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Friday, November 9, 2012

Inspiring Style: For the Home

Moving isn't much fun. I recently moved just a few miles away from my old place, and although I like the new place and area, the moving part is something I never want to do again. The best thing about moving is re-organizing your space and decorating. So I've been looking at a lot of rooms lately and adding my inspiration to my For the Home board on Pinterest.

Here are a few home styles that have inspired me during this move.Bedrooms ~ What I love most about bedrooms is minimalism with a touch of elegance. If I had it all my way, I would have wood or concrete floors, a nice rug, a platform bed and a lot of natural light.

Closets ~ What girl doesn't love a big closet?

Even if you don't have all the space for a very big closet, the best way to make that room appear bigger is by organizing it by color, season or item. 

Living Rooms ~ My mom is the type of person who loves a good living room set, especially if it comes with a hutch of some sort.

Maybe it's a Jamaican thing...not sure. But for me, that's a bit too matchy-matchy. I'm a sucker for unique pieces, color and cool bookshelves.

My favorite things about this first living room are the colored drapes, the tall branches, and the two white chairs off to the side.

How can you not like a bookshelf focal piece? I really like all the angles, the shelving, and even the white space in this living room set. 

Cool light fixtures are great additions as well. 

And I'm not really a fan of the color green all that much, but there is just something about this last living room set that I love so much. 

The green accent wall along with the green soft against the white and black furniture is spot on.

I wanted to include photos of my own place for this post, and I was able to get this wall painted just in time.

How do you feel about living room, bedroom and closet designs for the home?


  1. We'll be looking to move sometime soon, I don't look forward tp the packing and un-packing, but I do look forward to a new space! I love decorating :)))) These are great. My house has a lot of books, paintings, objects all over the place. Antique pieces. If someone liked minimal, my house would freak them out, haha! Though, it's always organized and everything has a place, if it was all over, then I'd freak. I love that second photo at the top, that is so pretty and the colour is very calming. I like the colour of your living room, it's gorgeous :)) xx

  2. I'm gonna be moving soon, so thanks for the great inspiration!

    x Cammie

  3. The new place looks great, Cheryl :) I moved into a new house recently and I hate the whole packing and unpacking business. I loved that first living room, those red drapes and that tree wallpaper is so pretty!!!

  4. Your space looks soooooo nice, Cheryl! And u know, I hate moving! You're's not fun:( But I do love your tips, and look at the pic of that closet! Drool!

  5. i love minimalist concept for the home with monochromatic colors but added with accent color

    style frontier

  6. I like your style and ideas, minimal elegance is certainly the best way to go...hope you've settled in your new place nicely. At least you can have fun redecorating. Love the middle living room design

  7. I'm all about minimal and modern too! Those organized closets are a dream! Maybe in the next house, which hopefully won't be rental. Lovely blue in your home. Very soothing!

  8. Amazing post, darling!
    Love the closets!


  9. I moved a year ago and I'm still trying to realize how can I docere the place, I love minimal style but when it comes to reality still leaving magazines and things everywhere, although I loved all your ideas.
    Xx followed you, Love your post

  10. Love ur new place&decorationg but moving is a pain in e ass

  11. oh, if i could only have that closet!!!

  12. Thanks for taking the time to stop by today... Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  13. My style is more traditional and classic than modern or minimalism.
    I like to add some history and art to a place. :)
    Color is always good too!

  14. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw..."No, please, don't get me a diamond...get me a really big closet." :P

  15. whao!!! your new place looks very cosy, i like it. looks like the modern style houses, am not planning to move now cause i love my open plan modern flat its very safe and classy. lurv your decor too, i think we kin of think alike lol.

  16. OMG, love your space. It is so cute. I want to redo my office. I hate it. Your place looks really chic.

  17. Cheryl, I love your blue walls and rug! So pretty! When you showcased that green and brown, I thought it was so cool. There's something about that sage green that's so pretty and soft! I have a lot of browns and neutrals in my place and that particular green would definitely liven everything up. Hmmm, maybe I'll change. Ohhhh what I wouldn't give for a HUGE walk in closet! Excellent post!

  18. This is amazing, love the walls and the it looks so pretty! You sure are amazing at home decor too :D


  19. Your new place is looking great!! Fab inspo piccies too, love the first two.

    Have a brill week Cheryl!

  20. Aw your living room is so chic! Love the color on the wall :)

  21. Ugh, I move waaay too much haha! You look adorable in your new home!

  22. Fantastic deco inspiration, especially for the closets!!! Happy Sunday hun!

  23. cute room!! i really like the color!
    i like the minimal elegance!

  24. Cheryl, I've missed coming to your blog! So glad to be back. I agree the packing and hauling part of the moving process is tedious and never that much fun. But the ending result after you've set up your home is always rewarding, right? When I eventually get my own place I think my style would be modern meets chic. But I'm loving the inspiration, It's a dream of mine to have my own walk in closet someday.

    Your place looks fabulous! Love the walls. And I see a guitar in one of the you play?


  25. I hate moving but I think everyone has to do it from time to time to get rid of the clutter... Ha!

  26. I just moved into my new place!! I've been in Seattle for about 5 months now, but was renting a little room only temporarily...except that now I finally found a decent place to rent that is cute and afordable!! :D

    I am looking forward to decorating soon! :)


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