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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Musings of a Muse - Part 4

I'm going there. I'm about to talk shit. About my own blog post.

Back in September of last year I did an outfit post called Robot Sweater Weather (click the link to see this beautiful disaster). I was very pleased with the title of the post, but I spend a lot of time coming up with my lookbook titles (re: "warriors, come out to play" & I'm working on "on Wednesdays we wear pink") so that's perfectly understandable.

What I was not pleased with was the outfit itself. The pieces were fine separately, but just didn't work well together. What the hell was I thinking?

For one, the robot sweater is way too big on me. So much so that I feel like I'm swimming in it. Size much? And because of the oversize sweater, you can barely see the fun petal shorts, which is probably OK since I'm certain I had a wedgie. And let's just talk about how difficult it is to see crisp detail like the robots on the sweater and the white petals. Can you say: total whitewash.

I'm not suffering from a self esteem issue here. I know I'm the cat's meow and the bee's knees (people still say those phrases, right?). I just want to call a spade a spade.

Have any of you felt this way about a post? Wore an outfit that just didn't work or posted images that were just blah? Or maybe you have a particular post that's just perfect and makes you all tingly inside. Either way, let me know.

On that post I phoned it in. But I'll be sharing these shorts again in an upcoming lookbook so never fear. Your spring petal shorts prayers have been answered. And by who? This guy.



  1. Baby sweates do this sometimes.. Looking forward to the shorts post
    Keep in touch

  2. I think you're rockin' that robot sweater. I love your dress on this post.

  3. I look back at some posts and think the same thing, but it's always able to be fixed. And as long as it doesn't give one esteem issues, all is grand because there is improvement in everything!! I think you look awesome doll xx

  4. I think it's totally normal to feel like this sometimes, Cheryl. TBH, I feel like that about most of what I wear, esp. when I revisit old pics, but I always think these mistakes are learning lessons, right?

    PS I still love that robot sweater:D

  5. I feel this way at times. It's mostly the photos look horrible or that pose was stupid. :-) Looking forward to seeing the petal shorts again.


  6. oh i feel that way sometimes, but then now that ive gained so much weight, i look at those post im just happy that at least i use to be skinny then hehehe. I think you are looking fab whatever your wearing!

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  7. Saw this post on the Thursday blog hop- I love this silhouette! Feminine and classy!

  8. Great picture...thanks for sharing on the Thursda Blog hop!!

  9. I know the feeling when an outfit post doesn't turn out the way you were expecting. I've had several what-was-I-thinking moments :)

  10. There is nothing wrong with the outfit post of the robots sweater, I think. But I like your attitude in working the things out until you're satisfied with it :)

    Lu ❤

  11. i want to redo the pics from about oh, the first two years on my least! don't beat yourself up about it, babe!

  12. I have felt that way about some of my blog posts. You always look fabulous to me though. I am loving this skirt and your shoes. such a classic silhouette made modern with the sheer skirt panels. I love this look on you!

  13. Been there, for sure! You look great every time in mu opinion. But we are always our own worst critics. ;-)


  14. Been there done that. But you always look stunning dear.

  15. Ah, I still like the sweater -- but it matters how you feel in it!

    I find some of my older posts cringe-worthy; mostly the photography, because the lighting on some photos is so off... Even some of my recent posts, some photos are off because I just couldn't get them to look right, got frustrated, and kind of settled for "good enough."


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