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Friday, June 21, 2013

Movie Review: Man (Candy) of Steel

I'm not going to lie--I love the Dark Knight. But Superman has always been my homeboy. So I had to go see the new Man of Steel movie (and drag the hubs with me because he's not a Superman fan) last weekend. I'll start off by saying that the new guy playing Kal-El, aka Clark Kent, is Henry Cavill, whom you might remember from The Tudors (really good) or Stardust. I read that he actually auditioned for the role in the previous Superman movie, but was said to be too old. I'm glad he did the role now because he totally looks the part--finer with age.Anyway, enough with the man candy. Let's get to the review. This epic superhero movie, like all others, is more than 2 hours long, which is really, really long. The first half of Man of Steel is killer. I love the back story of Clark Kent as a child having to keep his powers a secret; his relationship with his human dad; and the tale of Krypton. It's also pretty funny when he meets Lois Lane and how he never calls himself Superman in this film.

Somewhere in the second half of the movie things got a little cumbersome. It did what I think a lot of action movies do and should never do: one too many battle scenes. So many buildings in Metropolis were knocked into that I was sure the citizens were going to make Superman leave simply for being a freakin' nuisance. 

Also had those stupid "in the middle of fighting unnecessary one-liners" and kisses at unnatural times. I blame all action movies for succumbing to this terrible trend. It's not believable that people would talk so much when trying to kill each other or feel the need to passionately make out when the battle has not yet been won.

But it ended like it started, very well and even funny. I thought Henry was a great choice and so was Amy Adams. But for the sequel (because I'm sure it's in pre-production), go heavy on the emotional story line of Superman finding his way, and light on the fight scenes. Or Man of Steel will never rival The Dark Knight.
My Rating:

Movies I'm thinking about watching:
World War Z (watching tonight)....................Now You See Me
This Is The End.......................The Bling Ring
The Purge (watched--was decent).......................Fast & Furious 6

Have you seen Man of Steel?
(FYI: I'm officially on vacation)


  1. I've not seen this yet. I saw the other Super Man movie they did and thought it was ok. But, I look forward to seeing this. Superman has always been my favourite since a child, so it's a must. I thought he was a great choice and I've liked him in the other parts he's played. Super review! Enjoy your vacation :)))) Happy Friday x

  2. I'm a BIG Superman fan, but TBH, I wasn't not excited for Henry Cavill orAmy Adams. Good to know they both pulled the roles off. I might just go and see this, but please do let us know about WORLD WAR Z coz that one I'm really dying to see:D

  3. I love all those super hero movies... Batman, Ironman, The Avengers, you name it. But I skipped this one because so many people I know told me how awful it was. :/

    Everything depended on this movie for the Justice League so I'm hoping plans still follow through with it.

  4. Glad to hear about, I've not seen this film yet, but saw an interview with him talking about it ... what a handsome fellow. Have you seen, "Now You See me?" Enjoy your holiday! xx

  5. i haven't seen it. i've heard so many good things about it. a lot of people have gone. i haven't been right with superman since christopher reeve played the part (loved him in superman). then i heard about the curse of anyone that plays it and have ignored them all since. hahaha i get scared for the actor that plays that role. i'm a little superstitious.

  6. I agree that it had one too many battle scenes, but it's still a great movie :)

  7. It really was a wonderful movie!!!
    Have a lovely weekend dear!

  8. I just saw this today and I agree with your review, especially with all the battle scenes. I actually got up to use the bathroom during one of them (which I HATE doing during movies), knowing I wouldn't be missing much. :P

    I think they did a great job on the cast -- the child/teen versions of Clark looked so much like Henry Cavill! I thought there were some stupid things that happened; but overall, I liked the movie.

  9. I don't even think i will follow the story while watching this movie, Ill be too fixated on the gorgeous swoon-worthy Superman, he is stunning! Ive liked him since seeing 'Whatever Works

  10. LOVED HIM and the movie too (:

  11. Yeah I heard this was really good and of course eye candy always helps. I want to see World War Z and The Bling Ring.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  12. Can't wait!! It sounds like agreat movie

  13. I love almost everything Superman related. I didn't realize the battle scenes were that long when I was actually watching the movie - I was just enjoying that they finally made a Superman movie right even though I do love the older ones. But you're right, when other movies have battle scenes that are too long I just get entirely bored..anyway, loved the review!


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