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Friday, November 22, 2013

On My Mind: These Letters to You

Earlier this month I went to a Mortified show in the city where regular adults read excerpts from their teenage diaries. It gave me some inspiration to share some interesting pieces from the diary I kept from February 2000 to May 2007. Not religiously--just a few written posts here and there. Keep in mind I was between 13-16 when I wrote most of this crap rubbish drivel. A time when I thought Mario Tennis was killer and a boy was going to be my soulmate simply because we liked the same cartoons.


  1. This was precious, I liked reading these, sounded not too far from stuff I would have written at the time. The Blink 182 bit was sweet! Loved them :) Have a great Friday doll x

  2. This is brilliant, its put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh.My.Gosh. I love love love this post, Cheryl! I kept all my diaries when I was a teenager, but mine are really joke. Thank you for sharing yours.'s interesting to see what we thought were important when we were young, eh?

  4. So interesting. Wow, and Blink 182 was your first concert, I used to listen to them! Enjoy the weekend.

  5. I LOVE this post!! I brought a GIANT smile to my face!! :)

    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! Let's keep in touch! <3

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  6. very lovely post.
    you really had me smiling.

  7. LOL, love these entries. A little bit of arrogance can go a long way :)

  8. This was just completely adorable! I smiled from begnning to end :)


  9. It's so cute that you reflected back upon your teenage self like this.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. How cute! I think mine are way embarrassing. It wasn't a regular thing I did, but every once and a while I would write whatever was on my mind. A lot of the time it was when I was frustrated or angry. lol

  11. This is wonderful of you to share, its like reading a book from when I was a teen, so adorable! Thanks for your insightful comment, have a splendid weekend doll!

  12. HaHaHa Cheryl! You were too funny girl. I think I burned mine. LOL It's always interesting to go back and read what you wrote. To yourself, you're thinking I said that...I did that...I was worried about THAT? HaHaHa Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  13. Haha, it was so much fun reading your old diary, I think I wrote in the same way you did! :D
    I rememeber back then everything was so complicated- all the boy situations & the girl dramas! I am so lucky I survived that phase! :D

  14. Oh how this brings back memories!! I used to keep tabs of almost everything in a lil book, but I must say it's hard trying to keep it hidden so no one finds it. lol!! I remember changing the hiding position everyday! lol!
    Great post dear!

  15. This is adorable, Cheryl! I actually just uncovered ALL of my old journals and shredded them - I felt like the amount of boy talk was just downright embarrassing. :P


  16. You're so brave! I love this post! It makes me wish I had kept a journal. But alas.

    Also, thank you :]
    I totally thought of how much you like Chris Hemsworth when I saw your comment.

  17. Blink 182 concert!! Oh man.

    It's so much fun to re-read our self written histories, isn't it? And, wait, isn't Mr. A your husband now? Or was that a teacher?

    Such a fun and unique post :)

  18. LOL, what's with the crutches?

    Your diary is way better than the ones I kept. Pretty much all of my entries were full of teenage angst!


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