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Monday, October 29, 2012

The State of the Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogging is kind of making a mockery of itself.These words and related posts started a healthy Google Hangout discussion on Oct. 5 on the state of fashion blogging among four bloggers: me ♥ Angie of The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About ♥ Jenny of I Know, Right? ♥ and Tanvi of The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous  

Now, this was not a meetup for the four of us to bash fashion blogging, because as you know, we are all bloggers. Tanvi probably posts the most outfits, and Jenny probably does the most lifestyle posts, but together we all make up different types of fashion bloggers.

We were just feeling a bit frustrated with the blogosphere as we believe a lot of bloggers are all doing the same thing without much diversity. Predictable posts and "follow me" comments seem to be clouding the fashion blogger's judgment, and we were just looking for a place to vent about all that.

Even since our talk, I've spoken to other bloggers like Lisa of Expandng and Barbro of Barbro Andersen about the lack of commenting on blogs. Are people being sidetracked by other social media interactions; are they too busy trying to juggle more blogs and life; or is it something else entirely?
 ~~~Based on what we spoke about, I have some questions I think would be fun for you muses to answer:

Would you consider social media platforms to be positives or negatives?
Is it easier to come up with the blog post or easier to stay engaged with readers?
Do you think the fashion blog world is becoming equivalent to the fashion industry itself?
When you meet fashion bloggers in person (if you've ever), have they lived up to your expectations? *sidenote: Am I the only one who finds Bryan Boy annoying on ANTM?
Do you think bloggers should disable comments?
 Has fashion blogging made you jaded about certain things?
Is it an art form to know how to leave good comments on blogs?
Are fashion blogger events now equal to high school popularity contests? 
Here is a video by Arabelle from February that gives her take on the state of fashion blogging, and also a link to a reply by Breanne back in March.

And I must say, I don't 100% agree with what these girls have to say, but they have good points. For example, I agree with Arabelle that a lot of fashion bloggers are beginning to look the same and some of them don't have unique voices. But like Breanne stated, most bloggers buy their own clothes, use tripods (or hubbies) to take their photos, and have their own style. 

What are your thoughts on the state of the fashion blogger?
Let me know if you want to be a part of our next discussion.


  1. Great post. And I love the picture! Ha! :)
    I've noticed recently that I am not commenting on other blogs AT ALL. Mostly, it's because I don't have enough time. In the free time that I do catch, I usually just wanna browse through my favorite blogs just to see what's up - but I rarely leave any feedback. I noticed that I started getting less and less comments as a side effect of that, too.
    I guess I feel, and I suposse other people do, too - if I like the outfit on instagram, facebook, etc - I don't actually have to write that I like it.
    But I kinda miss interacting for real.

  2. One of your best posts by far I must say. I've been talking to Tanvi a lot about this too. I feel most blogs have become about 'follow me back' comments and it can be really annoying at times. I know of so many people who just read blogs now, the whole commenting and tell you what they think has just evaporated which I think was one of the motivating factors for the bloggers.

    So many blogs out there just want that follower count increased and it has indeed become sort of stale and distant. That reader blogger relationship has just vanished. Sometimes I really feel like disabling comments, I think soon most bloggers will.

    Social media can be a boon or a bane, and those girls put some lovely points out there. I think everyone should learn how to balance it out. That is what is causing this.

    However, all that being said and done. I do personally miss the 'good quality' comments that used to be there before, nowadays hardly a countable number actually are good.


