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Monday, September 23, 2013

Lookbook: Chain Gang of Fools

Have you ever sat at a table in a restaurant that was right next to the window and spent a good portion of your time people watching? It's such a fun pastime. The other day I'm pretty sure I watched a couple break up and get back together right outside of the bar. My friends and I were trying to figure out what they were saying based on their body language and hand movements. Eventually we decided that since we were talking about them, they were probably talking about us and wondering why the hell these strangers kept staring at them.

And yes, that's my new Phillip Lim mini satchel that I scored at Tar-jay the other day. I think the size of it makes it totally adorbs, but the hubs keeps saying it looks like it's for babies. Super stylish babies, I'd say. Oh, and the post title is clearly a play on chain gang style because of the striped top, in case you weren't aware.
| H&M striped cotton blouse | Forever 21 panel leggings | Random black floppy hat | 3.1 Phillip Lim black mini satchel | Christian Siriano pumps |
Quick sidebar and I might lose some fans for this: I was going to keep my mouth shut on the Robin Thicke Blurred Lines craziness, but I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I think people should stop dissecting the lyrics of the song and calling Thicke and company misogynists. Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. are all married to women they've been with forever and haven't demonstrated any hate for women or need to rape. Am I the only one who has watched T.I. & Tiny? I find it truly bewildering if people want to blame a song for the cause of rape or setting women back. That's just senseless. If someone says, "Blurred Lines made me do it" I'm going to throw a major hissy fit. Terrible people will always find a way to do terrible things. 

But if we want to talk music, why not get your panties in a bunch over the bevy of rap songs that constantly refer to women as bitches and hos--and then those same rappers who actually showcase how they really feel about women when they physically abuse them in real life (i.e. Dr. Dre--oh wait, let's forget I said that so you can feel comfortable wearing your Beats headphones). I mean, I see more reason to dislike Chris Brown for what he physically did to Rihanna than to dislike Robin Thicke for a song. 

And what about Floyd Mayweather who just took home millions of dollars for a Pay-Per-View boxing match that generated $150 million (that's how many people wanted to see it). Remember when he punched his ex-girlfriend in the back of her head? That's right, a professional boxer punched a woman in the back of the head; and a singer turned another singer's face into a discombobulated Mr. Potato Head, yet we are up in arms over some lyrics?

I'm totally fine if the song doesn't appeal to you or if you don't like the lyrics or the video, but to practically want to correlate it with rape and abuse against women is tragic because you're really missing the mark. Steer your attention toward the people who truly deserve the heat--the ones who have given you physical reasons why they should be detested, yet are still raking in the money.

And just to mention the Emmys on here, Kerry Washington was my best dressed.
And by the way, what do you think of this look?


  1. You look gorgeous, love the stripes and the hat!! Super look. I don't like the song purely because it's boring, nothing more. I don't like the lyrics because I think their a little weak, but the people that want to go on about it are still the ones buying it really. And the girls in the video chose to be in the video - they would have tried out and got paid, so if they want to do such a video, then it's their choice, I don't think that's bad. It's all their choice and no one is forcing them to do so. For me it's just not a good song, purely for how it's written, not what it's written about. Haha. And if people are going to go after him, then they should have done this a long time ago, when N.W.A. and so many others had masses of women in their videos in risque positions and other such things. But, what I always say is that you can't go after the man for these videos, because the women are getting paid and they could say no if they thought something was amiss. But, they chose to take the job. And like you said, some of these other people are in real life bad, but still praised for being great artists, which is strange when you think on it. I just plainly didn't like the song as I didn't think it was good. And another thought, why is it usually this genre of music that gets told off for women in the videos!?! I've seen many other ones have women in just the same position and no one bats an eye. And for someone who has been through abuse & rape, I find it really ignorant and shameful for anyone to connect a song to rape or abuse...those people can be anyone under the sun & usually not so obvious a person. But, not to end on all of that & go back to your outfit, I think it's fabulous & I was eyeing a pair of those leggings the other day, but they didn't have my size at the time, so I might go back, it's getting a bit chillier here :) I hope you have a great week doll :)

  2. I do that every time I go to a restaurant... Watching people sitting around, their expressions and yes intresting conversations and habbits..
    Almost every time I see some or other couple fight and make up...
    Loved your satchel...
    You look so stylish with the hat , strip top and sexy leggings.
    Keep in touch,

  3. lovely style ^^
    i love your shirt sweety :)


  4. Music is like art - either one likes or not. Smile on my lovely. Smile on!

  5. What I have come to know is music and art are based on personal views and backgrounds.
    People are so hypocrites these days, they will hate on someone for a very insignificant matter and still worship those that are been totally horrible and go out of their way to even justify them
    I like your outfit and think the bag is rad!

  6. This is one awesome outfit, Cheryl. Soooo jealous you got that bag!!!! It's just the right size for the essentials, eh?
    As for Robin Thicke, well, TBH, I'm not the biggest fan of the song, and I do think he should've gotten the same flack that Miley got when the VMAs fiasco happened. I do agree with you that it's all kinds of stupid to blame a song for people's senseless actions! Really?!?!? If a song made someone push over the edge, there's something obviously deeply wrong with the person to begin with.:(

  7. people love to tear others down. they love it, especially if they are more successful. i had no problem with him his song, or miley. i could care less what people do as long as it doesn't affect my personally. i don't see the big deal about miley. she was trying to be sexy, and to me, she failed. great PR move for her. everyone is still talking about it.

