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Monday, February 4, 2013

Lookbook: Layered Muse

What a productive week! I got so much done with regard to my blog, my workouts and my life in general. I booked a trip to Austin and a few clicks away from booking a cruise over the summer. Also, continued my weekly workout routine, while adding a three hour hike at Castle Rock State Park with some friends.This is what I wore to a Superbowl/Beyonce halftime show get together. Granted, I am a little over dressed for a football party, but I couldn't care less. I don't own any jerseys (because UF jerseys don't count), but I do own red, which shows off my San Francisco 49ers pride. They are my home team and their new stadium is being built practically in my backyard. But I'm also a Ravens fan (any team that takes out the Patriots is a friend of mine).

Did you enjoy the Single Ladies performance at the halftime show? That was my fave.| Asos disc crown headband | Cynthia Rowley sunglasses | Apart Style midnight shimmer blazer | Forever 21 dimpled boomerang necklace | Nastygal hit the spot blouse | Nastygal Roxy belted pants | Charlotte Russe leopard print cutout heels | Jewelmint mod moons bracelet & fringe fest cuff |Some exciting things are on the way this month, which happens to be my birthday month--oh yeah! More giveaways, more interesting posts, and I'm finally launching my online store! Check it out below.
Come on over to the Oh to Be a Muse shop: Layered Muse!
(click this post, click the heading tab, or click the sidebar tab to get there)

At Layered Muse, you can find an assortment of tops, dresses, shoes and more. For now, the online shop includes gently used pieces at discounted prices--so you can shop my closet!

Soon, Layered Muse will feature a larger array of clothing and accessories, and even allow other bloggers to sell and feature their DIY items.
So what are you waiting for...head on over to Layered Muse now!
♥ By the way, the winner of the Shopbop Giveaway was announced yesterday ~ see who won on the Oh to Be a Muse Facebook page! More giveaways to come. ♥

What do you think of this look?


  1. You look super, I like the outfit!! I have no team/sports clothes at all. I hope the game was fun. Congrats to you for the shop, that is so cool!I think a lot of people are doing shops now..I'll have one too soon, just selling bits and pieces at the moment on Ebay. Have a great week xx

  2. You look lovely and the pants are awesome! The Destiny's Child reunion was great and I loved seeing them perform!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. You look so cute here. Love the pants and the shoes.

    And Beyonce was fabulous ... and the Destiny's Child reunion was fun to watch!!!

    ∞ © ∞

  4. i love that it looks so warm over there! u look great as always. congrats on layer muse... it looks good.
    happy bday month and BEYONCE WAS EVERYTHING (...and kelly!!!)

  5. OMG! Happy Birthdaaay Month! :D Congrats on the online store :D Heading there right away.
    Love your hair, you look phenomenal. Also, the shoes are absolutely stunning.

    I love Beyonce <3


  6. I love those shoes! And, yes also loved Bey's performance, nobody can touch that woman I swear!! haha. Congrats on the shop, always love when bloggers create a store. xo/Madison

  7. You can never be overdresses! :) You looked great and I'm sure everyone knew it too!!

    My favorite part was when Beyonce performed "End of Time." "y sisters and I love that song and she danced her butt off.

    XO Wil Harris

  8. Gosh...I was in sweat pants watching the Super Bowl...I iz so lame. Your outfit rocked, Cheryl! And loved Bey's performance, much more than Madonna's. When Kelly and Michelle came out, I squealed!

  9. Love the look, especially the shoes! And photography is great - from the perspective and depth of field in the first photo, to that amazingly clear shoe shot!!!

  10. Aw congrats on the store! Love this outfit! mixes polka dots and leopard which I love :) haha anyone who knocks Tom Brady out of the playoffs is a friend of mine too but was hoping more for a 49ers victory... sorry :( There's always next year! And yes Beyonce was ah-mazing!

  11. Yay you're also a Fellow Aquarian, hope this month has wonderful things n store for you, a beautiful and vibrant outfit, killer heels! Congrats on your shop!

  12. Great look and its amazing finding your blog.
    smitten and hooked!

  13. Loving the outfit Cheryl, those leopard heels are divine.

  14. your outfit ROCKED for the Superbowl party Cheryl. i love it. ok, can you transfer some of that energy my way! hahahaha i need it. i've been so sluggish. just super busy and such.

  15. Cheryl, CONGRATS on 'Layered Muse' I didn't even know you were doing this!? How exciting and I know what you mean about how much you probably worked on your site, sounds like everything is going really well. Thank you for the tweet also and I had to laugh about the being overdressed at the Super Bowl party. Don't worry about it, I feel like fashion bloggers in the Bay Area are overdressed for most events. hehe. You look great and I love the headpiece! xoDale

  16. I love your hair piece and booties and your Layered Muse photo is amazing! ^◡^

    P.S. Hope you hop over our blog too and we'd love it if we can follow each other. ^◡^


  17. Wow polka dots and leo prints! They look great together!

  18. Great blog!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post...'Seaside Blue'.
    Have a beautiful and blessed week.

    Stay beautiful,


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    Thank you.

  19. Thanks for stopping by hun, Hope you're having a great day!

  20. I love this outfit, especially the shoes and top!

    Good luck with the shop and happy early birthday!

  21. omg!!! this is wicked, am loving all the mix and vibes from head to toe.

  22. SO cute! I love the mixture of prints with the polka dots and leopard print. And ooh are those sequins?

  23. I wish you a full month of birthday happiness my dear!!!

  24. Love your Superbowl outfit -- and Beyonce's Single Ladies dance was my fave too :) That's awesome to hear about Layered Muse!

  25. Holy crap THAT is what you wore during the superbowl?!? Ravens who? I think we all know who really won this year. And she wore leo pumps.


  27. Love this outfit, you look amazing.


  28. I loved the halftime show! One of my favorites from the Superbowl.

    Your hair looks AMAZING, seriously, and your outfit is so refreshing!

  29. This is awesome. Sounds like you're 2013 is going to be so much fun already! =D Love the Layered Muse concept too btw.

  30. u're gorgeous,I love ur leoopard shooes!!

  31. Very cute look!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House


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