  3. OMG. I just realized how LONG my comment is :P Lulz.

  4. Love it! I think people have gotten far more obsessed with trends and making sure they post something with a trend on. I think it kills the creativity and no one wants to go to several blogs and see the same thing. Fashion bloggers used to be more unique and focused on sharing their own personal style instead of focusing on trends or sponsors and stuff like that. I think some people just want a high number and not much interaction, but what good is a blog with thousands of followers and only a handful of constant commenting!?! I think when we share everything, everywhere, it takes away the surprise sometimes. I try to limit the sites I'm on and focus on a few of them more and vary what I share on them. My blog always stays my main sharing spot. I try and vary my posts as well, it can be a lot of work at times, but I enjoy it. I know not everyone is into Art as I am, but I try to vary them. I'm not interested in outfit posts every day, but I understand those that are too :) I'm growing tired of the 'follow me' comments, I do answer them, and I'm happy to follow people, but sometimes I admit they get too much and I just ignore them. Some people go too far when asking, I get duplicate ones and others that asked the day before and don't remember asking me, so I can't be bothered with those. I think, if we just focus on doing the posts that make us happy and enjoy this, then forget about comments and other things. Do what makes us happy and that's all that we need to do :) xx

  5. I am glad you posted about it. We need to do this again ... Pick a topic and discuss. What do you think? :)

    ∞ © ∞

  6. Thanks for spotting this very relevant topic. I agree on some points but my thoughts on blogging is that if you're going to do it, don't do it for everyone else, do it for you. It shouldn't be about how many followers or comments you get... what about the content you're posting on - are you happy with it and inspired by it? If so, then nothing else should matter.

  7. Awesome post! I agree that I get so tired of the spam comments. I don't think of myself as a fashion blogger as much as a personal-style blogger. I love showing off my outfits just as much as the next girl, and yes, I think at times a lot of bloggers tend to blend together in style. I don't mind so much seeing outfits repeated, because each girl looks different, and there is also blog content to consider. I do think some people use blogging as a popularity contest though, that is where the spam comes in. But, the blogs I read, I like the blogger. I feel like they leave constructive comments, and that is why I return :)

  8.'s cool that you all got together to talk about that. i know that i just like to read certain blogs, and comment when i can. i never try to think of it as a popularity contest...just a fun way to "talk" to new people.

  9. Great post Cheryl! I think social media platforms are good to an extent. You have to know what moves people and somehow separate yourself from the rest but still stay identifiable and relatable to your reader. I love instagram for that instant gratification and most followers seem to show love by clicking the like button or making a quick comment.
    I have noticed less comments on my blog and others but it is def time consuming. Especially if you work full time. i have also noticed that i dont read as many blogs anymore. i prefer lifestyle blogs with creativity. Style bloggers with some depth and uniqueness. Overall, i do feel its starting to be equivalent to the fashion industry itself.

  10. Such a great and relevant topic, Cheryl. I do think that gone are the days when you have a few and select "big" bloggers dominating, which I think has led some to be jaded. I think there are some out there who realized that it takes a lot of work to be able to make a living out of blogging, and thus have stopped trying or given up:( I'm fairly new to this (only a year old) so I don't know if my assessment is correct. I do think comments are very important when it comes to posts, as it creates a community and sometimes even fosters friendships. It does get annoying when you see the spammy "Follow me, I'll follow you". Ugh. Why can't people just comment for the sake of it?!?!

  11. Well, there's so much about fashion blogging that has gotten out of hand so-to-speak, in some degree some act as if you don't post on a particular day then you're not a good blogger, and the follow me comments are simply annoying. I took a little blogging break a week ago. I have actually thought about removing comments once before, however since I do artful, spotlighted posts I do want to know feedback about the designer I'm featuring or art project finished, etc. I guess in the end it's circumstantial, contingent on what the blogger really wants out of it. For me, enjoying life is certainly important and a priority, blogging is my fun fashion outlet to share, and I appreciate the loyal readers who actually read the posts. Posts tend to capture me when I know passion is behind it. Perhaps people should remember to have more fun instead of competing with followers, comments. Good post from you!

  12. Oh yay, I'm glad you posted about this!

    I really enjoyed our conversation and I think we barely scratched the surface. I think there needs to be more discussions. I feel like there needs to be some kind of revival of the fashion blogging community, but at this moment, I'm not exactly sure WHAT. You know what I mean?

  13. agree ,most of the timr so called fashion bloggers consider them as celebrities and obviously that makes a reader like me disinterested in making any kind of conversation .
    secondly many of the blogs have bcome just a platform for giveaways...

  14. i would really like to be a part of this event!!


  15. Awesome post ~ love the pics and descriptions!
    Would love to be a part of the next dialogue :)


  16. This is an excellent post, Cheryl. I have to agree with the four of you. Commenting and all that jazz has seem to gone down the tubes lately. Everything is all about a social media presence and not much else lately. While I do like my fair share of social media, I think connecting with one another via post/comment/return comment, sharing posts, etc is much more valuable in the end, because you are supporting one another, boosting each other up. Endless tweets and facebook posts might be fun, but ultimately, not the meat of it, you know?