  8. I love that fedora on you Cheryl!

    I totally agree with you re: the Blurred Lines drama. Some people create drama where there is none and willingly turn a blind eye to very obvious examples of terrible messages in songs. Yes, I don't understand people who support Chris Brown, who was actually arrested for abusing his girlfriend. I didn't realize Floyd Mayweather did that to his girlfriend which is really terrible since he could have done something really lethal to her!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. I agree with you, there are loads of other songs, rap, and even other alternative genres that one could kick off about. To honest it's not my fav Thicke song, but my bf loves it and I love Pharrell so much, and think he's really talented. As for your outfit, you look fabulous! love those heels! /Madison :-)

  10. I see both sides to the Robin Thicke saga.

    Your outfit is FAB (as usual DUH!)

  11. Cheryl, I love your outfit and the purse looks great with it. I'm much taller and bigger, so it would look funny on me. HAHAHA I love people gazing. You can pick so much up while looking. I've never been a fan of Robin Thicke. For some reason I just couldn't get into him or his songs. So it's just a personal preference for me. With the whole Miley situation, he just lacked decorum for his age. I just thought it was tasteless. Plus I don't think he's being very true to his wife. I could be wrong. Even she admitted to following him, hiding behind bushes etc. before marrying him. So there's been some issues prior to their marriage. Everyone has a choice! That's life! LOL Have a great week.

  12. Love Love this look from head to toe, its the definition of sophistication, and the hat looks adorable on you. Stopping by to wish you well for the week ahead.

  13. You look so cute!! I love everything you're wearing and I have to say that the Phillip Lim bag looks super cute with the outfit :)

    I don't think people can blame anyone or anything for the choices they make. We are in charge of our own thoughts and actions! Of course, if something is causing you to constantly think a certain way you should probably stop surrounding yourself by it. Get rid of all bad influences!

    I personally don't have respect for ANY artist who writes lyrics with sexual phrases or even violent or bad language. People are all starting to believe that calling a girl/woman a b*tch is a compliment and it's not. It means one thing and it's meaning can not be changed. I also don't think ANY artist should be writing or performing in such ways especially when they're married. But that's Hollywood for you. Everything is a show and people love it. It especially makes me sad to see so many young people worshipping these people.

  14. Loving that striped blouse and your cross body bag is adorable! Looks perfect with this outfit!

  15. Amazing look!
    Love your satchel!


  16. cute site revamp!! and im loving the shirt

  17. The black and white look is so chic! Love your new bag!
    Chic on the Cheap

  18. You look super stunning,I love this outfit so much and that bag, I Want!!!

  19. A-MA-ZING! Seriously, I have no words. This is just the most incredible outfit,Cheryl - I love the mix of black and white. You look GORGEOUS! :)

  20. The perfect Fall look - You're totally killing it!

  21. This is one of my favorite looks from you, everything is top notch cute! And I think I'm pretty bad at people watching (i.e I end up getting caught) so I don't do it much. But it is kinda fun!

  22. I love this look - the hat just puts everything over the top in an excellent way. I'm loving black and white for fall.

    I will have to say that I disagree with you on the song. I do think it has elements of misogyny, and that it does have lyrics that can easily be swayed towards rape. Now, if someone ever said "Blurred Lines made me do it!" I too would roll my eyes, of course! I don't believe a song can make someone do anything. We all have free will.

    But for Robin Thicke to say that it's "fun" to degrade women, because he's been such a "good guy" for all his life? Um... He lost me there.

    What I have an issue with is the content as message of the song. Somehow these men know what this woman "wants", and she has absolutely no part in the song. She doesn't speak, she doesn't react, she has personality, nothing. I tried to take this song at face value, and at face value it still offends me. If I hugged a man at a party, and he smiled and responded that it meant that I wanted to sleep with him, I'd have some pretty colorful words in response.

    As a female, the whole R&B and Rap world is a minefield. Actually, pop culture in general is a minefield. But I think just because Robin Thicke and his group don't go around punching their women means that they are excused from their bigotry.

    However, major props to you to sparking a conversation! Seriously, I love that hat!!

  23. Gorgeous look hun! So glam! And I don´t even know anymore what to think of Chris him as an artist but other than that...oh boy.

  24. I love the taste of black you paired. Very chic!
    And that hat is one of a kind! :)

  25. i love your outfit. you look stunning..really!!!!!. well done!!!!
    come to find me on my blog..if you want we can keep in touch..kissess

  26. You look gorgeous with this outfit!

  27. Awesome outfit Cheryl, loving the stripes and those leggings too. Ooh and those heels, gorgeous!

  28. love thisssss! so chic <3

    Hybrid Hunter

  29. Love the panel leggings! That mini stachel looks great on you. And yes i people of the best free pastimes lol. I agree with Robin Thicke but i havent heard anything about what you're speaking of. Let me get in the loop...smh. Cute fit Cheryl!!

  30. You look so adorbs....


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