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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WWDMAGIC: What Went Down at Magic Market Week

The Pieces I Wore
WWDMAGIC was such a fun time, that I never really thought about taking outfit photos. I was too busy thinking about the panels I had to speak on like what's trending in womenswear, accessories and so on. But I did manage to take a few shots. And then there was that one time when someone mistook me for Gabrielle Union.
Love the turban twist headband? It's from Three Bird Nest and became a staple both during MAGIC MARKET WEEK and after. Also diggin' the top and skirt? These are pieces I borrowed for a panel from the amazing House of Perna. And the shoes? Yea, those are my super hot Jinxy heels by Chinese Laundry.

The People I Met
I spent the entire week walking around the football field sized convention center, taking in the beautiful brands and meeting many great people. I also met some faces you might be familiar with, but if not, I'll introduce.
The lovely Amanda Perna of the brand House of Perna. She makes the most amazing pieces that meld style and function, and she's the nicest girl in the world. Check out House of Perna, like now.

Oh, and I was also able to interview Kristin Cavallari for her Chinese Laundry shoe line (she's totally down to earth and easy to talk to); took a quick photo with Snooki and got a few shots of RHOC Alexis Bellino.

The Products I Loved
Now, the meat and potatoes of WWDMAGIC. Three days were spent visiting many booths that were located in the Las Vegas Convention Center. I perused FN PLATFORM, where I was immersed in rows and rows of shoes. I headed over to WWDMAGIC WHITE where I was able to connect with many emerging designers. And I just stopped by a lot of brands that I hadn't heard of before the event simply because I was so interested in learning more about their great products. So let's get on with it already.
| Golden baubles by Australian-based brand Stella Nemiro | Trying out some fun sunglasses | My go-to carryall luggage bag by Cabrelli & Co | Liked the white tiger necklace I wore on Monday? Here are some other pieces from the same great brand, Suzywan Deluxe | Shared these on a panel |
The Top 10 WWDMAGIC Discoveries
1. Wear flat shoes because they are your friend. There is way too much ground to cover to spend it in heels.
2. See a brand that you like? Don't be afraid to go up and make their acquaintance.
3. Tempo Design Group is a brand that makes Sedona-inspired bracelets that are fabulous.
4. Vegas is way better with a great group of fashion-forward girlfriends dressed in PJ Salvage jammies.
5. Bright colored midi skirts are all the rage and are quickly becoming one of my favorite fashion trends.
6. Name brands are great, but spend time learning about the Emerging Designers who have a lot to offer.
7. Discovered the brands Lush and JOA and they're both on my must-have list.
8. Contrast color shift dresses with floral patterns are to die for.
9. Brands are really starting to take bloggers into consideration when it comes to marketing.
10. Bring your charger, your camera and your business cards.

What do you think of my pictures from WWDMAGIC?


  1. The place looks like heaven.. Lovely Jewelry , cloths and people
    Keep in touch

  2. Wooot! Look at all that bling! And you know, I've always thought Kristin C is snooty because of the TV show. Good to read she's actually nice:)

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Cheryl:) Fab outfits.

  3. This looks wonderful doll, you look great by the way!! Am glad you got to go and have such a great time!!That bright aqua blue skirt with the belt you have on is super awesome, love that!! xx

  4. What a compliment to be mistaking for Gabrielle Union. Loving your style Cheryl. That turquoise skirt is lush.

    Health and Fitness:

  5. You totally look like you are having a blast and I agree with learning about emerging designers!

  6. Wow--- I am so glad you made it to Magic--- it seems like it was a fantastic experience!!!!!

    And you look Beautiful in all of the photos!

    Definitely a fantastic trip!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  7. I had so much fun reading through this post Cheryl and seeing your pics. That's so cool you met Kristen - I actually never liked her on the Hills and then once she grew up and I've seen her latest interviews, she's really cool. I love all your looks at Magic and it's interesting to know the brands there are more open to bloggers. It would be so fun to go next year!


  8. Cute that someone thought you were Gabrielle Union. Did you play along? And great "tip" to talk to emerging designers. Connections are key and ya never know who's gonna be the next big hit!

  9. Luv your pics! :) You are the Jamaican Gabrielle Union.
    Nice write up on the event, now I want to attend myself.

  10. Your outfits, wow, so stunning and creative! Would love to attend something like this, sounds amazing.

  11. What a great event! I'm sure you've had so much fun :))
    You look very chic on all the photos!


  12. so much eye candy there!!! thank you for sharing the your first outfit. tres chic!

    $600 SPRING Giveaway!

  13. this really looks like super fun.
    you look very beautiful.

  14. I'm so glad to have met you during MAGIC. you did a great job during the panels and your outfits are adorable...It's so funny that someone thought you were Gabrielle Union, she's gorgeous and you are too!!

  15. This looked like so much fun! Don't know how you were able to contain yourself!

  16. Looks like you had such a blast! Great recap.


  17. It was great hearing your thoughts, Happy Friday dear!

  18. Loved all your pictures on Instagram from the event! Glad you had a blast, we were only a day off of missing each other!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  19. Oh you just look amazing

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  20. I love that bright skirt!

    Looks like such a fun time!

  21. Looks like a great week! Congrats on the opportunity to go. Loved that you ladies had a pajama party hehe


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