  17. It is something weird but the comments are becoming less and less over the time. 2 years ago in the beginning I had 300 page views a day and 60 comments, the more page views I get less comments are written. Some of my most read posts have no comments at all. This because people tend to look more at posts which don't have any content in it.
    It look like they don't want to read anymore, they want to look only. Even though I talk more on twitter and facebook with followers. So I guess people are talking, but they are using other media.

  18. Yes, your concerns are valid. One of the contributing factors is how much the fashion blogging niche has grown and how anyone can "do it." There is no standards of decorum or behavior. I have definitely seen the number of comments on my blog go down- despite my visitor #s continuing to grow.

    As for your list of questions- I definitely want to think about them.... absolutely worth mulling over if for no reason but to better define my own blogging character.

    Thank you for creating this conversation!

  19. hey cheryl! i've only been blogging for 2 years now and have come across SO MANY different personalities on here! i almost threw in the towel last year, despite having a successful blog (sassyuptownchic)! for every sincere person and comment you get, there are 20 that aren't! you come across bloggers that if you don't have the latest and greatest they don't want to be bothered with you. if you don't comment on their blog every single day, they don't want to be bothered with you. if you don't post 5 days a week, they don't want to be bothered with you. then you have the sly ones, that pretend to be your blog buddy and if you miss one comment you're on the shit list! everybody is here for a different reason. i understand that, but when you leave follow me comments and have not talked about ANYTHING in my post that is frustrating. don't even bother! plus there's very little sincerity! i only want readers who truly enjoy what i post. with some, their comments feel like it was a chore to comment on my blog. i don't follow any blog that I don't truly like. i feel like it's being a hypocrite! comments are definitely down, but i know some big time bloggers that don't get many comments. companies are looking for sincere comments. the only problem is you don't have a plethora of sincere bloggers out there. if i don't have time to READ a post, i don't leave a bullshit comment. i wait until i have the time to read and look at everything. i may be a little slower and not get through my blog list as fast, but at least everything about me is sincere. great post my friend!

  20. I can't stand the follow me comments, that's prob my biggest pet peeve on blogging! I blog for myself and what I like now, because at the end of the day it's reflective of me and not anyone else :)

  21. Totally hear you re the 'I clearly haven't actually bothered to read your post and I'm just going to say follow me as a comment' point - it winds me up SO much!! Sounds like you girls have a lot of great points!

  22. great questions! no i dont think fashion bloggers are ever how I think they would be. But then again... that probably goes for the entire industry lol

    as for social media platforms.... wwwaayyy too many. Im not a fan of social media. I kinda prefer real life. Unfortunately there aren't that many ppl playing that game :)

    great post!

  23. GAH this post makes so much sense to me. It's nice to know others bloggers feel the same. I've been feeling annoyed with the whole blogging world (as much as I love it too) because I was feeling like it was all about getting followers. It seemed like people weren't even reading my posts but just skimming and looking at the pictures and them commenting with a link (obviously so I would go follow them). I don't blog simply to have a bajillion followers. I want to follow quality blogs, be inspired, make friends, share my story. I have been thinking about disabling comments too, and this makes me want to even more.

  24. best post ever bravo!!! huh!? i see huge sense in your post cheryl lol. for me, i never love ''blogging'' cause it was time wrecking for me. my friends actually pushed me to this, was nominated as best dressed in my uni, so my friends were like, why don't you try have a blog? then i started blogging, i hated so much lol, i was confused! tot it was that easy to blog ''eyes popping'' there weren't traffics,few bloggers were interested in vintage styles lol, they wanted you to wear hm all through lol, that ain't my style? i wasn't really bothered you know? cause it was just for fun sakes, i remember my hubby would say, dont you think this is time wasting? and my best reply would be, don't you think its the best place to save my lovely pictures for future purposes, so my kids can say mummy looks elegant when she was young lol,sometimes i see people not blogging i see them wanting to model its such a shame you know? i see people not comfortable with their body, the most scary part in blogging is that, every blogger seems to wanna shop the same thing, same style :p, its a uniform thing you know? especially when it comes to fashion blogs.huh! i am tired nowwwwwwwwww.....

