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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Makeup and Muses: La Bella Donna Review

Long-lasting mineral makeup is like a girl's best friend. When makeup is made from rocks in an inorganic state it is not absorbed into the skin, which allows the mineral makeup to keep your pores unclogged. 

What kind of makeup can do this? La Bella Donna Minerals On-The-Go for one.

I received this Minerals On-The-Go dispensing brush to review. The container is really useful and inventive. 

The coolest thing is that the tube contains both the mineral foundation and the white goat hair brush for application. 
To use, just remove the lid to showcase the brush. The dispenser comes with a dial with 10 points of application. Dials 1-3 provide light application; dials 4-6 provide medium application; and dials 7-10 provide full coverage. 

The fact that you can easily choose how much coverage you want is reason enough to try this product at least once. 

Once you've decided which dial to use, simply brush lightly all over your face. You should see the makeup as you're applying.

My favorite attributes of the La Bella Donna Minerals On-The-Go product are the dial system and ease of use. I don't know of any other foundation that allows you to choose the coverage using a simple dial.

This means you can personalize the amount of color you want depending on the occasion. Also, the tube is perfect for traveling because it includes the mineral makeup and the application brush all in one.

As an added bonus, the mineral makeup provides a full spectrum natural UVA/UVB SPF 20 sunblock that lasts all day. This means you can wear this makeup to go swimming or exercising without worrying about removal. But because of the minerals, you can easily remove it with a cleanser. The product was not tested on animals and was made in the USA.

What I didn't like too much about the Minerals On-The-Go foundation is that, even when I used a full application, I didn't feel like it gave me as much coverage as I normally get with my liquid makeup. Also, I received the Honey shade, which I think is a bit too light for my skin tone, and I believe the darker Caffe shade would have made coverage application less of an issue.

My overall review:


  1. Fabulous review...I like the concept of the applicator...looks interesting, hopefully the darker shade will work on you. I know getting the right shade can be testy for me sometimes!! But, you look great!! x

  2. Great review and nice products. You look so pretty :)

    With Love,

  3. Ooooo....that dial system does sound good. I've heard of Bella Donna before on YouTube and might finally give it a try:)

  4. I don't usually like mineral makeup, but this seems a lot more cleaner/no-hassle than most mineral makeups. It looks nice! :)

  5. i have to say... im loving that photo of u! the make up looks soft and fresh!

  6. i love it, looks really good on you.

  7. I have never tried minerals make up but this one looks very interesting!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Fab review, darling!
    You look gorgeous!


  9. Now that you have told me about this brand, I am itching to try it out, I always appreciate mineral makeup compared the usual chemically enhanced ones. Thanks for the honesty in your review.

  10. I love mineral make up ! This one looks comfortable to bring it in your bag, this is an added advantage ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  11. I have such a love hate relationship with makeup, foundation especially. But this looks like a really good idea! I enjoyed your review.

  12. Hmmmm I feel the same as well. I just don't think these mineral based cosmetics can provide the same level of coverage and plus I have uneven skintone so I need full coverage.

  13. Interesting product! Gorgeous photo of you too!

  14. I'm the same when it comes to mineral make-up! It makes me feel like I have no make-up on (which is great for some, but terrible for me when my skin is breaking out!). Cool applicator though!

    Saguaros & Stilettos

  15. very pretty.....great review.. :)

  16. Great review Cheryl, thanks for sharing! Cute pic with the camera too.

  17. Love the sound of this as you can just chuck in your purse and go and touch up when needed. I love mineral based products too and I'm using the Estee Lauder Double wear loose powder which is brilliant, just not in a stick!

  18. The Dial feature is so interesting and unique. :)

  19. Thanks for the review. I lover mineral foundation and it definitely doesn't give as much coverage as liquid foundation, but I love the light feel!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. I love mineral blush - I used to use mineral foundation, and I can't remember why I stopped...But the container for this one looks so nice and easy, and for the most part, mess free!

  21. Great review hun,sounds great&looks lovely on u

  22. this sound fabulous. my dilemma with mineral makeup has been the coverage factor so i love the dialing feature. thanks cheryl! excellent review!

  23. Hmm, yeah it'd probably be better layered with liquid foundation, which is what I normally use! But the application looks super quick and easy with this!

  24. I gotta love all-in-one products that are convenient to apply and customize! But I've been using liquid foundation for so long, I don't know if I could get used to the coverage (or lack of) that a powder provides. Nevertheless, looks like a great product. I love how thick it is. Easy to hold :).


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