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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Makeup and Muses: Skin Care Spring Cleaning with ShopNBC

We are exactly one month out before the first official day of spring in 2013, which I'm completely excited for as I'm a warm weather kind of girl.

But with the change of seasons also comes the transition from winter to spring--and not just with your fashion. Let's talk about how you can do some major spring cleaning with some ShopNBC skin care products so that your face is ready, fresh and clean for the new season.
Fight Dryness
The cold winter temperatures and snowstorms are catalysts for dryness. To save your skin from being so tight, look into a moisturizing face cream that is lighter than your typical winter cream. This Skinn Cosmetics Collagenesis 24 Hour Wrinkle and Dryness Relief Balm can be used twice a day to re-hyrdrate your skin.

The balm is formulated with vitamin B-complex and Argan oil, which has become the buzz word of the year as a natural oil that has been beneficial for both skin care and hair care.

These oils and vitamins seal in the treatment so that you don't have to worry about your face feeling dry just minutes after using the balm. The 24-hour protection really does moisturize your face all day long.
Scrub Away Dullness
Say bye-bye to winter dullness when you transition into spring by exfoliating more often than normal. A deep exfoliation can be achieved with the use of a mask like this Glam Glow Mud Mask that provides a tingling and tightening effect in as little as 10 minutes.

The mud based mask is like a facial in a jar as it protects against free radicals, minimizes the appearance of pores and leaves your face feeling softer than ever. 

This is a great way to buff away the dead, flaky skin cells that have piled up on your face over the cold winter months. You can choose to do a mud mask once or twice a week, and it's a great (and cheaper) alternative to a microdermabrasion treatment at a spa.

Achieve a Healthy Glow
Although it's important to wear sunscreen in the winter, it is pretty much a rule to wear it in the warmer months. Since more of your skin is exposed in the spring than in the winter, it is imperative to apply sunscreen when the flowers are in bloom.

SPF products for your face include lip balms for your puckers and foundations for your glow. Most recommend using something with at least SPF 15, but even I use SPF 30 for the most part.

This ISOMERS Sunscreen SPF 20 with UV Pearls isn't greasy or heavy, so you don't have to worry about your skin care products working against you and making you break out. Tiny glass UV pearls keep filters on top of the skin so it protects even the most sensitive skin from sun damage. You shouldn't have much trouble finding good products for sensitive skin as many manufacturers are becoming more weary of the specific needs of beauty enthusiasts.

Spring into action by wearing your SPF sunscreen under a self tanning lotion to achieve a healthy glow. Use something with enhanced penetration so you can get a deeper, natural looking tan over a period of days without UV exposure.

Are you ready for skin care spring cleaning?
♥ Day Three ~ A Song That Makes You Happy: Y Control by Yeah Yeah YeahsAt first I couldn't think of what song would be right for this challenge until it hit me. And as soon as it hit me, I knew it was 100% perfect. It's impossible for me to listen to this while seated, and I love when music forces me to dance.

♥ Day Four ~ A Song That Makes You Sad: Cheers Darlin' by Damien Rice ~ I knew the answer to this challenge was going to be a Damien Rice song. I remember listening to his album O on repeat while lying on the carpet sippin' on wine with some friends in a Beaty Towers dorm room in college. It's sad but still so good.


  1. Great post hun, can't wait for spring I need that mud mask!

  2. Have to listen to that Damien Rice song now...and another great review, Cheryl. I myself am so ready for spring and whatever it entails:)

  3. I have not tried that Glam Glow product, but I reckon it's a great one since I have heard loads about it. I am a huge Karen O fan, but most especially a Damien Rice one ... he's amazing! /Madison Enjoy your day.

  4. Something I have never been consistent about is exfoliating. However, lately it has been on my mind! I will have to check out the glamglow!

  5. Awesome products!
    Must try that balm!


  6. Nice post and so lovely blog. I following now too.
    Have a nice week.
    Martha Zuniga

  7. I so need these b/c I have dry patches on my face. Annoying!

  8. Thanks for the heads up on these, great reviews. I've been looking for a new mud mask, might have to give this a go.

  9. Will try them when I get my hands on them for sure! (:

    ∞ © ∞

  10. these are sadly not available in India....i need the mud mask :(

  11. glam glow sounds good!

  12. Sad it took me this long to listen to a Damien Rice song. I just listened to Cheers Darlin and it is quite haunting. Now I'm going to go spotify him. :)

    I was pretty obsessed with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in college. Maps was my anthem.

  13. Not even sure if we get these products here :/

  14. I am ready for spring but until then in Chicago, we expect to have a lot of snow between today and tmrw.

  15. I totally want to try the GlamGlow - it sounds decadent! :)

  16. Hi cheryl, great choice of products, they are all new to me but love the descriptions of them. Especially the GlamGlow.Thank you for sharing your fashion opinions with me on my last post :)

  17. sunscreen in winter, hmm, I suppose I need to start doing that again, haha I just get so lazy!

  18. ok cheryl! i so need to get these. they all sound good. hahaha it's important to use different products going into a new season. things change.

  19. I wish I have to be more conscious enough of my facials...I would like to try the mud musk!I have my daily maintenance and sunblock for a year now that's really working too! I am more inspired of your feature to take care of my skin!Thanks

  20. Great products, never heard of them before. I really need to update mine in the season x


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