  25. Hi Cheryl, I was so intrigued by the opinions on this topic, I had to come back and see everyones comments...loved what Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) wrote, thats very true.

  26. I want to hang out with you ladies! I don't know Angie, but know the rest of you have such interesting and different perspectives on fashion, entertainment, fitness and life.

    Yeah I don't see in the "follow me, follow me" thing. I do feel a pressure/courtesy to comment back on people that have left genuine comments on my blog. I did start to feel overwhelmed with getting back to everyone, but don't anymore (especially if it is something like "oh your blog is fab!". I am not as concerned about comments now and it makes life a lot easier for me. I do try to leave comments for blogs I like, like your blog.

    It can be a lot to get to all of the social media outlets, but I have made it a goal to do that this year. We'll see how that goes!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  27. I Would love to meet all of you in person now, I have only been on I know, right? and love her blog but I'm going to check now the rest.
    I know blogger is becoming morea and more competitive and is sad to say but most of them only suck, they always do post the same and wear the same, don't read any post and only want more and more followers, sad but true.
    Sometimes I hate being a blogger but them you discovere a great blog but a good read and people which actually read and comment properly and this one comment is worth 5o horrible ones, so No please, don't disable comments.
    kisses and have a great halloween

  28. I think that social media platforms have revolutionized the way that people communicate with one another; and they have helped me to form amazing friendships with people all over the world.

    I think that, with fashion blogging, sometimes you need to find people who you relate to on some level. They may not have the most unique style or voice, but if they can capture you, and your attention, that's all that matters. :)

  29. It's definitely been disappointing. I've had this discussion on a weekly basis (so it feels like) with close blogging buddies. I feel like I'm ancient (3 years+) so I've seen it come and go. I know that many are getting inflated egos with brands now paying attention to us but like most fads, the authentic ones will stay strong while the fake (or money hungry/fame whore type) bloggers will fall wayside as companies move on to the next big thing. I do try to give my point of view on things since I know my voice is unique, original but sometimes the topics I cover are not. But please feel free to point it out or make suggestions. I'm always looking to improve. The blogging world has become flooded so I do see many repetitive posts or the same Pinterst nail art posted everywhere. But if you look hard enough (or smart enough), there are still authentic bloggers which is why I still love blogging. You may have to dig a little more but they're there :) And to answer your questions:

    Would you consider social media platforms to be positives or negatives? - Positive. I feel like it's another level to interact with my readers. I'm constantly on Twitter so have most conversations there. I know some folks who tweet me about posts but don't necessarily comment which is fine with me.
    Is it easier to come up with the blog post or easier to stay engaged with readers? - Hmm, probably stay engaged with readers because it's a great conversation and they typically give me ideas to blog about. Although I never really seem to run out of ideas (too much in my head!)
    Do you think the fashion blog world is becoming equivalent to the fashion industry itself? - Yes, unfortunately. I think it's because more people are trying to use their blogs to get into the industry or people in the industry have blogs. But fashion has always been catty unfortunately and I hate to see it taint the blogging world which was started in such a pure, authentic form.
    When you meet fashion bloggers in person (if you've ever), have they lived up to your expectations? - Most have, thankfully. You were super sweet :) But I have met some bloggers (who shall remain nameless) that were not so nice to me which is disappointing. On a similar note, I'm terribly shy so I hope I don't give off bitch vibes by being quiet in the corner. I always try to find people on Twitter at events because it helps break the ice otherwise I'd never socialize haha
    Am I the only one who finds Bryan Boy annoying on ANTM? - Don't watch anymore, but I find him and several "famous" bloggers very annoying (and UNPROFESSIONAL!)
    Do you think bloggers should disable comments? - No, I don't get bloggers who do. I think it takes away that personal touch. I want feedback from my readers. They're important to me. Made a lot of great friends through it.
