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Monday, August 12, 2013

Lookbook: The Black and Blues

The title is pretty literal today: I am black and I'm feeling a little blue. Are you feeling a summer slump like I am? I don't know if it's because I was sort of out of the rhythm of blogging with all the crazy travel or what, but I'm seriously considering revising my posting schedule. I know I wouldn't be happy if I were inundated with blog stuff, but at the same time, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had no blog outlet.

I don't know. Maybe I need a pick-me-up or a mango smoothie or a caramel macchiato or a Kahlua and cream. Maybe I need to release endorphins. Any of you ladies do any sports or hobbies that excite you? I need a physical hobby (that's not a team sport) so I can do it whenever. Any suggestions?

Side-note: It's like some crazy 1990s Breckin Meyer-athon on TV right now. | Sway Chic kabuki necklace | Forever 21 colorblock shift dress | Urbanog Qupid Athena gladiator sandals | What do you think of this look?
FYI: My at-home Sally Hansen gel manicure lasted without any chips for 5 days, which is pretty good for me because I'm hard on my hands. If you're good about wearing polish then the manicure will probably last at least 8 days.


  1. Whenever i am in the situation as yours, i start some painting or a DIY... Nd shopping is the best..
    I love the pair if footwear..
    Keep in touch,

  2. I think I've been feeling the same really. Maybe it's the summer ending or something, not sure. But, I feel a slump, but I will try and get myself out of it, maybe spend sometime outside or something. Make something new. But, I definitely need to do something or it will get worse. I've also been trying to rotate my topics on the blog, which has helped me not getting so bored as before. Hope you find something that helps! Have a great week :) xx

  3. I haven't played it in a while, but tennis was always really fun. And mountain biking - but it is really tiring.

    Your hair is always look great, and those gladiator sandals are perfect!

  4. awesome outfit. Love the gladiator shoes!!

  5. Great look! I love the shoes, so cool!

  6. I totally know all about the slumpyness as I'm writing you this from my bed as the rain is pouring outside of my window!! Lol. My pick-me up would more so be a get away with no return to the realities of responsibility! =}. Thanks for sharing this post you look cute! Per Usual!


  7. This is why I go on holiday often, haha. With work travel and blogging my brain hurts,lol. But, I visit museums, I run, and do Pilates quite a lot, then take time off social media including the blog occasionally. That usually helps me.
    I love those shoes! Thanks for the update on the gel nail manicure! :)

  8. OHhhh.. lurv lurv your knee high gladiator sandals.

  9. You looking rad dear and this fabulous gladiator sandals are so so hot!!!
    I love how you styled it all!

  10. cute nails!

  11. I love this outfit, Cheryl:) Those shoes....want!
    And I kinda know how you feel. I do think it's the "end of summer" effect:(

  12. Is that what it is? A summer slump? It must be contagious because I seem to have it too.... For myself, I have decided that posting as often as I had been was spreading myself too thin, so I have backed off a bit. I even took an unannounced hiatus, and if anything, that made it worse; now I feel like I am starting at square one again. Maybe I need some new ideas?
    All in all, I vote (and I know my opinion doesn't really matter here) that you keep it going! I love your blog!

    P.S. Love the shoes!
    P.P.S. I have fallen off the workout wagon as well (sheesh, I'm pathetic!) but I do enjoy doing ballet and P90X!

  13. These gladiator sandals are fabulous Cheryl! They look great with your dress...I go running for my exercise. Although I really enjoy just going for walks. It gets me some fresh air, and I can enjoy the warm days.

  14. Hey! I just love your blog. Your style is quite distinctive and not pushed by trends solely. Following you now!

  15. Love love love the sandals!! I have been trying to find a fab pair of gladiators for the longest. Love the color combo as well.

    There is an international giveaway on my blog. Enter for a chance to win:

  16. I totally dig the look of black and blue together - it's so chic!

    P.S. Regarding textured polish...I found that the nails inc. Leather Effects one is super simple to remove - definitely my fave right now!! :)

  17. I like how you put these edgy shoes with this pretty dress. It makes the shoes a little toned down and pumps up the dress a little. Yin and Yang?

  18. Definitely some self-care (beauty tx,) exercise and healthy food! You are definitely most likely rundown from travel. Get some extra zZz's too! xo

  19. I've always been interested in gel nail polish (by the way it's great it's lasted that long for you already!) but removing it is the part that prevents me from actually trying it.

    Love the color blocked dress on you!

  20. The hair is yummy and the boots are yummier!

  21. Your sandals are amazing, so original and love how you styled this outfit ! I also suffer from summer blues...but I need to go on holidays, I am still working and had too little time off from work, so I am very tired...I need to sleep more ! As for the blog, I post 3 times per week usually, I couldn't put up with everyday posts...I try to update regularly always, anyway. Kisses

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  22. I know exactly what you mean. I experience this quite often and then seek out inspiration in other places in order to resurface to my world again.and lol at "I need a physical hobby (that's not a team sport) so I can do it whenever. Any suggestions?" that kinda cracked me up but i know what u mean. i would say hiking with yur hubby, hot yoga or walking on a trail maybe.

    Love your sandals by the way!

  23. Okay, I totally understand what you are going through--- I have been a mess posting lately! Sometimes its good to shake things up- helps with the inspiration!

    As for activities, I like to swim and also I am a fan of the gym....

    Beyond all that you look great! I hope you escape your slump!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  24. Fab outfit Cheryl, loving the blue accent especially.

  25. I am really loving this new hairstyle. It doesn't look fake or overdone. You look youthful and natural. Outfit is super cute too.

  26. When I force myself to exercise, that usually helps! I've been thinking about trying out Barre classes!

  27. Were can I get the gladiator sandals

  28. Were can I get the gladiator sandals

    1. This post is from 2013. I'm sure my sandals are sold out by now. But I got them from this site:


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