sweet:)


  21. Looks like u had fun love e pics and u looked awesome honey!

  22. hi! i saw you at luckyfabb, you looked gorgeous! i'm your newest gfc follower :)

  23. You look great in your outfits! seems like you had an amazing time at the event & the goody bag is lovely!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Looks like you got a bag full of goodies! I can't wait to attend one of these one day. It must be amazing to meet people who love doing what you do just as much. Sounds like those blog cards came in handy. What did you think of all the sessions? These pics and all this talk of NY actually makes me miss The Big Apple.

    Thanks for posting this


  26. Aw, you met Jasmine! Awesome! You are right - definitely need more chargers with a conference full of bloggers!!! Instagramming and tweeting take up lots of battery life ;). And ugh about the lighting on that "red carpet". Um hello?? You looked fab though! Oh, and glad the TSA agent didn't steal any of your awesome free samples/stuff!

  27.'re famous!! :)) How awesome is that? I feel honored to have you visit my little blogging world..hehe ;)

    BTW, how cool to go to a bloggers event!! I would die if I could go to a writer's blogging event..that would probably be my version of the epitome of awesomeness! :))

    p.s. You look great!! I love the dress with the flouncy skirt!! :))


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