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Friday, January 18, 2013

Movie Review: Gangster Squad

As I mentioned in a post last week, one of the things I was looking forward to this month was the movie Gangster Squad. It stars Ryan Gosling and some other favorites of mine: Emma Stone and Josh Brolin. I should let it be known that I was excited for this film because I love shoot-em-up action flicks, but I was going to see it simply because the Gos was in it (I do the same thing for Brad Pitt movies--so yes, World War Z is in the queue).

Gangster Squad is about a group of six lawmen who are tasked with using atypical methods to stop the head of L.A. crime (Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen) from turning LaLa land into no man's land.

What you'll love about this movie are the 1940s getups from the cars and clothes to the hair and the slang. I even liked that the Los Angeles background had the iconic Hollywoodland sign indicative of 1949. And for those of us who are fans of Ryan and Emma together, you get some of that too.

Stylish scene shots and angles play really well with the overall gangster theme. It's also fun to imagine these wayward cops getting free reign to do whatever it takes to bring in a mob man.

What you won't love about the film is its inability to truly reach you with any real emotion or even grip you with any real action. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely action scenes, combat and shoot outs, but they don't go over as well as they did in the previews.

Overall, it's a decent movie even though it doesn't fulfill all of its promises. But if you're looking for a true Ryan Gosling fix, then catch him in The Place Beyond The Pines (the movie where he met girlfriend Eva Mendes), which comes out in March.

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  1. Hmmm...will have to check it out, I didnt know if it would be good or not!! Great review doll. Have a super weekend xx

  2. hmmmm... movie sounds really interesting will check it out, especially the fashion aspect you wrote about, i am not a movie fan but i think this is a must watch for me!!!!

  3. I hadn't considered watching this movie before but your review sounds quite interesting, think it will be great to see Emma and Ryan paired up again on screen.

  4. I will be definitely watching it. If not immediately ... down the road. Right now I have so many movies in queue that its not even funny (:

    ∞ © ∞

  5. Oh and Ryan...hehe...I did like the whole look of the film just from the snippets I've seen:)

  6. pretty good rating cheryl! i've come across a lot of readers who wanted to see this. thanks for the review and have a great weekend doll.

  7. Thanks for the review, darling!
    Want to see the one with Eva Mendes now!


  8. Nice review, I've not seen this yet, but really want to! Take care! :)

  9. It sounds like a very manly movie! One thing for sure that I am going to hit on this is the masculine fashion!

  10. And I was thinking to watch this movie maybe during the next week! Here I got one more reason to do it.;)

  11. OMG I'm so excited for The Place Beyond the Pines!!! Although I'm not excited to see him and Eva hehe

    I figured this was a movie I could wait to watch on Netflix and sounds like I was right. I can watch anything Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone though :)

  12. I'm going to have to send the boyfriend out alone to watch this one: I can't do violence of any kind. Somehow I have a really hard time not reacting strongly to it.

    But...Ryan is just so pretty!! Hate to miss it.

  13. OMG! So much to say. Okay, first off, I don't understand the Ryan Gosling appeal. But seeing as I'm normally into big black dudes or little Mexican guys, this shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Joseph GL is the only white celeb I really have a crush on. Secondly, I've been told I need to see this movie, especially since it's set in LA -- but I'm a little disappointed that they used all the action for the previews. Third, my sister met Ryan at a show in Detroit and he gave her a hug and called her a babe. That is all.

  14. i probably won't watch gangster squad, but i really do love emma stone and ryan gosling together! and i saw some movie stills, she looks amazing! :D

    <3, Mimi

  15. i'll prob wait til its on free on my kindle :)
    have a good start to ur week!

  16. I haven't seen the movie and will probably wait for the video, but the billboards bugged me, the starlette's dress and overall look seemed so modern, I could t place the time period. Now that you said 1949 it makes more sense.

  17. Great review Charyl, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the flick.

  18. I agree with a previous comment that I don't understand the fascination people have with that little man--I mean Ryan Gosling. I love Emma Stone and the cast sparked my interest a while ago. Thanks for the review. I may wait till it becomes available on demand. I think part of the reason for the non-action packed-ness of the film, or it not living up to it's commercial hype is that they had to re-shoot some things after the, The Dark Knight movie theater shootings, so they probably downplayed some things.



  19. Not exactly a movie I'm running to watch, but the sets and costumes looked lovely. I love Emma Stone!


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