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Friday, May 16, 2014

Makeup and Muses: Natural Hair Blowout

natural hair blowout
You might remember I got a blowout and straightened my hair last week. It lasted for about three days. I knew it wouldn't be long before it went back to its natural state, so I took photos of it all crazy and blown out. Let me tell you the process: first it's naturally kinky curly like this; then it's washed and shrinks just like this; after is a blowout like what you see here; then, with the help of a heat protectant & smoothing oil, it's flat ironed like this.
How do you like to wear your hair? Do you like super straight? Or maybe you prefer it curly? Are you all about the short styles or long hair, don't care? Perhaps you're a kinky curly naturalista like me? But maybe extensions are your thing for a quick change up? However you like to wear your coils, share with me in the comments!
Wearing: BARE trapped sweater | Radiant Rush matte lipstick by Sephora
And we have a winner for the $500 C. Wonder Giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. These are cute pictures :)) I like your hair straight or curl, both are super cute :) I wear mine curly, but I do straighten it now and again, I just don't do it a lot because my arm gets tired and it takes forever, haha. But, my curls are kinky or stringy and most times it's annoying, it reacts to the weather a lot. Then other times it's perfectly fine. I hope you have a great Friday doll xx

  2. Adorable photos. I like both looks on you, especially the blowout. Mine is naturally wavy and frizzy, so I straighten it, I wear it up most and sometimes wavy, but I prefer it straightened. Natural oils like Amla, helps as well. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. You took some really cute photos here!! :-)


  4. Your natural hair is amazing!! The photos you took are way too much fun :)

  5. You look fantastic Cheryl!!! Congrats to thelucky giveaay winner!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  6. this lipstick looks great on you!!!!
    congrats to the winner!!

  7. Omg I'm obsessed with your natural hair! Which is your favorite way to wear it?

    aka Bailey

  8. OMG, your hair looks SO cute like this! I mean, it always looks good, but I love big crazy hair! :)


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