    Has fashion blogging made you jaded about certain things? - YES! I think fashion blogging especially. Beauty bloggers are still feel this issue as well. But I think fashion blogging is a perfect storm of two bitchy categories: blogging & fashion haha I get jaded/bitter/ want to quit more so than I did 2 years ago. But every once in awhile a moment resparks my love/passion or it. Like recently when I wrote about Dwarfism Awareness Month. I felt so much love with all the feedback :)
    Is it an art form to know how to leave good comments on blogs? - I don't think so... I'm always using emoticons and exclamation marks because I want to sound friendly. I worry not using them on the internet, people can misinterpret what you're saying so it's always nice to leave a smiley face afterwards. I'm sure it annoys some haha
    Are fashion blogger events now equal to high school popularity contests? - YES! Blogging is very high school nowadays. I never fit in with the popular kids then and nor do I now. But thankfully this high school is big enough that you can find your own awesome circle of people with similar interests.

    Sorry that was so long!!

  30. It' amazing what people think fashion bloggers are. Sometimes I think we do get taken for granted. I love the photo you submitted. I literally have people think that's what I do- shop all the time. But that is not what I do all the time... I think it's just them being misinformed but it would be nice to be acknowledged for all the hard work we do.

  31. This is a fantastic example of a good blog and a good comment section. I wish it was always like this. I've been blogging for a couple of years, though I do not have a fashion blog (I have two, one about Jewelry History and one about my own personal life journey).

    I am a writer, and I am trying to make a living at it. I want to stay home with my kids, and I've put a lot of my heart and soul into making a go of it. I've followed a lot of the marketing strategies, though some I just can't do. I don't want to be in it just for the following or just for the money. These things have to be on my radar, but I don't want them to be the main reason I write.

    I'm very interested in developing a following, but not for the sake of numbers. I am looking to make friends, to make an impact, and to share the things I'm passionate about with others. I am looking to organically find a way to make writing something I can do for money, but not at the expense of authentic relationships with the people who will and do symbiotically support my writing habit.

    I have to admit that it has taken me awhile to understand the fashion blog scene, so I am not qualified to answer many of the questions you've asked, Cheryl. However, I can say that my favorite fashion blogs are the ones where the real person shines through on every page. You guys are putting yourself out there, using your own bodies as your canvas, and I think that's super brave. I like it, and I'm getting hooked. In fact, I've even though of doing a few of my own shoots just to see if I could swing it. In fact, I've got it all set up on my personal blog to do fashion shoots like this for my daughter. Many of you have been an inspiration for me in this, even though I do not have time for it right now. It's on the list, and I know it will be soooo fun.

    I can totally see why you do it, and I think you should just keep doing it as long as you're having fun.

    However, please don't disable the comments. I think it's perfectly reasonable to put some guidelines out there and delete those comments that don't meet them. But for someone like me, who is looking for real friendships, real connections, and real symbiosis in the blogging sphere, I know I would be missing out on all of you wonderful people if I could not communicate with you.

  32. interesting post, sometimes i wonder if ppl blog or interest or popularity, either way i find it a great way to meet new ppl and get inspiration!

  33. Great post! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. I think that in a sense, fashion blogging is now almost a mockery of itself. There have been those bloggers who I certainly consider more "old school" - they are the ones who were blogging around the same time that the now "pro bloggers" did. We all had the same humble beginnings, and some shot to the top.

    A younger generation of bloggers observed, found a "blogging formula" and have done their best to put it to work: Follow for follow, fancy camera, and all went out and bought *that* pair of shoes. Unfortunately the sad result is that many all now look the same.

    I have a feeling that blogging is going to have to evolve past this if it's going to survive!

  34. Yes. Fashion blogging has changed over the past 2-3 years. I am definitely a poor blogger - no advertisements paid or unpaid on my blog, Non-profit is the word. So I post when I can. One a month, daily once a forthnight and so forth. And when I'm too busy for blogging - the editor in chief does the writing and updating.

  35. This is such a great post! Personally I haven't seen commenting go down on my blog because most of the people who comment are my blogging buddies. We all tend to comment on each other's blogs. Actually, I seem to be getting more comments now from new people, but I've never gotten more than a dozen or so comments on a post. I also answer each one individually, which I believe keeps the conversation from becoming one-sided.

