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Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspiring Style: My Favorite Bloggers with Natural Hair

I totally love natural hair. It's the best thing since sliced bread. And I get a lot of my natural hair inspiration from bloggers, in particular. This is a list of a few of my favorite bloggers who rock their natural hair like no one else! Nikki Mae from Natural Chica is probably one of the most famous natural hair bloggers, and you can follow her hair transition from her TWA to her lavish locks on both her blog and her YouTube page. She really got me into doing my own transition.

Serena from The Serena Saga has the type of hair that always looks in place even though she always wears it big. It's definitely her best accessory. Amber is one of my favorites in general. Her naturally curly locks are just icing on the cake because I would read her blog Amber's Mouthwash with or without the curls.

Chioma is such a treat. My favorite thing about her hair on Chioma's Evolution of Style is how it's accented with brown tips. I'll definitely have to try that some day. I read Krystal's blog The Feisty House all the time, and I love going there for her hairstyles and her outfits. Her hair journey inspires mine.

Cynthia is one of the bloggers on this list that has been featured on the Muse before and for good reason. Simply Cyn is always a great source for different hairstyles and beautiful photography.Akila from On a Cruz is one of the newer blogs that I've started following, and I'm very happy to have found her site. She keeps it simple and cool and her hair highlights that about her.

Last, but certainly not least, is Folake from Style Pantry. I've never seen an outfit that didn't look good on her, and her beautiful curly and wavy tresses are always on point.

Who are your favorite bloggers with natural hair?

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~~~Thought I'd share this video since I've been to Amsterdam and the hubs is Dutch~~~


  1. All of them are gorgeous!! I think it's wonderful to keep your hair natural, otherwise you miss out on all the marvellous curls! I used to relax mine all the time growing up and then I just stopped and I love the curls. I used to think it was too wild, but I enjoy it now. Though, as I've gotten older it doesn't puff out as much as it did. I wish more and more ladies wore their hair so natural and beautiful!! I love Barbara's hair from Fashion, Art and Other Fancies, she always looks radiant!! :)

  2. Wow!! This was SO nice of you to include me with all of these amazing natural hair bloggers, thank you! :)

  3. bloggers to discover. And love that Amsterdam vid! I've been there, and I was enamoured with that city.

  4. Love Folake's locks, also like straightened as well! Enjoy the weekend!

  5. They have really great hair! You're seeing more and more of this currently. Also hair companies are coming out with better products to take care of natural hair. Great post Cheryl. Happy Weekend!

  6. Awe wow! Thank you so much for including me among such beautiful curls! This is a really fun feature for me, because I am always looking out for other natural curly heads. I love curly hair. Thank you so much!


  7. Wow..... really amazing Hair!!!!!!
    Happy WE my dear!

  8. Amazing hair!
    Especially loving Cynthia!


  9. these are some of my favorite bloggers. I love Naptural85 and Hair Crush as well they are my favorites as well.


  10. What a great post! Thanks for the introduction to all these lovely ladies, its so inspiring seeing their awesome hairstyles! Lurv!

  11. If I wasn't so pale *ahem* I would totally rock hair like this! Love it! Can't wait to check out these blogs!
    Have a great weekend,

  12. They are all looking beautiful with their natural curls,are you serious, is that flakky's natural hair? Wow...

  13. I am in LOVE with Nikki Mae's hair - so gorgeous! :)

    P.S. There's a piece about natural hair in the new issue of InStyle {the one with Selena Gomez on the cover} - you may enjoy it! :)

  14. I love them all.
    have a fabulous weekend.

  15. They all look great! An so does you blog! x

  16. Oh! Cynthia and Folake, can't beat that one!!!!Thanks for featuring a give-away, I will try to join=)

  17. Loving all of these looks! I agree, natural hair is the way forward.

  18. pretty ladies!!

  19. Thanks so much for the love! xo

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  20. Love this post! great hair inspiration! You've picked some hotties. :)

  21. Amen to my girls Serena and Chioma! If I had that amazing hair, I would never wear it any other way. Love. xo

  22. All these ladies are beautiful! I've been following the blogs of these two lovely and stylish ladies for a few months:

  23. Would love to see YOUR natural hair one day!


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