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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Asia Part One: Singapore

When I was younger I used to think that I would never make it to certain places. I guess the idea of going some place grand seemed quite far-fetched back then. Traveling to New York City was a crazy thought, much less flying across the world to Asia. It's nice to be able to step outside of your bubble and see places you never thought you would see in person. This is my trip to Singapore:

Warning: Photo HeavyCaribbean Flamingos at Jurong Bird Park
 Fika -- Swedish Breakfast
Rainforest at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Lory Loft at Jurong Bird Park
National Orchid Garden
The Orchid Quartet
Posing with the Three Wise Guys
Haji Lane
The Singapore Flyer (it's bigger than the London Eye)
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel (shaped like a cruise ship on top with an infinity pool)
Working in my hotel room
Thank you awesome cell phone for being able to take panoramic photos!

You can find more photos from my Singapore travels on Instagram.


  1. These look amazing doll, so very cool!! It's wonderful when we get to go places we always dreamed of going to. There are plenty more on my list. I remember being a small girl in a very small town in Michigan in America and people telling me that I wouldn't amount to much or go anywhere, but I had determination :)) And now, I'm here and still going!!! I hope you get to go to more places you wish to see :)) Have a great day x

  2. WOW the pictures looks really great :D

  3. These pictures are so nice! It's so beautiful :))

  4. Perfect trip and perfect pictures!!!!
    You totally are right about visiting places.

  5. Thanks for sharing these pics, Cheryl:) My mom has been there once for a business meeting, and she did say how nice and clean it is. Would love to see all of Asia someday, considering I'm from there....:)

  6. Bful pictures ,it reminded me of my trip to singapore back in 2009 and u look cute :)

  7. Great photos-- you were able to do a lot during your visit. Most of all I am glad we go together -we had fun! We'll do it again (somewhere, sometime!)

  8. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I don't even think about it in this way, since I've always had to move and travel my whole life (mostly not by choice) so it's nice to hear that you've been able to broaden your horizons and enjoy travelling to some of your dream places. :)

  9. Singapore is so beautiful... Very nice pics.. Those pareots are so cute....
    Seems u had gr8 tim...
    Keep in touch

  10. That looks like an amazing trip - what a fantastic opportunity...and I'm a little jealous of how well your camera takes photos...

    Courtney ~

  11. Wonderful pics ! I have so many places to go to that I never saw but in my fantasies :) I am glad you enjoyed your vacation ! xoxo

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  12. Amazingly gorgeous photos!
    Love the flowers :)


  13. Thanks for sharing these amazing vacation pics, Singapore is an amazing city, i didn't visit half these places here! Love the beautiful orchids and the bird park sounds so great.

  14. Lovely photos.=) Haha I really enjoyed that text about swedes and our "fika".=)

  15. Wonderful pics Cheryl.... I love Singapore!!!!
    Enjoy your travel!

  16. there are a lot of places i still hope to get to. thanks for sharing these photos. beautiful panoramic shot.
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  17. Amazing pictures - What a fun trip! <3

  18. So excited for you - gorgeous photos by the way :)

  19. Gorgeous pics Cheryl, looks like you had a fab time.

  20. The Jurong bird park really does look amazing. Hopefully I make it out there soon!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  21. Beautiful pics! Looks like you're having a great time!! Thanks for sharing your travels.


  22. Loved going through your albums on facebook. Totally know what you mean about not thinking you'd make it some places. That was me with London. Singapore is definitely on the list even more so after seeing your photos.

  23. Hey, lovely to see your pics from Singapore. I just finished sharing pics from my trip to Singapore on my blog. You can check them out if you like :)

    Would you like to follow each other?

  24. Looks like you had fun!! I'm always happy to read/hear about people's Singapore trips!! I hope you found some good cheap shopping stuff as well :)
    Gonna go make myself a Singapore Sling now xxx

  25. There’s nothing better or more exciting than exploring a new part of the world! Really great pictures and amazing view from your hotel room!

  26. wow! beautiful photos hun! looks like fun.

  27. Great photos! I have always wanted to see Singapore, Bali and Malaysia. So how is the food in Singapore?

  28. My favourite post of yours! You look so happy and refreshed.

  29. Thanks for sharing your beauty views with me :) Happy Friday!

  30. I hope you enjoyed your trip! These photos look amazing. The rich colors of everything show beautifully. I ca only imagined how they looked up close. I have dreams of travel too, someday...

    Thanks for sharing!


  31. Wow, your pictures are amazing! Looks like such a lovely place. Hope you had a great time!


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