    Personally I only comment on blogs who's owners comment on mine, unless I really feel strongly about leaving a comment. The truth is leaving a comment takes time, and too many bloggers don't bother responding to their follower's comments. So what's the point? Not only that but the forms are all so crazy! And Captcha on blogger has gotten to the point that I can barely make out the numbers and letters.

    Clearly, I feel rather strongly about the issue.

    So you know I haven't been commenting here as much as normal because you've changed your layout and it now won't show up as a normal post on my I-pad. There's no longer a comment form at all. I have to open up my computer to comment on your blog so it makes it more difficult than usual.

    As for social media sites, I like Pinterest, Facebook and twitter for different reasons, but I don't find that any of them really drive traffic to my blog the way all the "how to" sites say they will. It's more of a way to connect with my friends and followers in a different way, but I still prefer the more direct, in-depth contact allowed in comments, and of course in posting on my blog.

  36. First, tks for the mention and the link-up! Totally unexpected but totally appreciated! Next, you must tell me about these Google meetups! Are they like chat rooms? Or do you see each other? How cool/fun! I kinda like Bryan Boy on ANTM though I find his Twitter rather annoying. Haha. I love ANTM, by the way!!

    In my eyes, there are two types of fashion blogs. There are those that focus on the fashion, trying to mix things up, having fun, trying trends, etc. Then there are those that are showing off their daily outfits to either address quality, fit, or other "practical" tips. I subscribe to both types. And these blogs are more down to earth, not the type that is constantly showing off their Hermes or other $$$$$ items. Not like there's anything wrong with that.

    I agree that a lot of the comments I see on fashion blogs are "you look awesome, xoxox, follow me back" and it's sickening. I think every blogger wants to "make it" and they think commenting on a bigger blog's blog will help with "getting discovered". But I think that hard work, good posts, and good photos make a fashion blog successful. Though I've seen plenty a bad blog receive hundreds of comments. Then, I think the blogger and her personality have a lot to do with it.

    I love seeing the different styles of bloggers out there because I'm not personally exposed to fashion every day. I work with mostly middle aged men. And the women that are here, are just wearing clothes. I love subscribing to fashion blogs because it inspires me to have fun with clothes, try new things, and really care about fit and quality. I respect fashion bloggers because in my eyes it's much harder to dress up, get your tripod and remote out (or photographer friend/relative) and find somewhere to shoot, than it is for a family blogger like myself to write about tantrums ;).

    Anyways, I totally believe there is an art to leaving a thoughtful comment. I learned that over the course of this year, growing my blog and such. But sometimes, it's hard to leave a thoughtful comment on a fashion post especially when the post only includes photos and details about the outfit. What exactly do you want me to comment on? For those types of blogs, I suppose they should turn off comments. For the rest of you who write, keep comments open! I'm "old school" and love to leave and receive comments. But as we talked about before, who knows what'll happen in just a few short months.

  37. Fantastic post, I've been thinking about blogging and what it's becoming a lot lately! I think with everything, there's always good and bad. I try not to focus on - what I refer to as - the negative side of blogging. I always enjoy when someone leaves a thoughtful comment no matter how long or short it is. And of course the "omgosh i like your outfit follow me xo" comments are uber annoying, but it's not a big deal imo because there are more people leaving comments that matter or that appreciate my posts even if they don't always comment.

    Also, I blog for myself mainly, it's sort of a passionate hobby for me and when I feel like branching out a bit I will. For now I just like talking to other bloggers who I can relate to even if our style and lives are different. That's what makes it fun and worth it.

    Is it an art form to know how to leave good comments on blogs? I don't think so really, reading someone's post and commenting on it is sort of like having a discussion for me, and I always give my honest feedback So in my case it's more like talking to a friend.

  38. Wow, this is a great post! Loved reading everyone else's comments too. I must say that I think Instagram has "taken" a lot of my posts away, it's easier to just post there than do an actual post for me (a time thing). I blog for a hobby, and I'm not sure what/how to identify myself. I sort of morphed from lifestyle, to personal style to something like "armchair fashion critic" lol! I really hate spam comments, "follow me" comments. I really must agree with what "Mouthwash" said above about the formulas and everyone looking the same now. You have to hunt for creativity these days.


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