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Friday, April 26, 2013

Inspiring Style: Adventures in Outfit Posts

A lot of work goes into an outfit post. If you're a fashion or personal style blogger then you definitely know what I'm talking about. But I thought it would be kind of fun to show everyone exactly what I mean when it comes to  my lookbooks in particular. Take a look at my adventures in outfit posts.
Pick the Look ~ This is easy if you have something new that you want to share or if you're showing how you would wear a certain trend. Otherwise, it can be a bit tough if you have a closet full of nothing to wear. Sometimes I know what I want to wear a week in advance while other times I pick out my look five minutes before the shoot.
Determine Time & Place ~ The next thing I think about when it comes to outfit posts is both the time and the place. I used to love taking photos at golden hour (just before sunset), but now I've become a big fan of taking photos early in the morning. You get the same good lighting without the pressure of losing daylight. Usually I take pictures in my neighborhood, but every now and then I take pictures on location wherever we happen to be at the time.
Playing Around ~ I've noticed that I tend to do certain things in all my shoots: touch my hair, play with my sunglasses, knock my knees, bow my legs, put my hands in my pockets, or lift my leg. Posing ain't easy, but somebody's gotta do it. This is an anatomy of an outfit post.
What's your thought process when it comes to outfit photos? Do you think about or do any of the same things that I do?


  1. Gorgeous. I try and find good light, but not too much light that it blinds me, as I've done shoots when the light is too strong and I have this grimace on my face, hahaha. Early morning is nice as the light is soft. I try and find a quiet place because I am too easily distracted and people start talking to you or you need to move to let them pass depending on where you are, so it's easier to find a place away from people. Though, sometimes I do that & then the moment the camera goes up, people start appearing from no where, hahaa!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I love this! There really is a lot that goes into outfit posts, I tend to follow the same pattern as you, I have set poses as well (legs crossed w/ hand on my hip, is always a go-to) but I try to add one new pose or shooting angle if I have the time. It can be frustrating sometimes too if the lighting just isn't working or you're not feeling what you're wearing. It's never a boring experience taking outfit photos, that's for sure ;)

    Kinks are the new Pink

  3. I love this post, Cheryl! Admittedly, I don't put as much effort as some because of lack of time and just laziness on my part.It's still work to think of outfits though esp. when my closet is not as big as most, and I tend to wear the same outfits all the time:P
    And I take all my pics early in the morning too! The lighting is awesome at that time:)

  4. Love this idea for a post, and it is a fabulous one, showcases your creativity and amazing eye for style!

  5. I definitely think of the same stuff as you! I'm learning as I go, but so far, I've noticed bright sun doesn't work, and slouching my shoulders doesn't work either!

    Great post Cheryl!

    Bold Subtlety

  6. Cheryl this post is awesome! My biggest problem as a selfie photographer is lighting, because I do not always have a chance to take pictures during prime soft-lighting times. I hate the squint factor!

  7. Such a great post! Way to break it down. I feel like people can be so critical but that's usually the ones who don't realize how much work goes into getting the pictures & how brave you have to be to put them up! :)

  8. cute post. I definitely notice patterns with "posing." It's interesting to see it in one post like your's! =)

  9. Gorgeous shots hun! I find that I like natural sunlight best, I love taking outside photos, as it shows the details makes things look nicer to me for some reason.
    P.S. and you can buy a quality umbrella now, why wait until 30, haha! :) Happy weekend./M xx

  10. Nice post and lovely outfits!!!!
    I want your studded heels!!!!!

  11. Aaaand this is why you're one of my favorite fashion bloggers.

  12. Amazing looks and poses, darling!
    Love that striped dress!


  13. LOVE the behind the scenes. Love the comparison of lighting, since I'm into photography myself. Good for you for getting your hubs out of the house in the mornings to shoot for you!!!! Lucky!!! Soft light is definitely better on all fronts compared to harsh light. And love your poses. They are so natural and I don't feel like you do them over and over again, like some bloggers.

  14. YES! Outfit posts aren't always a walk in the park. Sometimes, if the BF isn't around (or willing) to take photos, it's me and the tripod, and a whole lot of trial and error (still. Like, not getting my shoes in the shot). There's also the inquiring public who wants to know what you're up to. The post-photo shoot editing, the putting together of an outfit (honestly, it's usually what I'm already wearing), and trying to find the perfect angle/light.


    Great post! It's fun to see what some of the other blogs shared here as well.

  15. I love "behind the scenes" posts like these. Very fun!

  16. Cheryl, this post is so awesome! I love how you break it down. It is WORK! There's so much to consider. You can even add more steps, if you don't have someone to photograph you. HaHa Well yours always looks great! I'm just now delving into that and despite having things lined up its suppose to rain from tomorrow thru the middle of next week. Oh well, beauty posts instead:)

  17. I love that you experiment with different poses, that's something I love doing myself! If my husband and I had more time he'd definitely be taking more photos of me. Our schedules are just so opposite!

  18. Amazing looks! You are an inspiration!
    Kisses from Miami,

  19. This is a fantastic post, I found it really interesting to get your perspective on things and to see what others do. Posing is so hard!!! I usually take photos late in the afternoon in the shade. I am never awake in the morning!

  20. I absolutely adore the way you've constructed this post, Cheryl! Personally, I find the way you pose to be very endearing - playful, easy to relate to, and incredibly model-ly. Glam! :)

  21. I usually do not have much trouble picking what to wear because the weather dictates the outfits where I live but I certainly have trouble getting good poses when I take pictures. Thanks a lot for sharing this...

  22. You look brilliant in all of these looks, i love that moto jacket so much,totally agree with you posing ain't easy lol

  23. Great post! A lot of work does go into each photo shoot and post. You offered some great tips as I've been trying to figure out how to get more consistency in the quality of my photos. I'm fairly limited with time, location, and photographer, but I can definitely use some of your tips.


  24. I'm all about good light! Xo Megan,

  25. :) this is a cute post. the 'leg lift' is a great signature pose lol posin ain't easy!

  26. Ah wow! Gorgeous outfits Cheryl.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  27. I'm bookmarking this post because I LOVE IT.



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